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Cutest little Petcakes- Review and Giveaway

Have you seen the newest toy online?
Petcakes are just so adorable... and they make me crave cupcakes!

I have seen them on several blogs and most mention that they are perfect for girls. I do not know about you... but Broxton LOVES cupcakes... and pets!

So, I set out to see if I could share them with you. These little petcakes are so cute!
I was so happy when these little guys showed up!

I was wondering around how big they would be... They are perfect!
The petcake comes in a cute little cupcake wrapper. What is in the cupcake?! SURPRISE!!!
It is a cute little pet!
I gave BroxtonRandy Candy for the review.
(The others will be Christmas presents! I know he would have loved all 4 of them, but I figured I would pace them out... No need to totally spoil him yet! LoL, yes... I said YET!) He gave Randy lots of kisses!
These are the MOST ADORABLE little things! Good thing Broxton brings Randy over to give Mommy kisses! Blueberry Buddy is my favorite, maybe because I have always wanted a "wrinkle do…

Snack and Play Tray Makes Travel FUN! Review

Broxton has been reviewing the Snack and Play Travel Tray and it makes travel a bit easier.I tried to get a picture of him but from my angle, I have not had any luck!

The travel tray is great for when Broxton wants to play with his cars on a road trip, but honestly... He does not like it for too long. He would rather kick his feet and play versus having this for a long time. I know that once he wants to color and draw in the car, it will be awesome... but for now, he is my curious little boy who does not like anything that might hinder his movement in the smallest amount!

I thought about trying to see if he wanted to snack on it, but I knew the way he was kicking his feet playing that this would not be the right time!
I have honestly been looking for something like this for some time now, so when I was asked to review it... I knew it would be great!
What exactly is this Snack and Play Travel Tray?
It is just one of the greatest gadgets for travelling with a small child!

The tray is made…

Lenox is name to love - Review and Giveaway

I love keepsake gifts.You know, what I mean... The ones from the heart and that are meant to be kept...
A couple years ago, I gave my grandmothers each a Lenox holiday plate.
It was sweet and heartfelt. Well, I was sent an absolutely beautiful set of Merry Little Christmas Ornaments! I thought about giving them to my mom, but I hate to admit it, they are going on our tree!!
They are gorgeous!

They are beautiful and are absolutely amazing!
To me, they will represent the first Christmas that Marc was home with Broxton... How fitting that it included three in the set? They are hand painted and are just perfect! The attention to detail is what you expect from Lenox!
The little red pompoms add to the festivity!
I can go on and on...
This would be a great gift for a loved one, or a beautiful addition to your tree! Wouldn't It Be Nice... Under Your Tree ... for someone you love?
One of my lucky readers will win a set of your very own. (Due to high demand, they reserve the right to substitute the pr…

Can I go to Oregon? I am in LOVE with Tillamook Cheese - Review & Giveaway

I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing Tillamook Cheese.I am a lover of cheese, so I said yes... I just needed to make sure we had it near me... I looked and looked and did not find it anywhere.
(Then again, I really did not have a lot of options. But that is not the point.)
The point is, I found it... and yes, curiosity got the best of me. Was it really "THAT GREAT?!"
Um, one word:

It was worth the drive, worth the search!
It was like I found my pot of gold! :)
( I would LOVE to go to Oregon, home of Tillamook!)
I was with my brother, so I asked what he thought I should go with... Smoked Cheddar was the choice.
I got home and of course, I had to try it... I cut up a few slices and I was immediately taken back to my childhood with my Nana.
She used to get a gift basket that had the most delicious sausage/cheese/crackers and spreads.
I have never had anything so good since... But, this Tillamook I am telling you about... Whoa!
My mouth is getting all watery just thinking …

There are Winners Everywhere!

I would love it if you placed this button where others can see (and visit to enter and win a few of their own!) Thanks!!!
The button code is on the side bar of my blog!
Thanks to all who entered!
Please stop on over and enter my current ones!
The Carmex winner will be posted soon!

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Aloha Friday - # 60

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.
My question this week:
Do you have any family currently in the military or anyone who has ever been in the military?
My answer: Yes! My husband is National Guard!
(Can you tell I am proud of him?) See him HERE :)

Terro Ant Bait - Review & Giveaway

Do you have a problem with Ants at your place?We had a ton of them out on our sidewalk... Not sure where they came from ( I did not see any food.)
Thank goodness for us, they disappeared as fast as they arrived!

I mean, I am all about visitors for the holidays... But please, give me a little warning and not to be mean, but I would prefer humans to ants!
I was sent Terro Ant bait to review and I was excited to use it and get rid of them as quickly as they showed up... But, they were gone before the ant bait was delivered. You better believe it, we are prepared now! :)
I was sent the Indoor Ant Bait system.
With this, the bait system slowly kills the ant...
Why slowly? So that the ant has time to take the killing solution back to the other ants!
:) Great idea!!!! The Ant Bait is made from Borax, making it safe for use in houses with children and pets... but does not have a good final outcome for ants! Talk about a major PLUS for our house!!!!
We were also sent the Outdoor Ant Killer. Now, I l…

Veterans Day -

This was taken right before Marc deployed... (Look at how young Broxton was!)
As most of you know... Marc was not home last year... He was in Afghanistan. So, on this Veterans Day... He is home... and we are happy!

