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Walking for my mama #CancerSurvivor

As some know... and some may just be learning... My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. While it was 100 % something we did not want to hear, we were thankful / blessed that it was caught when it was.  She was able to start chemo (and she rang that bell back in October!)  After a very short break, she started radiation (and again... SHE RANG THAT BELL back in January.) All of her family and friends are so very proud of her!!!!  So - she rang the BELL and now we walk to tell the TALE. She is a CANCER SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!  If you would like to join our team or donate... Here is the link: DebbiesDiamondsTeam Thanks in advance!  

Hot Wheels Live in Albany, Georgia! #hosted

Albany, Georgia was lucky enough to have Hot Wheels Live Monster Trucks this past weekend. Sadly, people complain that there is never anything to do in town.. but they have been bringing more and more events.   This was another family friendly event that people could enjoy!   We had a busy weekend, but made it a point to go and check it out.   We got to the event in time for the Crash Party and I am so glad we did!   Savannah has always had a fascination with Monster Trucks, so I was excited to see her expressions.  Broxton used to love them when he was younger, but you know...  He is 10 now and thinks he is grown...   So- let me tell you about our time!  (Side note, Savannah has decided that she is a HUGE fan of Christian - The Hot Wheels #1 driver... there will be a different post about him!  Stay tuned! ) (This is Savannah and Christian.)  FTC Compliant Review Policy:    The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representi