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A Must Have Gift for the Guy in Your Life : @shavewell Anti Fog Mirror

Marc is one of the hardest persons I know to buy for... He never wants anything. When he does get something, it is normally because he "needs" it. As in "needs" new shoes for work. "Needs" a coverall outfit for the freezing weather he works in. See what I mean? It really is "need" for him. When I heard of the Shave Well Anti Fog Mirror , I thought "this is a great gift idea" for Marc!!!! I was able to review one and well, I went ahead and gave it to him early. I told him to know it was a Christmas gift (I might still wrap the box as a reminder!) but I wanted and NEEDED to know how it worked. The Mirror comes with a plastic protective cover on it. You just peel it off and you are left with a mirror. They include a hook for you to hang it up in the shower. Marc wanted to place his under the shower head, so he made his own hanging thing, but that is very typical for him. It was funny, I went to get a shower and when I stood under t

When the Weather Outside is Frightful... Part Two #Giveaway ends 12/23

Time to stock up for the flu season! One of the boys called the other day to let us know he was pretty sick and they were thinking it was the flu. I immediately began thinking that we needed to make sure we not only had childrens medicine for Broxton, we needed to have medicine for the rest of us... For the longest, I made sure I had age appropriate stuff for them, but then when it came to Broxton, I had no clue... Now, we have it all! Last year, Broxton caught something and Marc headed to the store... He bought some random medicine that I had never heard of, but I tell you what... It worked for us. At first, I was so mad that he bought a brand I had never heard of (and it was expensive too!) but then he explained that it was recommended to him... and of course I did research to make sure it was a known company... Come to find out, it was Boiron . They have homeopathic medicines and it just seemed to be a great thing to try. It worked for us... FROM THE BOIRON SITE : "Homeopat

Like Salmon? You will LOVE Organic Bistro!

I love Salmon. Bottom line. Always have, think I always will! I was so excited that I was going to be able to try the Organic Bistro "Wild Alaskan Salmon with Pesto." I was sent a coupon to pick it up at the local store for review... I went to Publix and I could not find it!!!! I did finally find the "Wild Alaskan Salmon with Broccoli and Rice." I was not sure when the other would be there, so I just went ahead and tried this kind, as I was not familiar with the Organic Bistro Brand. It was wonderful! I was impressed first of all with the packaging. It had a wrapper around the dish, I took it to be that way to help with steaming the food. As soon as it was cooked, I was ready to dig in! I did not need any form of seasoning, as it was done perfect. Broxton noticed the broccoli and headed over to help me eat it... I was able to try one and the taste was great. The meal says it had a Rosemary Orange Glaze on the Salmon. I noticed that the broccoli had a b

Stop the Sniffles with @SniffleBuddies

Yesterday, we had Broxton out running around and playing at the park. Yes, it was a bit cool, but it isn't like we are just going to stay indoors 24-7 once the sun isn't beating down on us... Then, I noticed he had a runny nose. I asked a friend if she happened to have any tissue in her purse, of course not... I went out to our car and grabbed a napkin. Then, it reminded me... The Sniffle Buddy ! We need to start using it. The sniffle buddy is really a smart idea! It is a "bracelet" of sorts... You just put it on your child... Then, when they have the sniffles, they just wipe it on their bracelet. No longer do you need to chase after them to try and wipe their nose. Think about it, most kids (that I see) just use their shirt... this is cleaner! You can also buy more than one.. That way, you can have one on and one in the wash! I think they are too cute, because of the label. It has a tag that says "I'm _____________ 's buddy." Just put their na

Happy Holidays with Hallmark! #Giveaway

When Marc was deployed, I wished so bad that we had thought of recording him reading a book to Broxton for us to "read" each night... We just did not think about it.... Until he was already gone. So, when we moved into our new apartment after he returned, my mom wanted to record a special book for Broxton to "read" at Christmas! Do you have any fun items like this? It seems as though Hallmark is always one step ahead and keeping family and friends "close" during the holidays. We were so fortunate to receive an amazingly filled with love gift pack from Hallmark, just to make our Christmas a bit brighter! Up first, we opened an adorable Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. You know we love to read... We also love Curious George, so this was super special to add to our tree!!! It is a "Reading is a Ball! Curious George" ornament! Did you know that there are over 300 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments now?! Wow! This is going to have a special place on ou

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.... #Giveaway

Okay, so now that I have your attention... Let me explain! Of course, I would love to see a bit of snow, but none of that craziness from last year... I am actually referring to the pearly whites of my teeth! Until I had the chance to work with Rembrandt, I really had not used it that much... But now, I am a Rembrandt girl! I love it! The way my mouth feels so clean. My breath so fresh! My My My!!!! Rembrandt wants YOU to have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, while not worrying about the stain!!!! Not only will you get items for oral hygiene, you will also get a few special treats for baking!!! Talk about continuing a tradition, or making new ones!!!!!! Just look at the arrangement of items I was sent: A gingerbread making kit, peppermint spatula, and an apron for both mom and child, all packed together in a reusable snow flake grocery tote containing REMBRANDT ®, REACH® and LISTERINE® oral care products. REACH by Design The holiday REACH® by Design™ collection is t

