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Please help #findhaley Have you heard

I just heard about this last night... My heart just breaks for this man... Well, I would hate it for anyone... but now that I am a mom myself, it is like it hurts more... Please, take a minute and repost this on your blog... share on twitter or facebook... We ALL know how powerful social media is...  Let us all come together and help Ray find his daughter... PLEASE... 

Just checking in...

I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday break. Our Christmas was wonderful. We had the boys here, so Broxton got to play with his brothers... We visited family that the boys had not seen in a bit.. I hate that I took a bloggy break....  BUT, I do NOT hate that I took time off to enjoy these moments with my family. I will be around a bit, but not much, for the next few days...  I am working on trying to get organized. Family (and Santa) was really good to Broxton, so we need to try to find a bit of organization...  Not to mention, taking down and storing all the Christmas decorations...  Not to mention trying to get a bit of calm in the chaos we have had the past couple weeks!!! Be ready though!   New posts!  New photos! New reviews!  New giveaways!!!!! ALL COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, get out there and make a few memories...  2011 is ending and a great new year is about to start!!!!

Merry Christmas!

From our house to yours...  MERRY CHRISTMAS! Sorry if I am absent for a few days...  Just trying to enjoy time with the family!!!!

Need a Last Minute Gift Idea? Look No Further! @consciousbox

If you are looking for a great gift idea... I have one for you! Have you heard of   Conscious Box ? It is just one of the greatest ideas! You pay $12 per month (plus $7 shipping) and you get a random goody box each month. You have no clue what is in it... but let me tell you... I was able to get the chance to review one. I was very impressed with everything that is included! I will say, at first, I was thinking that $19 was a bit steep for a small box like this... BUT, when you think about it...  everything in here is pure and natural... We all know that "pure and natural" products normally cost more than the unhealthy options! (At least that has been the case for me.) Let me tell you how it went here... We received a box in the mail...  I knew it was coming and I tell you, I was like a kid at Christmas to see what was going to be in there!!! I opened it up and was very impressed with the presentation.  It comes inside a nice box with a cut out on

Time to Zumba - Wii Game Review

Remember when I told you about taking the Zumba class? I was having so much fun, but we just haven't been able to go and get memberships yet... Well, I was so excited to know that the Wii game of Zumba would be coming out! It is just like the Zumba class, just in your living room instead of in another setting! I had the boys try it out... They were not really into it, as they thought it was a game... Will I like it? YES! There are two things that I do not care for... One - having to put your weight on there when you are making your setting. Now, I understand WHY... but I have not made my character yet, as I did not want that out there for all to see. Two- I thought that it would have more of today's popular music on there. I was expecting it to go back and forth with more hip hop options... As for what I like: One- I love how it has the different speeds and songs... Including the calm down ones! Two- I was so happy that it showed you how many calories you bur

Craft Time is Also a Great Gift Idea

Shirley's PrePackaged Crafts has a great thing going! Broxton LOVES arts and crafts time... Each day, we have "school" and we go work on his easel. We work on shapes, numbers, letters, colors. We also have different craft activities that we do. From coloring in our coloring book to glue and leaves... Each time, it is something fun and different. I was so happy to have the chance to review for Shirley's PrePackaged Crafts. It was a relief to me... Each time I try to come up with something, I get nervous. Not now! We reviewed a box from them and it was awesome! There were craft projects... The items we needed were included. Broxton was SO EXCITED that one of our crafts was to make a train.. We colored the train...  Then, we used the sticks (that were included) and connected them together... PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN more about Shirleys PrePackaged Crafts . Sorry that this post is rather boring, but I can not seem to

Transport Yourself to Hawaii

It might be cold where you are... It is JUST starting to get that way here... One day last week it was in the mid 70's... Then, yesterday it was like 31. Either way... Stop with all the hustle and bustle and take a minute of me time. Transport yourself to Hawaii. How? By stopping and enjoying a nice snack on Hawaiian Kettle Chips! We were sent all four flavors of Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips and the boys and I loved them. Now, I had tried them before, but none of us have ever tried Wasabi flavor... I am not a fan of hot/spicy...   I gave them to the boys first! No, I am not evil.... They like hot/spicy more than I do... They said it wasn't at all... So, I tried them. Wow! I never in a million years would have bought them, but after trying them... They were really good and we will have them again!  My favorite of them all? The Sweet Maui Onion. Now that is so good!  I loved them!  I will admit, I am not that nice... I did not share! They had the Wasa

