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Army Aviation Museum on Dothan Alabama @visit_dothan

If you know my boy, you know I have raised him to be thankful and appreciative of our military.  When I found out there was an Army Aviation Museum near Dothan, I knew that I would do anything in my power to get him there to see what all was inside.  The first day, we got there and it was almost closing time, so we planned to go back the next day.  Seeing his excitement and interest in everything made it totally worth while... but let me just tell you ...  This is not like any musuem I have been in before!  It was awesome!   He was so excited to check it all out!   This was the Hall of Heroes.  No, I don't need any comments on her mask.. We were constantly trying to fix it for her, this was when we first got in side.  I thought this was so cool. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOT AIR BALLOONS... and I had no idea they were first used in the military!   One of the first planes.  She was excited as she thought the map of the museum was a treasure map!  Again, no need to comment on the mask.   It

Short Trip to Dothan, Alabama @visit_dothan

Let me tell you about a little trip I took the kids on recently.   We had planned to go on 2 different vacations this year, but COVID had other plans.  We ended up taking a short over night trip, just to get a change of scenery for the kids and I... and lucky for us, my mom decided to join us!  I don't know of every going to Dothan and hanging out, but it was a fun little trip.   We loaded up and started our journey with a much needed family break planned.  We went not really knowing much about Dothan, but we wanted to see what it was all about.   Once we got to Dothan, we took a visit to the Botanical Gardens.  It was outdoors and we were the only people there, so it was great.  They were doing things on the honor system, so we paid at a cash box and was able to stroll around and enjoy at our own pace... It was hotter than I don't even know, so we didn't stay as long as I would have liked.  BUT .. it was beautiful.   I will be honest, there were lots of areas that were rea