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My dad HATES when he comes by and sees that dandelions are growing in the yard, but that is only because he sees weeds.  I don't mind them and honestly I smile when dandelions start sprouting up.  Why?  Simply put, because I look at things differently.  I don't see "WEEDS."  I see beautiful yellow flowers that makes Savannah smile when she picks them and brings them to me.  I see wishes waiting to be made and the joy and excitement with BOTH of my kiddos when we go outside and pick them, blowing the flowers and making wishes.  We always leave some, as I have told them they need to leave them for the bees, but it is still a fun pastime for us to enjoy and if you follow me on INSTAGRAM at all, you know I am all about #makingmemories So -  What do you see? Weeds? Wishes?