The Changing Colors of Amos #giveaway

Talk about a cute book! I love reading with Broxton! Each day we read and explore all the different books! We now have a new one to add to the mix. The Changing Colors of Amos! It is adorable and I love how it is presented! Each day presents Amos with a new day full of colors! Not only is this a great book for you to work on colors with your children... It is also great to teach them the days of the week. As if that was enough... In my mind, it is great to allow the children to use their imaginations... Explore their creativity... Talk about their dreams and so much more!!!! The illustrations throughout the book are so nice... It conveys the story, but doesn't take away from the written part! Broxton and I have been having "school" each day. Each day we explore a new color. Yes, he knows his numbers, alphabet and colors, but we pretend each day! This book just adds to the excitement!!! We are enjoying it... and now.................. One lucky

My First Hymnal

What better time than Christmas to give an amazing gift? Today, you can give your little ones their very own hymnal. We were sent a copy of My First Hymnal for review from Concordia Publishing. My First Hymnal has more than Hymns in it.. It includes scripture... It also covers morning and evening prayer. As for the Hymns:  Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost, Holy Trinity, Jesus, The Church, Baptismal Life, Heaven. Each page is colorfully illustrated. Yes, that means the pages with hymns as well. Some simply have a decorative border, but each page is colorful and will grab the attention of young ones. It is suggested that this book is great for children up to age 10. There is even a records page that allows you a space to write who it was given to, the date it was given and who the giver was! If you are looking for a thoughtful gift... Click HERE to order one today. FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this revi

Glee Concert Movie and Shazam?!

Okay, so I have never heard of Shazam (guess I am back under that rock again...) But, when I saw what you could get with it...  I had to share...  Hope you enjoy!  Enjoy the sold out concert in the comfort of your living room     Experience your favorite stars, more performances and GLEEful moments using Shazam for  GLEE: THE CONCERT MOVIE Blu-ray, DVD and 3D Blu-ray on December 20th Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has teamed with Shazam® to present an industry first – the premiere of the first Shazam-enabled Blu-ray and DVD with the release of  GLEE: THE CONCERT MOVIE  on December 20th . GLEE: THE CONCERT MOVIE  stars Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Dianna Agron, Darren Criss, Mark Salling, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris and the rest of the GLEE cast and is packed with new exciting never-before-seen and extended performances, clips of fans’ favorite characters, exclusive extras and more. Fans watching  GLEE: THE CONCERT MOVIE  on Blu-r

Kung Fu Panda Makes for Great Family Time

We all absolutely LOVED the first Kung Fu Panda, so when I saw that the second one was about to come out, I was hoping to get the chance to review it. We watched it here one night... I kept wanting to watch, but Broxton kept telling me that we had to wait for daddy to watch.  It was so funny, he even had to go put the DVD under the tree until Marc was home... So, we finally got to watch and it was another great movie. I will say that I felt like it wasn't as funny as the first one... It was still good, but it had a more serious tone than the original. In this movie, Po goes to China to help out... While there, he learns of his origins... Think about it, we never knew in the first one how he came to be where he was... This is a great movie and you can also get it as a 2 disc set... With the second one, you can also purchase the set which will include the Secrets of the Masters DVD. Now, I did not watch this one, but Marc and Broxton were enjoying it. In the other disc,

Pamper and Prepare with Little Work

Most of the time, I just wash my hair and go. If I am going out to meet friends or to dinner or anything, I do try and make my hair look decent. Meaning, I Flat Iron it. I reviewed an amazing Flat Iron not too long ago and was so surprised when they asked if I wanted to review a curling iron from them. I got to thinking about it and realized that I no longer even own a curling iron, so of course I said yes! When it arrived, I noticed the color first of all... It is black and red ... I bleed red and black for UGA, so that made me smile! It was the new Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron . I was just as impressed with it as I was their flat iron I reviewed! I plugged it in and next thing I know, it was hot and ready to go! From their site: The Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron is rated #2 on our  Best Curling Iron list  for one reason alone and it is the price. If price wasn't a factor, this curling iron will for sure be the #1 choice. The Babyliss Tour

