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Carmex is for kissin!!! Review & Giveaway

Day 11 of the Hurry Up the Holidays List!!!!
I love Carmex. Always have. Back when it was just in the little jars, I always had a few. In my purse, in my pocket, in my book bag and in my freezer. To this day, I am still not sure why I had it in the freezer.
Maybe I left one in the car and it melted?
I do not know!

All I do know is that I was just sent a gift bag FULL of Carmex products and I am in heaven! I had no idea how great the other things were!
I guess I really could branch out and try other products, especially if it is from a name I already love. I love the lip balm... But HELLO, the lotion is AWESOME!!!! In my defense, the lotion is new... but still!
It smells great! It feels awesome!

The bag I received if stocked full of all of their products!
It includes the little jars (Side note, they have minimized the amount of plastic used in the trademark jars... so = better for the environment!) Also, it has the Carmex tubes of lip balm... I love it, never tried the strawberry or cherry, but…

WWE Event & John Cena

Okay, so 74 million years ago... You know, during the summer!
We took the boys to the WWE event when it came to Atlanta. They were so surprised!

How did we do it? Well, we told them we had to go get Sushi (which they HATE!)
The tickets were at Ticketmaster at Publix...
Come to find out, you could not buy them there, day of the show... So, I come out and tell them that the NEW sushi I wanted was downtown... We would go and get it, then they could have whatever they wanted for dinner, as long as they TRIED my sushi.
We finally got downtown, you know... Atlanta traffic and all! We parked and started heading that way... I told them to hold on, that there was too many people. They waited while I ran ahead to the ticket counter. They gave Marc a free ticket, I had his military ID with me... Yay for that!

Bought the tickets and went back to them. I asked what they wanted to do, they were NOT feeling the sushi deal.
Then, I pulled out the tickets and said, Well, what do you feel about this?!
They were so e…

Baby, It's Cold Outside (Shutterfly Review)

I am trying to be on top of things this year!
I have most of the Christmas shopping done.
Not all, but most!
I have MOST of the gifts wrapped.I know some may think it is early, but once the boys get here...
There is NOTHING I can do!
Hello, they are boys!
Too much going on ( and a bit inquisitive!)
What is left?
Besides FINISHING the shopping?

Our Christmas cards, of course!
I love sending Christmas Cards!
Of course, that means I love GETTING them in the mail too!
I normally hang them up for display as well!
(Can you tell I love it!)
Ever since Marc and I have been together, I try to do a Christmas Photo Card. I think they are so fun, you can see how much everyone has changed over the past year. See how big the boys have grown..
You know what I am talking about!
The hardest part for me (well, besides deciding the design we want to go with) is getting the actual picture for the card! But I love the personalization of it!
Kinda like these Personalized Gift Tags... but anyways...

So, back to the Photo Chr…

Elmo helps us learn to count!

I am not sure the "appropriate age" for little ones to start learning their alphabet and numbers... But we always count and talk about colors on a daily basis. I am glad that we received the Preschool is Cool! Counting with Elmo DVD. Broxton already loves Elmo, so this just adds to it!
He gets to see Elmo and we are learning our numbers!!!
The cute thing about this is that Professor Grover is the Teacher!
So, he tends to forget his numbers... We know how Grover can be! :) Elmo is there to help him!

They learn their numbers and Elmo even tries to help Grover by telling him that they should count the crayons!!! What a smart guy our Elmo is!!!
They even have children on there helping them count!!!

The cutest for me was when Abby lost her freckles and there was a song about it... Helping them count!!!!! And of course, how can you count... without the COUNTING BOOTH?!

Once again... Great job! Well done!!!
Now, I just need to get the First DVD in the series!
This is one that is sure to be …

We are part of the famileebee, are you? Book review

Day 10 of the Hurry Up the Holidays List!!! We love eebee!
Ever since we met eebee a year ago, he has been a key part in our lives!
Now, we are adding to the eebee products that we have, because we now have eebee books!

Of course, Broxton LOVES eebee and now he is constantly bringing the eebee books for me to read to him. How can I tell him no when it is reading he wants to do? So here we go, reading eebee again and again!!!!

I really love the eebee's adventures - here to there book. We go to Gymboree and they are teaching up / down and so on... so it is great that he can learn it and Gymboree and then we keep going over it more, with eebee to help!
It also deals with other opposites such as off/on and wet/dry. We discuss opposites all the time, but I think he likes seeing eebee help teach it to him too!

The other eebee book that we were able to review is the eebees adventures - all about me book. Now this one is super cute!!! It even has a fold out mirror so that your little one can…

How creative are you? Aloha Friday - # 58

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.
What is the most creative costume you ever made or wore?
My answer - When I was younger, my mom helped dress me up as Groucho Marx!
Yep!!! I really need to find the picture! I had the grey wig... The fake cigar... The black glasses... The suit! I love it!
:) Happy Halloween everyone!!!!
Stop by HERE to see what Broxton is going as...

Retro Runway Blog Party

My friend Melissa over at Frugal Creativity is hosting AN AWESOME BLOG PARTY!!!

Welcome to Retro Runway, the blog party where you can show off, laugh at, or groan over the styles that we used to wear. Share your photos, stories, or both ... whatever you like ... and link up here!
Here are the rules:
Link up to your party post, not your blog's main page.
Include a link to this post or include the party button (below) in your post. Or, even better, grab the Blog Hop code below and add it to your post.
It's a party! Visit other participants and have fun!
Crimped hair! You know you did it...
I just do not know where any pictures of me are! BUT, get this... My crimper is at my moms house! Scary part is that they moved to the current house like 10 years ago... WHY DID IT SURVIVE THE MOVE?! COME ON!!!!

