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Family Night : Dragons Tour @RinglingBros

For the past several years, we have been so lucky to have been able to take Broxton to the circus.  It was great for us, as it was right around his birthday, so it was sort of our "birthday celebration" for Broxton.  Last year, they mentioned that the circus coming our way the follow year was the "DRAGONS" event ... after seeing The Torres Family in their sphere on their bikes the first year to really enjoying the Ring Master, Johnathan Lee Iverson, we were eager to see the Dragons Tour
As with each Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey show, they have the "pre-show" event an hour before show time... We actually did not make it this year, as we were running late, but they seemed to have added more to it...   We noticed a bounce house of sorts and plenty of clown action too!!!!
 After everyone took their seats, we were all ready for The Greatest Show On Earth!!!!!  
Of course, before the show started, we had already purchased our circus popcorn... I …

Fast Paced @NuclearCowboyz Will Be Here Soon

Having a growing boy in the house, I am learning so much...
This little boy is turning 4 soon and not a day goes by that isn't full of some form of fun and learning.

The latest?  I just recently learned of NUCLEAR COWBOYZ
Are you like me and this is new to you, or have you heard of them before?
It is fast paced, full energy, crazy motocross. 
From the videos I watched on you tube, it looks like there is not a minute of quiet from when it starts to when it ends...  and after reading their website, I learned that this is their fourth tour in North America. 
Check out a little behind the scenes footage:

Check their site to see if they are headed to a place near you!!!!
If you are in or near Atlanta, you can score a great deal:
With the code SUNMOM, everyone pays the $10 Kid’s Ticket price for the Sunday show!  This is valid on $30 adult tickets and excludes the VIP Fallout Zone and Club seats. No double discounts. Offer expires Friday, March 1st.
*** I will be receiving tick…

Shaving Daddy - W/ W

What is it about a kid that wants to shave daddy's face?  I remember when the boys were younger, they would want to help Marc when he shaved... Now, Broxton decided he wanted to help daddy as well.  Of course, Marc was smart about it and took the shears to it instead of the razor...

Okay, we weren't making a noticeable difference, so I finally decided I had enough of the photo taking... but I tell you, Broxton was so excited to be helping dad!!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Caring Bridge - Share Your Heart

If you have been around here for some time, you might recall me mentioning a friends child, Ward
Thanks to Caring Bridge, I was able to stay up to date on all that was going on with him...
He is healthy and doing great now, this was 2 years ago and a very scary time....

That being said, when I received an email, I wanted to share it with you:

The email:

Let’s Share the Love! CaringBridge Launches “Share Your Heart” Contest People invited to submit acts of kindness for chance to win two iPad Minis EAGAN, Minn. (Feb. 12, 2013) –Whether it’s a heartfelt note before your first day at a new job or a declaration of love written in the clouds, people express their love and support for one another in big and small ways every day. This February, CaringBridge, the caring social network that keeps families and loved ones connected during any type of health event, invites people to submit those touching acts of compassion during the “Share Your Heart” contest. “CaringBridge grew out of the need …

Rekindle that Flame - Dejamor Gift Subscription #Giveaway

If you are at a loss as to a great gift to give the love of your life... Look no further than the gift of Dejamor. Dejamor is a monthly gift service that helps get the creative juices flowing for romance and intimacy!  Hello!  Of course, that sounds awesome... So you know we wanted to try it out! 
Up first, there is no need to worry when you order about being embarrassed about the packaging or return address.  Nothing to give away your private plans!  To be honest, when the box came, I had no clue what was in there, so I had to open and check it out as soon as I was able!  This was what I saw: Now, Marc has been out of town doing his military duty, so we have yet to enjoy the contents..
I will tell you, the box for my eyes had a couple items to get the time going!  I wanted to look and see what was in Marc's box... but, I knew that was not the way it was to go... So, I have placed both items in the box to wait for Marc to return....  
The idea behind Dejamor is to keep the lo…