Snackin' With Tyson #tysongoodness, #cbias

Broxton isn't at the age that he goes to school yet, but the boys do... So, I know that they like to eat, I was trying to get suggestions... Last time they were here, I sent home several easy recipes for them to make in the crockpot... This time, I am sharing my new secret... Tyson Chicken Mini Sandwiches! You can read my Google Plus Story all about my adventure to get them this week . No matter what the occasion, they really are great to eat! Broxton could not wait until his brothers were here... He had to go ahead and enjoy one before they arrived.  He loves them, but more often than not... He eats them plain! The boys arrived and they were able to try my newest find... One wanted mayonnaise and mustard.   Plain.  Everything is always Plain. Not very picky... However I prepare it, as long as it isn't totally nuts, he will try it. When you have different schedules and kids coming and going at all different times, it makes sense to have something si

For the Love of Apples! Sidral Mundet Review

If you love apples, you might want to give the Sidral Mundet family of drinks a try! I tell you, I love apple juice... but just don't drink it that often. I was excited to try the apple flavored Sidral Mundet, but I was most excited about the fact that they now have a green apple flavor! Let me share a bit of the Sidral Mundet history with you: It was started in 1902... Talk about a milestone!  It has long since celebrated its 100th birthday! Sidral Mundet is an apple flavored soft drink from Mexico.  They originally had the apple flavor, and get this... Mexican moms used to give it to their kids when they had upset stomach's to keep them hydrated... Actually, the grown ups still drink it today when dealing with the need to be hydrated! As I mentioned, Sidral has now brought a great new flavor... Green Apple! I was able to review both and although the apple tasted good....I do not see me buying it again... I will for sure be buying the green apple again.. It wa

Southern Fried Women - A Book Review

When I saw the title, Southern Fried Women, I knew being a girl raised in the South, I would be interested in reading this... Now, I haven't finished the book, but I am enjoying it so far. It is 253 pages, but you don't have to sit and read it all at once. It is a mixture of different "short stories" that tell the story of good old southern gals! I will be honest.  There are times when I am not just feeling it.  I am not sure if it is this particular book, or just reading in general...  I can not figure it out. Once I am finished with this, I know that my mom is going to enjoy reading it, so I am trying to get it finished soon....  Summary of what is inside Southern Fried Women , from their site: SOUTHERN FRIED WOMEN A history of bigotry in a local diner is uncovered in  Pigment of my Imagination , as the owner defends two young women and their right to be served. Vernell Paskins, Mobile Home Queen  is a woman who lives in the land of the doublewides

Kidlandia Kreechurs at FAO this season

I have reviewed for Kidlandia before and I was impressed with their products. I was excited for the chance to tell you about the newest Kreechurs that are available! They are adorable and are available ONLY at the FAO Schwartz NYC store... or through the FAO Schwartz site. Just click here to see the Kidlandia Kreechurs available. I will be getting one for review soon, but I didn't know if you were doing any last minute shopping (or planning a trip to NYC) and might need/want a suggestion. FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Pert Plus for Time Management - Review

With a house full of boys, you can imagine the phrase "LESS IS BEST" works here...  I always make sure they have the basics in their bathroom, but I hate to say it... It is normally whatever I have... I never thought much about Pert Plus .  But now, I will! Hello! Talk about a time saver!  I used to use it when I was younger...  This would be great for the boys!!! Shampoo PLUS conditioner..  IN ONE BOTTLE!!!  For less than $6 you can have them using both shampoo and conditioner... One step... Equals... Less time... Equals Happy Boys!!!! (Happy boys also lead to happy daddy... and of course all that happiness heads my way too!) I will tell you this, when we received the Pert Plus, I was taken back by the new design of their bottle!(Not sure how long they have had this shape, but it was new to me!)  They still use the green bottle, I do believe that has always been their color...We were sent the Pert Plus Classic Clean . Of course, with the new design, I had to go vis

Eat Healthier with Help from @EatSmartScale #giveaway

When it comes to healthy eating, I know I can use help. I was so excited to have the chance to review the Eat Smart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale . To be honest with you, I wanted this to help with my meals. We tend to buy in bulk... It is cheaper this way! So, I get home and start dividing everything by eye... I guesstimate everything and I thought this would help. You know, make it a bit more on track. Like I really know what 1 pound of meat feels like?  Right.. Well, I planned on using this to help with that... But now, well... This bad boy is going to do so much more than that! This scale is great for those that are watching what they eat... Or for those that NEED to watch what they eat... Long story short, you put your food on there, weigh it.. Then, look it up in the book that comes with it... Do a bit of simple math... (Don't forget you can use your calculator if need be) and then you determine how many calories is in that serving! No worries about it just

