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@MyCokeRewards Summer #Giveaway!

I heart Coca Cola. Always have and for sure, always will! I have tried the others and there is just nothing better than a nice REFRESHING COKE ! Lucky for me (and for those that drink coke) they have the My Coke Rewards Program . For the longest time, I never saved them. I thought it was like the "look to see if you won a free drink." I had no clue that it was to actually add up to cash in for rewards! I started saving them and we have a nice little collection going right now! It really is simple, you just enter the codes at . Also, the reward points are on 15 coca cola brands, so no matter if you drink Coke, Barqs or Dasani , you can enjoy!!! At the My Coke Rewards site, they are celebrating the 125 year of Coca Cola by having a summer long program... (Summer is almost over, so head over soon!) What all is going on? Well, you can click on their fun interactive map. Once there, you can see Coca Cola Recipes, tips for summer travel, vo

How to Talk to an Autistic Kid - Review

A friend of mine has a child who is Autistic. I hate to say it, but I never really thought much about it. I know it is hard having an Autistic child, but I never thought about how others reactions may make them feel, or anything like that. Not being mean, just uneducated, I guess. The whole thing started when I read a poll in the paper. It asked how parents felt about other adults stepping in and correcting a kid in public. One lady said that it actually helped with her, as she had reprimanded her child and he still acted out, so a complete stranger stepped in and simply said that he needed to mind his mom, as he was being disrespectful. Turns out, the child acted right and then had a long talk with his mom that night about the fact that he didn't realize how bad he was until a stranger called him on it... That was when another parent said it should be a case by case situation... As her son was autistic and it would just make things worse in her case... That made me think, wh

I'm Ready to go back to the Creative Discovery Museum! It was so fun!!!

Day Two: Creative Discovery Museum Broxton loves Bob the Builder. I love how they all work together to get the job done and at times, the machinery reminds me of little kids how they let their minds wander... I was so excited to hear that the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga had a Bob the Builder Exhibit going on while we were there. Of course, I contacted them to see if I could come check it out and in turn, share it with you... Luckily for all of us, they said YES!!!! As if the playground looking atmosphere up on the roof doesn't call you to come check it out... I know that the different sculptures out front will! Just look at Broxton's excitement! I had a huge grin on my face when I walked in to see a Big Belly Bank ! (You know we love them, remember my review on Buddy ?!) When you first enter, there is just so much in every direction! We let Broxton choose where to start. We first started with the water. They had boats and ducks. You could pour the water or

We saw an UNDERGROUND Waterfall @visitlookoutmtn Ruby Falls

Continuing on with my post of Chattanooga, it's time to tell you about Day Two! Ruby Falls . Now, my mom can not remember if we went there before... I could have sworn that we had, but now... I am not so sure... Either way, we went and it was pretty awesome! Once again, if you want to read all about it (and you know you do) head on over to visit their website after you read about our adventure. I will just tell you, Ruby Falls is an UNDERGROUND waterfall! How cool is that?! We got there and immediately got in line to go down. You take an elevator all the way down and then work your way around the cavern! Oh and get this... It is always 60 degrees down there!!! ( I did read on their site that although it is always 60 degrees, the humidity can make it feel like it is 70 degrees, either way, pretty cool versus the 100 degrees outside!) So,on to our adventure: You take an elevator down... Oh, let me tell you something you might just want to know... This tour is not for th

We slept in a train car @ChattChooChoo

Please click on the photo's to enlarge them. All other posts should be better to view. Thanks! Day One: Lodging Chattanooga Choo Choo If you have been visiting my blog the past couple days, you have read about our trip to Rock City and to the Tennessee Aquarium . Well, guess where we stayed? When we went up to visit for the day, we of course had to stop and visit the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo ! Once I saw it, I thought it would be an amazing and unforgettable trip if we could actually spend the night in one of their Victorian Train Cars! As with all of my postings, if you want to learn more about it... (And you should!) Head on over to their website and read all about the history of the Chattanooga Choo Choo ! I will tell you that Terminal Station was erected in 1908 and that it came to be the Chattanooga Choo Choo in 1973... When you pull up to the Choo Choo ... You are greeted with a humongous terminal station. Once you park to go register... These beautiful d

Love Aquariums? Check out @TNAquarium

Day One Part Two: Tennessee Aquarium While we were in Chattanooga, we were thrilled for the chance to go and check out the Tennessee Aquarium ! They are always advertising it on the Atlanta channels, so to have the chance to go and check it out was something we were really hoping we had the chance to do! The great thing about Chattanooga is that they have free shuttles! We just parked our car at the hotel (more on that tomorrow) and then we took the shuttle to the Aquarium! Once we were dropped off (the shuttle station is like half a block from the Aquarium) we were first greeted with a "Southern Belle" welcoming us to Chattanooga! I totally wish I would have taken a picture of her, but we were so excited to get to the Aquarium, we didn't get one! We went to the ticket building and were told to start our journey!!!! The Tennessee Aquarium is actually in two buildings! We started out by going to the River Journey. Oh, let me tell you... The Aquarium is a mult