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Nelle & Lizzy - WINNER

Thank you The winner of the Nelle & Lizzy Gift Certificate is comment # 13 happyenchilada said... commented on March 12th Aloha Friday! kessandcrystal(at) MARCH 15, 2010 11:55 AM Congrats! Let me know what you end up getting! Thank you to Nelle & Lizzy for the contest! Hope everyone has a great weekend... Also, mothers day is not to far away, why not get a beautiful piece of jewelry from Nelle and Lizzy ? Or a gift certificate for her to pick it out herself? Just a thought....

aloha friday - disney

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things... On to my Aloha Friday Question... I want to start a DISNEY DVD library for Broxton... So, Where would you recommend buying Disney DVD'S for the least amount of money? Also, what are the "Must have's"? Aloha~ As for me... It all started when Marc wanted to talk about Toy Story, and I had to tell him I had not seen it...

W W - Harley Davidson

Hey guys! I am BACK!!! Well, sorta back... Trying to clean and get somewhat organized from the last couple weeks... It has been wonderful having Marc home. ( Although, I am NOT enjoying Broxton being a daddy's boy and forgetting all about mama!) I know that this is a short post, but hey... It is WW after all !! Just wanted to show you what Marc rewarded himself with... I figure, he served his country, he deserves something! LOL We picked it up... THE DAY HE LANDED!!! and yep, I do realize that today is Tuesday... My computer is ALL messed up, so although it was supposed to be a scheduled post, it posted anyways... LOL, Guess I am early for a change!

Joy of Soap - Winner

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the Joy of Soap Contest. ( I will be blogging about that later!) But... HERE WE GO: Using, we have a winner: Comment 161 is the winner!!!! G-Zell said... I follow your blog :) at gmail dot com #1 Don't forget to enter the Nelle and Lizzy Giveaway!