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Bowling for the win? #wordlesswednesday

I just thought this was too cute.  Her little bowling shoes!  Do you bowl?  Are you good?  Last time we went, I actually started off with like 3 strikes in a row and was pretty impressed, then I got annoyed and from that point on my game went down the gutter, just like my ball.  (Mom Joke, see what I did there?!)  What do you do for fun on the weekends? 

We are having a #Giveaway @WonderParkMovie #Ad

There is a particular quote that has stayed with me lately...  "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.."  Those that know me, know that my kiddos are the most important thing to me.  I really will say that they are my everything and my biggest pride.  We might not do as much as we used to, but one thing for certain is we love, love, LOVE family movie night.  There really is nothing like getting snacks and drinks and then snuggling up to watch a movie with these guys!  I mean, we have plenty of furniture, but they like to sit as close as possible as if we only own 1 chair and that is all we are allowed to sit on! Recently, we were sent a Wonder Park DVD and family survival kit for review.  I know we planned on seeing it at the movies, but lets be real... It gets rather pricey if we want to go and see ALL the movies that are available.  Also, it isn't as "snuggly" in the theater as it is at home, if I am being totally honest!  The kit was f