The Red Hen

We were sent a cute DVD from Scholastic Storybook Treasures. The Red Hen - A Read Along DVD. I was not really sure what it meant by " More cooking stories" so I wanted to watch it and see what it was all about.  It started off with The Red Hen making a cake... Broxton thought that was a pretty good show... but then I really liked the show where they explained all about bread...
The best to Broxton was Arnie the Doughnut!  I will say, his excitement while watching this show made me smile, so I will agree... it was cute... I was wondering how they were going to play it out.. (It is a doughnut that had no clue that doughnuts were made to be eaten and I was curious how they were going to make it kid friendly versus scary when he was eaten! ) The bonus at the end were the directions to make a cake with the Red Hen!!! THE RED HEN (Written and illustrated by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley, narrated by Walter Mayes) Filled with humor and sparkling illustration, this is the classic s…

Dora's Butterfly Ball - Review

I must tell you something...
We have never gotten into Dora the explorer around here... I know, it was totally wrong of me and I see it now.  I just somewhat presumed that since it was Dora (and they also have Diego) that it was geared more towards girls.  Little did I know, but Broxton LOVES it.  We were sent Dora's Butterfly Ball on DVD and of course, we had to check it out.  I had no clue that Broxton would be so captivated on learning like he was. 
Since watching Dora, he now asks me if I speak Spanish and I hear him saying words such as Azul and Amarillo!  Wow...   You can bet I will let him watch from now on!!!! So, don't be like me... If you have a chance, watch Dora.. even if you have a house full of boys!!!!
Dora the Explorer : Dora's Butterfly Ball Episode Synopses:
The Butterfly Ball :
Dora, Boots and their friend Mariposa are on their way to fly, twirl and loop-de-loop at the Butterfly Ball!  Will you help them make it there in time to get their magical wings?


Stop The Motion Sickness, Dramamine Now Has Kid Formula!

Have you ever heard of Dramamine
That was  familiar name for me on experiences with boats... Just look:
I tell you what, many moons ago, my mom and I took a day trip on a river cruise.. It was awesome and I wanted to be prepared, so I took Dramamine before hand, to be safe... you know?!
Then, after that... knowing that Dramamine had worked for me in the past, I packed up Dramamine when my family and I took a week long cruise. 
I have always been a fan of Dramamine because of the results I had when I used it...
It's just too bad that I have not had time to plan a cruise... I sure would love one!

You know, I never really gave it much thought that it would be great for car travel or planes... I know it is a motion sickness pill, but normally I am driving on road trips, so I am fine... Yet, I have noticed that if I RIDE, I do get a it queasy.. and you can totally forget reading!  Planes?  Well, haven't been on one of them in quite some time, but when I was on a plane, I alwa…

Zedora, Snappy Socks, Oh My!

As a blogger, I get mail on a frequent basis... It is nice to get surprises, as the boxes are normally items for Broxton to help in reviews!  So, the other day, I was shocked to receive a surprise box for me!  When I opened it up, I had a huge smile on my face... As it was all for me! 
I LOVE fun and funky socks... and I am so stoked to know that I am now the proud owner of the Holiday 6 pack set of Snappy Socks.  Remember when I told you about Snappy Socks before?  They have a snap at the tops (or cuffs, whatever you want to call them) so that when you are not wearing them, you can snap them together and not lose a partner!  I don't know about you, but we have been known to lose a sock or two from the time of wear to the time of putting them in the drawer after they have been washed. These socks are actually soft and really comfortable.  I know with some "fun socks" they might look cute, but they are not comfortable at all.. This is not the case here! The holiday…

Iris: The Happy Professor Review

Just look what showed up in our mailbox the other day... Iris: The Happy Professor. I must admit, I had never heard of this before, so I was intrigued as to see what this was about. Broxton was really taken to it and wanted to watch it again and again.  I immediately thought of a show from when I was younger, Fraggle Rock (and later learned it was "created by award winning cartoonist and animator Henri Desclez with puppeteers from the show Fraggle Rock.")  Out of the whole DVD, the one we seemed to like the most was The Five Senses. 
I can say that it was geared to grab the attention of kid of all ages, but it has yet to grate my nerves like some kid shows out there.  I love that although it is entertaining, it is also very educational and one that we will be sure to watch again and again! 
There are people to meet, places to go, things to do and a whole world out there that needs exploring.  And according to Iris, there's only one way to do it - the fun way!  With t…