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Aloha Friday

It's Aloha Friday! I found this on another blog, Two of a kind, working on a full house . So, since its FRIDAY, it is time to relax! Answer this simple question, then go and post one of your own.... My question is: What is something you wished you had known or been told before you became a mom? My answer is: WOW! Way to many things to mention, but I can tell you one.. BUY CLOTHES of ALL SIZES! I had a big baby and we had alot of newborn clothes, to big to fit in those! Luckily, other friends gave me 3-6 mo, and 6-9 mo clothes, so we were good to go! I am going to blog about this subject in the next few days! Would love to hear some of your thoughts! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, I went to Target today... LOL , that is actually how I could start a blog about once a week. Anyways, I went last week to buy some shorts for Broxton . Yes, I know winter is coming soon, but it doesn't really get THAT COLD in Georgia, especially any time soon! So, I bought him some (6mo. and 9 mo.) No, I didn't try them on, I just figured they would work! :) I got home and tried them on, the 6 mo. were a NO GO! But, the 9 mo. worked great! That was the original purpose of the Target trip today... While I was returning them, I wanted to look for a little bag to actually use for Broxton . That is a story for another day though! Well, I made the return... Easy enough, they put it on the card. Now, lets go look for the bag... Okay, found a couple bags I needed.. But, I wanted a duffel bag for when we go on trips and I have not found what I want yet.. Nope, still the same CLUSTER that has been back there for a while now... Like, not even organizing the are