Please, take a minute today. Thank a vet.
Say a prayer for those who have served or are currently serving. They ALL need to know that they are supported. Still to this day, if I see anyone with the Vietnam hat or anything like that... I ALWAYS stop and say Thanks. You can see the thanks in their eyes. And yes, I tear up every single time too.
There are Veterans from long ago that still to this day have never been Thanked for their service. You know, when they came home, it was NOTHING like it is today. NOTHING. So, that two seconds that it takes to say Thanks... Might mean more than you (or I) will ever know.
For more information on Veterans Day, please visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website. They have information like this: Which is the correct spelling of Veterans Day?a…

Belly Button Bliss - Book Review

Now, all the mothers out there will probably agree... When you are pregnant... You get tons of advice... and sometimes people feel the need to share their horror birth stories with you. Some might like that, to know all the "what ifs."
Well, Jennifer Derryberry Mann wanted to share all of the beautiful birth stories with readers everywhere! Belly Button Bliss is a collection of stories from everyday women.
Some are hospital births, others are home births.. There is even a section with "extra special" births!

This book really is a cute one and I think it would be a great one for an expectant mother!
You could give it as a baby shower gift, or even a just because present.
I really love how each story tells the moms name and then the information of the baby. Name, birth date, weight, length... After the cute page with their information, the next page or two is the short, but so sweet story of their birth!
This would even be a cute read while waiting at one of the many Doct…

Have a Laugh with the kiddies - DVD Review

Looking for a great gift?Either for the younger kids, or even the older ones?
Broxton and I have been enjoying the Have a Laugh DVD's that we are reviewing!
I remembered them from when I was younger and I LOVED the fact that I could share this with Broxton. Granted, I love seeing the excitement in his face no matter what, but I felt an extra tug at the heart strings when we watched this... because some of them were ones that I remembered from my younger days! Remember the font of MICKEY MOUSE or DONALD or PLUTO.. You know the BIG BLOCK letters that told you who the main character in that cartoon was? I loved watching them and the animation is so different from today's Mickey cartoons!!!

Have a Laugh Vol. 1 might be his favorite!
As we watched he just cracked UP watching Chip N' Dale stocking up on the acorns!!!
But then, when we got to the Lonesome Ghosts... He laughed OUT LOUD! So hard!
Still not sure why he thought those were the funniest ones, but he did!!!
Have a Laugh Vo…

Happy Feet equals Happy ME - Review

I do not know how many of you watch Jersey Shore... but I will admit, I do from time to time.
I do not really have an answer as to why, and believe me... Marc asks ALL THE TIME why I am watching it... I will tell you this though.

Snooki wears some pretty comfortable looking Slippers...
So, I had to see what that was all about!

Enter - Happy Feet!
I had such a fun time looking at all the slippers that they carry!
The Snooki slippers were leopard print... Not my cup of tea... but totally Snooki! They have cute slippers that look like big fat tennis shoes!
They have slippers that look like all sorts of animals! Being a die - hard Georgia Bulldog Fan, I of course had to look at all the College slippers!!!!
They have so many teams to choose from!
Now, I think they are cute and fun... But how do they feel?
They are so comfortable!
They are nice and fat... Plushy and soft!
The shoe strings are decorative, so no worries on that.. You just slip them on and go!
It is like you are walking on these jumbo siz…

LLama LLama Red Pajama - $25 Gift Card Giveaway

I think I could possibly be one of the last moms out there to get llama llama red pajama for her little one! Could I really be?I have heard great things about it... and when I was able to pick out a book for Broxton from Little One Books, this is what I finally decided on!
For those of you that do not have this book, it is time to get it!!!

Llama Llama Red Pajama is a quick rhyming book about a little llama and his llama mama!
Talk about lots of drama when baby llama wants mama llama!
Whew! Say that ten times fast!

This book is cute in that the drama unfolds as baby llama wants his mama, but she is busy at that very second! As we read it, I point out to Broxton that see? Mama is near by... she is just busy at the moment... Just go ahead and go to sleep... I am just in the other room, as is baby llama's mama! :)
The illustration in this book is full of bright and fun colors! The story is of short sentences that are quick and easy to read!
We were able to review this book thanks to L…

W/W - Leaves are changing!!!!

The leaves are starting to change their color!!!
Now, to go out and find them and get good pictures!!!
This is near where we live..

