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I have been seeing a whole bunch of UPRINTING giveaways online. This company has several items that would appeal to all types! I recieved an email from them saying that they have recently opened up a sponsorship program! All you do is click on the link, enter your name and blog info! They will contact you if they chose to work with you! Apply @ Sponsored Blogs Receive: - Free Products - Product Giveaway Sponsorships - Advertising $$ - Discounted Services Just wanted to share with you all!

Aloha Friday, # 3?

I am thinking that this is my 3rd Aloha Friday, so that is what I am going with! Anywho... Yep, its that time again! Thanks to Kailani over at Island Life . Aloha Friday! ( You know, simple question, simple answer... relaxation!) You know the drill... Answer my question... POST one of your own.. THEN~~~~~~~ RELAX! It is Friday! My question today: Who is your favorite football team? (College and/or Professional) My answer: GEORGIA BULLDOGS! Of course! Marc is all about LSU. I am UGA... Our grooms cake at our wedding was HOUSE DIVIDED! Poor Broxton is going to be so confused! Okay, your turn! ALOHA!

Thursdays Thoughts... Late

Well, I was going to try and do a little Thursday's thoughts.. But it is now after midnight, so I guess that didn't quite work out how I planned! Oh well! I was basically going to ramble for a minute... I went to the mailbox this week and for a second, it felt like Christmas! I got a Burt's Bees Acne Sample (if you saw me right now, you would be so happy I received this, because my face has really broken out right now!) I am giving it a try, so we will see how it works! I received a few cereal samples too... ~~~~~Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry............ YUMMY!!!!!!!!! Wow, it was great! The flakes stayed good and crunchy even after sitting in the milk for a bit. It was so great, just enough Blueberry, but not too much! ~~~~~Total Blueberry Pomegranate.... Yep, it was pretty tasty as well. I think it might be my number 2 blueberry cereal, hate it... but I think Special K Blueberry just got moved further down the list! ~~~~~ Bear Naked Banana Crunch.

EEBEE - Broxton's new friend!

***** This contest has ended!***** Guess what? I have found THE CUTEST little friend for Broxton! His name is EEBEE and he is adorable! I am not sure if any of you have heard of him before. I have to admit, I had never heard of him until I saw him on a few blogs. But now, I am in love! I would like to share this video with you, please watch it. Babies learn through playing. Eebee is full of adventure. This line of toys and DVD's shows that even the most simple of things is a very important and educational tool for children. Please visit eebee's website here . This site shows you how although the smallest of things to some people, it is all part of the BIG world to eebee and children! Here is the video: There is a whole line of eebee items! They have eebee toys, books, DVD's, clothes.... I know what Broxton will be getting for Christmas! Let me know if you have eebee or know eebee! Here are a few activities!

Anitra Holley Autographed CD - Giveaway

Okay all... I am FINALLY doing my first giveaway! This is actually going to be fun! I am giving away an autographed Anitra Holley CD . That is right, win it here!!!!! First, let me tell you a little about Anitra. We met when she performed at a place down the street from me called "The Saloon" Anitra is actually from my mom's hometown. My family and her family know each other. Then we finally met in Atlanta! Her voice is AMAZING! Slowly but surely, more and more of us started going to the Saloon... They had live music every night... and Anitra played on Wednesdays! I actually asked her for a CD and she had one of a rock group she used to be in called Amerigo Poppy. That CD was wonderful. Then, she released "The Long Way Home." Can you say, AWESOME?! Her music is "Americana" / "Bluegrass" . She reminds me of Sarah McLachlan or maybe Allison Krauss . Either way, I love it! The song, "The Long Way Home&

Army Wives

Okay, so tonight is the new Army Wives. You know, where they go back to the 40's?! Not really sure what that is about, but I am sure there is a reason! And, As ALWAYS, I am SURE it is going to be a great show! So, don't forget to watch tonight... Then let me know what you thought about it! I know I can not wait to see it!