Ice Age : A Mammoth Christmas Review

So, I was able to talk Marc into watching a movie with us... Broxton and I were ready and waiting... Marc comes in and I hit PLAY! It was so cute! All three of us were laughing... The only problem? It was too short! It seemed like it was over when it had just started... Of course, Ray Romano and Queen Latifah lend their voices and I was cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long story short, they head to find Santa and meet Prancer along the way! Great movie!!!! It was so cute that I had to call and tell my mom about it.... She reminded me that I would need to bring it home for her to watch with Broxton ! ha ha ha I just wanted to remind you that I have a giveaway going on where you can win this DVD for your house! Just click HERE to enter! (Ends 12/16) ***** I did receive a copy for review. All opinions expressed are my own!*****

When the Weather Outside is Frightful.... Part One

Last year's weather had Atlanta shut down for a few days... People made fun of how Atlanta did not know how to function with a bit of snow and ice... That was not the case at all... We as the residents couldn't do anything, as the city was not prepared. It was actually quite scary. Marc had to go to work, although the mayor said do not get on the roads UNLESS YOU HAD TO. Cars were sliding everywhere... Cars were actually abandoned on the sides of the roads. Triple AAA and other companies could not get to help people as the roads were ridiculous. I am PRAYING that we don't have that happen again. It was kind of spooky. That being said, we will be more prepared this year than in the past... I will make sure that we have a manual can opener. (We had one, it broke last year.) We will have food staples, batteries and candles in reserve. We will have blankets in our car. We will have medicine! Ha!!!! I bet you were wondering where I was going with this. With the weather chang

All Aboard! We Love Toy Trains... Do You?!

Just in time for the holidays!!!! Broxton has a somewhat new obsession... We have watched the DVD "I love toy trains" and he enjoyed it... Now, it is an obsession. He wants to watch it every single time he can. To the point that he watched it more than once on our road trip this past weekend! It really is pretty neat! It shows you the toy trains... Broxton enjoys it because it has trains loading up candy and stuff. I like it that even though it talks about trains, they ask trivia... Like they discuss Mount Rushmore, then ask you to remember who is carved in the side.. It is great for Broxton and I always smile as soon as he starts singing the All Aboard Song... *Marc does too! Smile that is, not sing :) If you have a lover of trains, Thomas or anything like that... I know that they will be totally enthralled with the I Love Toy Trains Series... Make sure to check it out!!!! Between You and Me... I LOVE THIS!!!!! ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FTC Compliant Review Polic

Shaun the Sheep - Season Two

I have told you about Shaun the Sheep before... Also, I told you before, I do catch myself laughing from time to time... Ha ha... I know, I know! It is kinda funny, so it isn't like it is only going to amuse the kids... Let the whole family laugh!!!! Well, for those Shaun the Sheep Die Hards ... I have great news for you!!!!!!!!!! Shaun the Sheep: Season Two is now available!!! Get this: It includes 40 episodes! Hello!!!! Talk about making someone happy this year!!! WHAT?! 40 episodes... You read that right!!!! From their website: Shaun the Sheep Season Two: The complete second season of Shaun the Sheep has arrived with 40 hilarious episodes of woolly shenanigans! The Oscar®-winning creators of “Wallace and Gromit ™” strike again with the mischievous barnyard antics of Shaun, Bitzer , Shirley, Timmy, and those naughty Pigs next door. From fancy wheels and outrageous deals to foxy crimes and Christmas time, there’s something for everyone in this fun- filled collectible gift set

More Thomas and Friends: In Time For the Holidays

I know many people are finished with all of their holiday shopping... But then there are some that are just now getting started. I wanted to let you know of a couple more DVD's featuring everyone's lovable Tank Engine: Thomas!!!!! The latest has Thomas and his friends being Heroes! Rescue on the Rails: Broxton is so excited to watch this!!! He was quick to point out Flynn and Harold!! He is loving anything to do with Fire: Men/Trucks/Engines!!! Not to mention Harold the Helicopter!!! All of the above are on his Christmas list!!!! (This was to be a Christmas present, but Mr. Snoopy found it and will be watching it soon!) DVD SYNOPSIS Ready to Rescue! The Sodor Search and Rescue Team is racing to the rescue -- Bertie's stuck on Shake Shake Bridge, Gordon's derailed and Thomas' firebox is on fire! In these exciting episodes, your favorite engines brave the rails to rescue their friends. Discover that being heroic is more than having speed and strength; it's

Kohls really set me off this time...

Forgive me if I ramble a bit... But, I am rather frustrated with Kohls and wanted to let you know about it... I saw that there were GREAT deals on the KOHLS website over Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Weekend... Not to mention, Free Shipping on ALL orders... So, I placed an order that came to be a little over $100. That also meant that I would receive $30 in Kohls Cash. ($15 for every $50 spent) I ordered and then realized that the Kohls cash was valid AFTER discount total.. My total came to $91 after discount... So..................... I was $9 off on getting the other $15. I IMMEDIATELY called Kohls to see if I could add an item to make it up to $100. (One of the items I had originally ordered was on sale for $10, so I could get another gift marked off of my list... and still end up with the kohls cash!) No answer, it was 11:01, so I was 1 minute past customer service closing. I called the next morning... I spoke with a Customer Service Representative that was super nice.