Or - What about the air brushed t-shirts you got at Spring Break?! Yes, I had several of them!!! Or- Maybe the t-shirt clips you wore to the side? Remember those?
Two Words - HypercolorTshirts…

Elvis is entering the building!! (Review)

Halloween is almost here!!!
What are you going as?!
Well, take a guess about Broxton!!!!

Marc and I have been looking at Halloween Costumes for a bit now. We wanted Broxton to have the cutest one there was. We looked here and there... and everywhere! We did not want him to be some of the basic ones, we wanted an original!!!! Sure, there are the cutesy ones for the babies, but we were looking for THE TODDLER HALLOWEEN COSTUME that would make a great memory! When I saw the Elvis Romper Costume, I immediately knew that this was THE ONE we wanted!
I had Marc come over to the computer to see if he agreed. He started laughing and we knew, this was what Broxton would be!!!!

As soon as our Fed Ex guy delivered it, he was like... "Someone has a costume!" I immediately had to put it on Broxton! No, I could not wait for Marc to get home... I wanted to see it then!
So, I put it on and Broxton enjoyed it... But, he was NOT wanting to get his picture taken... As you can see h…

Go Out and Play! Shout will clean up the mess! (Review)

What do you do know that fall is here?
I know during the summer, everyone was at the pool all the time.
Just because the weather is getting cooler, it does not mean it is time to go inside!
Just the opposite!
It is time for playing in leaves!
Pumpkin Patches!
Going for walks and discovering a nature trail of your own!

There are so many things you can do... and do not worry about making a mess!
Shout is here to clean it up!!!

We took Broxton to the Pumpkin Patch (pictures to be up soon) but he did not get dirty. I wish we had a yard where he could play in the leaves, I know he would love it... but not so living in an apartment! :) The Shout products have been a life saver (okay, maybe no need to be so drastic, but you know what I mean, a clothes saver) for all of Marc's work clothes. Working on the railroad, he comes home dirty/muddy/ grease stains... You name it. Yes, he has certain clothes for working, but still, I would like for them to be clean! I just spray the Shout on i…

Great Vitamins, but don't tell the kids! (Smarty Pants review & giveaway)

I have been taking the Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins for a bit now and I have to tell you...
Some vitamins taste all nasty like...But these taste just like candy!!!!

So yummy and shhhhhhh don't tell the kids, but they are good for you!
I know that Broxton will be taking vitamins soon. ( I see vitamins for 2 and older, never for younger... so in time... yes, he will!) I figure I might as well start seeing what all is out there and honestly, I can not expect him to eat something that tastes nasty when I know there is a better flavor out there...
So glad to know of these, as this tastes great and is good for you! Double points here!!!
They seriously taste like a gum drop candy.
I gave one to Marc, but he did not like it. He said the flavor was good, but the "gummy" stuck to his teeth, so guess what? More for me!!!!! The good thing about this is that kids will not pitch a fit to take it, in fact, they just might think they are getting a treat! How great is that?!

I am going to…

Superbaby - Giveaway!

Day 8 of the Hurry Up the Holidays List!!!! And a great giveaway as well!!!!
I reviewed this book earlier... You can read all about it HERE. Now, don't you want to win a copy for yourself?
Just a brief overview of what all is in this book:
Superbaby has a little of this and a little of that. There are 12 Chapters that breakdown the steps/
Talk the Talk - Respectful Communication You Got Me - Responding to Cues Tick Tock - Creating Security and Predictability Let Your Fingers Do the Walking - The Importance of Touch More Than Chitchat - Promoting Language Development Talk to the Hand - Sign Language Babies without Borders - Foreign Language Baby Got Book - Reading A Different Kind of Toy Story - The Importance of Play Thinking Outside the Box - Screen Time It's Easy Being Green - Reducing Exposure to Toxic Chemicals Food for Thought - Eating and Nutrition
Add to it: Appendix A - Child Care Appendix B - Preschool Appendix C- Sample Baby Schedules Appendix D - Reducing the Risk of SIDS
Don't you w…

W/W - Home sweet home

This is close to where we used to live.
They are the King and Queen Buildings in Atlanta.
What landmark is near you?
Happy Wednesday!!!!

Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving - DD Please

Being out of the bar business, I tend to forget that for everything to celebrate... There are reasons people find to drink.
Halloween is about trick or treating... and of course, Halloween Parties.
Please, please...
If you drink, do not drive!
Call a cab, set up a DD before you go. You know, you can rotate!
Someone DD this weekend, you do the next... Options are ENDLESS!!!

If you are the one hosting a party... Go ahead and plan a few NON alcoholic drinks to share... Here are 50 to choose from!
Remember, Buzzed Driving... IS DRUNK DRIVING.

This is not a sponsored post. By doing this, I will be entered to win a prize.

Colored Bubbles? No way! (ZUBBLES - Review & Giveaway)

Day 7 of the Hurry Up the Holidays List brings lots of fun! Zubbles!!!! Colored Bubbles!

So, I saw a website selling "colored bubbles."Immediately, they had my attention!
Would they make a mess? Do they stain? Are they REALLY colored?!

You know me, I had to email ZUBBLES and find out!
and of course, lucky for you... I get to tell you all about it!

Okay, first of all... We went outside. We played with the bubbles and Broxton LOVED it!!!! They were actually COLORED Bubbles!
The bottle says Blue and Pink, but the pink was more of a purple shade to me... Nothing wrong with that though, hello! They were colored bubbles!
How fun is that? We played... and we watched them splatter... Broxton tried to catch them...

It was fun and I think this is just too cute!

After playing we came in ... and then I went back out to investigate to see if they left a stain where they popped on the side of the apartment... NOPE! Gone! Not a sign that there was ever anything there!

When I asked Marc (of Zubbles, no…

Winners to announce! (and a button to grab!)

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