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Aloha Friday - sleep

It is Friday .... Know what that means... My question is: Do you have any pointers in helping to get a good nights sleep? Marc is still on some other time zone... His sleep is still a bit messed up. Any help in getting rest is much appreciated! :) Have a great weekend!

w w - what to do?

When Marc and I were planning our wedding, we had every single detail mapped out. My friend Cindy (and her mom) made the beautiful flower arrangements that went on the main tables at the reception. We bought these individual bud vases to go on the other tables scattered in the other rooms at the reception... Well, my mom didn't like the idea. I did, we wanted to put daisies in those vases and they could also be taken home by our guests... Now, over 2 years have passed since we were married and we still have around 50 of those bud vases! I tried selling them in my yard sale and tried selling them on craigslist ... LOL , I even went to the local flower shops here to see if they would buy them... No go, so guess what? I am keeping them until someone buys them, or I come up with a really crafty idea to use them! Any suggestions? Also, do not forget to enter my giveawa y... ends this week!

Hana Professional Flat Iron 1’’ - Pink Edition - REVIEW

Mothers day is right around the corner... I know I have posted about the wonderful products that you can get her from Save Your World... but, now I want to mention another great idea. I have been reviewing an AMAZING flat iron. I have to admit, since Broxton was born, my hair has pretty much stayed in a ponytail, or it looked like total crap... I might have, possibly, but more than likely not... flat ironed my hair MAYBE once a month... and that was a good month, and it was probably a month with 31 days... Anywho... Now, I have had the Hanna Professional 1" Flat Iron for around a month now... I think that I might have gone one day without flat ironing my hair... Why now? Nope, not because Marc is home... Because this flat iron is GREAT!!!! If you are looking for professional flat irons , you can stop your search now! They carry a wide selection of Chi flat irons as well as Corioliss flat irons . Okay, let me tell you about this... When it arrived, I was super excited to t