Ditch the Joneses - Discover Your Family - Book Review "WIBN"

I always thought that whenever Marc and I had children of our own, that we would both work and put our little one in childcare... Not that I really wanted that, but because I thought that would be what we had to do.As you know, Marc was deployed the first year of Broxton's life... and I hoped and prayed that we could survive on his pay (which by the way, the military is SO UNDERPAID, but anyways) and allow me to stay home. Luckily for us, we had help from my family.
I was terrified that I would have to work... Now hold on, let me explain... I was so worried that with Marc being gone, if I was working... Neither of us would be around for any of Broxton's firsts... and I was DETERMINED that I would be there and get pictures/video whatever...
Just to be able to show Marc...
I was able to review "Ditch the Joneses Discover Your Family" by Cathi BreseDoebler and I think this is a great book. Granted, it might have been more helpful for us before Broxton was born, but I stil…

Giveaways ending soon!!!!

Just wanted to remind you of several giveaways ending in the next 2 weeks!

Zubbles Colored Bubbles ENDS TONIGHT
Superbaby BOOK - ends 11-10
Carmex (Over $50 value) - ends 11-11
$15 Ecomom GC - ends 11-12
Kidswitch - ends 11-14
Swansons Chicken Coupons - ends 11-14
Reach/Rembrandt gift pack (over $50 value) - ends 11-15
Reusable To-Go Utensils from Green Ostrich - ends 11-18
Allouette and Chavrie Cheese Coupons - ends 11-18
Carolina Pad Holiday Organizer - ends 11-18

Softlips = Extra Kisses! Review and Giveaway

It is NO secret just how much I love lotions/potions and all that good stuff!
Remember how I talk about loving brands but never trying the new products?
Well, I remember when the softlips brand came out... The skinny tubes and the great feeling that it left my lips...
Well, did you know that softlips is now available in more than just the little skinny tubes?
You can now get softlips in a wide variety of flavors... You can even get it in the little squeeze tubes!
I am trying to figure out what I like the best... but as we all know, each one represents something a little different!

The tubes remind me of a moisturizing lipstick. The color is a soft, subtle color, but my lips stay moist and feel great!
But then again, I love the classic of the skinny tubes from the beginning!
Think about it, a great lip balm in a cute little tube, with an awesome result!!!

How about the fact that they have a lip polish now?!
I know you have someone that this would be great for...
(Maybe even yourself?)
One lucky wi…

Kinoko AHCC - Review and Giveaway

I know for me, when the weather starts changing... I start the "seasonal colds." I have always been like that and it drives me nuts!
Hot to cold!
Cold to hot! No matter what, every time!

Well, not this time, I hope!
I received a bottle of the KinokoAHCC Immune Booster and I am crossing my fingers that I can keep the icky germs away this time!
I like that it even tells you to take on an empty stomach for optimum absorption. (You know, because I never think about the why... ) Anywho...
Since I am not the best at anything medical related... I am pulling this from their site:
Q: Why is it better to take AHCC on an empty stomach? A: If AHCC is taken with meals, it will be diluted by the food and may be excreted along with food fibers without absorption. Thus, the best time to take AHCC is 30 minutes before meals or 1 to 2 hours after a meal.
ImmunoComplex™ brings together East and West by combining Astragalus from China and medicinal mushrooms (AHCC®) from Japan with Echinacea from the Nati…

CharcoCaps - Review and Giveaway

Everyone passes gas!
You know you do... If you own up to it or not, that is your secret! :) Ha! 72 % of adults admit to passing gas in public, so like I said...
Did you know that they have CharcoCaps to help with this? CharcoCaps is recommended to be taken with water at mealtime, or as soon as the discomfort starts... CharcoCaps is not just for gas... It is also for bloating!

From their site: The use of activated charcoal dates back centuries ago as a natural internal detoxifier and was commonly used to help cleanse the body of unwanted material and assist with the healing process of the body. It is also widely used as an emergency antidote to treat certain kinds of poisoning (overdose) in humans by helping to prevent absorption of poison by the stomach and small intestines. The activated charcoal in CharcoCaps® Dietary Supplement helps reduce intestinal gas by attracting and condensing the gas molecules into the tiny pores that are created on the surface of the charcoal (which is calle…

Cystex in your cabinet! - Review and Giveaway

Are you a fan of cranberry juice? I am... at times!
I used to think that I hated it, but once I really thought about it, I was not sure if I had even tried it! So, I did... and it is not that bad... but only at certain times and only a little bit. Luckily for me, I have never needed to drink it!
I have several friends that have suffered from Urinary Tract Infections. Not to get all into their business, but they have had me stop and get them medicine, cranberry juice, you name it... all in hopes of making it better.
I can bet you that they wished they had Cystex in their cabinet just for this situation!
Have you heard of Cystex?
From their website: Safe and effective, and clinically-proven to help prevent urinary tract infections from recurring. New Cystex® Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox® provides powerful urinary tract protection in just one tablespoon daily - more than cranberry pills or cranberry juice! This pleasant-tasting, unique blend is more than just cranberry concentrate…