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Aloha Friday - Sunburn

I do not know about you.... BUT, it is HOT here! :) Yes, summer is officially here and it is not going to be an easy one! I can be thankful that I no longer work at my old job... Out air was ALWAYS broken and it made it HOT there... But enough rambling... It is Friday, so Aloha to you all! My question this week: What is a tip that you use to help with the pain of sunburn? As a redhead, I have used most of them... My answer: (This might be a shock to some of you) Noxzema skin cream... You know, the strong smelling cream you put on your face? For Acne? Yep! You just lather it on... Nice and thick... the burn will suck it all in... Then, after about 5 or 10 minutes, get you a shower to get the smell... It pulls the "burn" out! Now, what about you? Have a great weekend! Don't forget to enter to win "The Daily Portrait!"

Canvas Press - WINNER

We have a winner! Thanks to The Canvas Press Winner is : Comment Number 56 Thirty One By Jessica said... Google Follower #2 (Thirty One By Jessica) Jessica L. I am emailing you now... You have 48 hours to respond. Congrats and thanks to all who entered!

W W - Welcome home...

I know this is a bit old... but I just love this picture! When Marc was getting ready to come back home, I had a friend of my mom's come over to help decorate the car... She had a GREAT idea! We painted Broxton's hands and then put his hand prints on his window ... With "Welcome Home Daddy! Love, Broxton" written on it. This is the pic of Broxton after he had the paint all on his hands... I think it is just too stinkin cute!!!!! Have a great Wednesday! PS... Don't forget to enter my contest for a "Daily Portrait"!

Jao - Review

I had the chance to check out a pretty cool company by the name of Jao . I have to be honest with you... One of the reasons that it originally grabbed my attention was the font that they use, to me it looked like it said "ciao" on it... Yes, I know that is a crazy reason to look into a company, but it had my attention! :) I wanted to just check it out, so I ordered the Staycation pack. It included travel sizes of a couple of their products. I really liked the GOE OIL . It is supposed to be an "everything" item... from eye-makeup remover/ tame those crazy fly aways/ soften your skin... I have ONLY used it for my hands... As I have mentioned several times before, my hands are ALWAYS, always, ALWAYS dry... This GOE OIL makes them soft and smooth... I have been using it after the pool and with the chlorine in the water, this makes my hands feel wonderful. Did I even mention yet the smell? Oh, the smell is amazing. I am not even sure how to describe it. If you