Opinions Wanted, Please

OH MY GOODNESS. Marc just showed me something he read online and I immediately had to come to you guys about it. I would really love your opinion on it. Just what am I talking about? The " New Twin Towers Unveiled " Photo Taken from What do you think? I think it is just wrong... I mean, as soon as I saw it, I immediately had flash backs to 9/11. I couldn't help it, that was what I saw with the first picture. Now, I will throw the double edged sword here... If you look at it like this: It does look pretty neat. But... Marc and I agreed, when you look at the whole picture... Not at all. Photo also taken from I would love your opinions on this. Hope you have a great day! Let us all NEVER FORGET.

Great Idea for a Stocking: @zombieinsurance

With all the different television shows and movies going on these days, I was actually not surprised when I saw information on "My Zombie Insurance." What exactly is My Zombie Insurance ? Well, it is a great gift idea for the Zombie fan in your life... For less than $10 you can get a great gift... Be an entertaining gift or even a cute stocking stuffer... You get an "insurance card", proof on insurance certificate and even a window decal to warn any possible zombie invaders that they picked the wrong house to mess with! Ha ha ha!!! This really is a cute idea! A friend of mine dressed up as the cop from that Walking Dead show... I might need to let him know that he can make sure he is protected now!!!! Head on over to My Zombie Insurance to see if they have a "plan" for you!!! (They have great pictures up!) You can follow them on Twitter . FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the ma

Totally Smitten - @SmittensMittens Review

Have you heard of Smittens ? Okay, this might be just the cutest thing I have seen. They are mittens... For the one you are Smitten with! Lol . No, really... it is a set of mittens... but, one of the mittens is for two hands. No matter young or old, it works for you! Let me explain. Say, you and your loved one are out for a stroll and it is a bit chilly. Put your smittens on and you can have warm hands, while HOLDING HANDS! You are going for a walk with your child. Put your mittens on, once again... you can hold hands! This is great! You order small/medium or large. Then you order small/medium or large for the other hand. They have 4 styles... and also offer some in red/blue or black. I think it depends on what they have in stock at the moment. Head on over and take a look ! Say you want it for you and your spouse. You can order two large or mediums.. We ordered for Broxton and I. So, I ordered a small and a large. That way, he has his glove and then either Marc or I can

Disney Universe on Wii

Wow. It feels so great to be a child again! We received the new game, Disney Universe for our Wii . First, Marc played it for a few minutes. I am not sure if it is our controller or what, but it was hard to get it moving right. So, he played and then said he was done. He went to the other room and I figured I would give it a go! I loved how you could select your player, based on the different Disney Movies. You could be a character from Pirates of the Caribbean, you could be one of the monsters from Monsters Inc, there were several to choose from. Then, you get to pick what world you want to be in. We were in the Pirates of the Caribbean world. I think it might be the basic one you start on.. Either way, I know you have to unlock levels to move to other worlds and characters. I too was having a hard time with the controllers. I thought it was weird that the Wii game didn't have to have you moving to make it work, but just using the buttons... Then, I realized if I turned my co

One Great Gift Idea: @OneBathandBody Review

Have you heard of ONE bath and body ? I was intrigued by their philosophy. They are a green company. Meaning, they are trying to help out our Earth! Their packaging is remarkable. They don't use plastic... just cardboard, or metal tins! Now, I am sure you are wondering how they do that and offer shampoo and conditioners... not to mention soap.. Well, that is because most are in solid form! Yes, SOLID form!!!! We reviewed a few items that I will share with you today. Up first: I was able to soak and enjoy their Bath Fizzer . I will admit, I was bit curious as to how to use it. I knew to put it in the water, but it said for a long relaxing bath, use whole fizzer ... Use half for a short relaxation. I was wondering if I was going to have to chop it or if I was supposed to just take it out after it shrunk some... I know, I know... Don't even go there! Well, lucky for me, when I opened the package, I saw that they had it simplified for people like me! They had it cut in half and