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I can feel my blood boiling...

This is a post to totally vent... Just a warning... Long story short... Last week was total chaos. The week before, we were noticing water outside our closet. Last time that happened, it was the AC unit backing up... Called the apartment, maintenance came and yes... AC was clogged. (This was a problem several times last year) So, the next day, water is still there... On the carpet. Well, I left to take the boys home... Marc was working... Come home, floor SOAKING. I went through who knows how many towels trying to dry it up... Every single time Broxton walked on it, (he had to, it was in his way to get to his room) He would slip and fall in the kitchen. Called maintenance the next morning... He comes back over... Nope, it isn't the AC, he has no clue what it is that is causing water... He then lifts the HOT WATER HEATER bottom up with a screwdriver... Yep, That is the leak! All over our floor. He goes and gets a new one. Drains the original, replaces with a new one. Leaves. Coup

Aloha Friday - Meme

Linking up with Kailani : Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends! My question: What Meme's do you participate in on a regular basis? My answer: I do Aloha Friday (of course!) and Wordless/ Wordful Wednesday. When I think about it, I try and do Music Moves Me Monday... Have a great weekend! Don't forget to enter my current giveaways: Kaskey Kids Sports Figures - ends 4/18 Big Belly Banks - ends 5/5 Atlanta Baby and Child Expo Tickets - 5/4

Can You Sew?

I can not sew at all... But, if any of you can... Or know of anyone that can... Or want to share this with your readers/family/friends... PLEASE DO The Soldiers’ Angels Foundation Sewing Team announces BLANKETS OF HOPE Comfort and hope for recovery for our Wounded Heroes in Combat Support Hospitals Will you please make just ONE? Guidelines can be found at . Link to “Teams and Projects,” then “Blankets,” and then “Blankets of Hope.” Questions/comments: blanketsofhope @ soldiersangels .org THANK YOU on behalf of the Troops we serve!

Ready for Easter?

I received an email with a list of discount codes for Easter Items... I just wanted to pass it along to any of you that might need them... Did you know that you can visit CurrentCodes .com and find all sorts of codes for you. You can search by store, view them all alphabetically or by category! I am glad I know about this now, as I plan to use it for birthday and Christmas gifts! Here are the currently active codes for all your Easter needs! (Feel free to order something for me! LoL !) 1-800-Baskets: Save 20% off Treats and Sweets with code EASTER20 Cheryl’s: Save 15% off Easter Baskets with code EBASKET 25 Fleurop .com : Save 10% on flowers with code EASTER11 1-800-Flowers : Save 15% on Easter purchases with code EASTER15 ProFlowers .com: Offering Easter gifts for $19.99 with a FREE vase Floraqueen .com : Save 10% off discount on purchases with code EASTER10 CandyDirect .com: Save 3% off any order with code EASTERDEAL 3 Dancing Deer Baking Co.: Save 20% off all Easter Gifts wi

The Tao of Motherhood - Book Review

Mothers Day is May 8 Th . Do you have any plans? We don't. Not to be funny, but every day is special to me now that I have Broxton . I love my mom and my grandmothers, but I do not know if we will be down there... I do know they will be thought of, but they are everyday already! If you are looking for a sweet something to get a Mother in your life... I have a great idea for you. The Tao of Motherhood by Vimala McClure . This is a book that would be great for a friend that is a mother, for your mother or even for yourself! I was able to review it and I enjoyed the read. As you can expect, they are all short reads. They just released the 20 Th Anniversary edition. (It was released April 11 th !) 20 Th Anniversary? Something must be going right! In the introduction, the author states: " I hope you find inspiration here, and that your journey with your child is a joyful one that teaches you what you can here to learn." I really enjoyed the read and the fact that it

Blessings Chakra Pillow - Review

Have you ever heard of the Chakra Pillow before? I recently did... and we all know how I am.... So, now I get to share it with you!! The Chakra Pillow was created by Gurutej Kaur . She is more than just the creator... She has also helped to share her teachings of yoga and meditation. She is an artist, a writer and so much more! But, on to the Chakra Pillow. There are 7 pillows to choose from. Each have a different color and with that, a different aroma. We had the chance to review the Blue one. The blue is to uplift and energize. Now, I have not done anything with mine but use it as an eye pillow. It mentions the Chakra being for the throat and for communication. I have enjoyed using it simply as the eye pillow. I am sure over time I will use it as stated, but for now... I am happy! And when mama is happy...... Well, you know... everyone is happy! The three things I really like about the Chakra Pillow: One - You can use it hot or cold. Whichever way you feel necessary for th

Atlanta Baby and Child Expo - FINALLY, I am going! Review and Giveaway

If you are not in Atlanta, I would love (and really really appreciate it) if you would still tweet about this. Would love any extra help in sharing with local moms... I have never hid the fact that I want to go to a Baby and Child Expo . Never. Why? Because I want to go! I would love to go and find out about things for Broxton . Thing for whenever we have another baby. Things for babies that belong to my friends... Besides that, I have never been to an event where you get a SWAG bag! LoL , you always hear about the parties with the SWAG. You hear about the blog expos and the baby expos.... Well, you heard it here... I am going and I am getting SWAG! Anyways, I get different emails from different places. Yes, I am one of those moms that subscribed to any and all that I thought I might need... While pregnant and after. I admit, some did not work out for me, but others did... I almost broke my neck trying to get to the computer when my phone popped up an email saying that Atlanta Baby

The "perfect" B.R.A.T. to have around - Review

I am still learning when it comes to some things about being a mommy. I have NEVER said I knew it all... I and KNOW I for sure never will. Does anyone? A month or so ago, Broxton was pretty sick. I think I might have blogged about it, or at least, took a " bloggy break" to deal with it. Remember? Broxton was sick, then me... Then Broxton again? Of course, it had to happen when Marc was out of town... Anyways, just a bit before that, I was searching for what to do when your little one is sick. You know what I am talking about... Not being able to hold anything at all down. NO food or drinks... We all know that you don't want to risk dehydration... BUT, I was so lost... No milk for an upset tummy, it makes it worse... No juice for an upset tummy, it makes it worse... Broxton refuses to even try to drink some things... WHAT TO DO?! I was freaking out... I was told there were a few things we could try... and out of the doctors office's mouth. "Don't for

W/W - What WE have been doing.

Yep! We did it! We took the boys to Wrestle-mania!!!!!! I will be posting soon... We were in the nosebleed section, but it was still fun!!! This week, I am linking up with a few other fun W/W bloggers : While you are here, don't forget to enter my contests... I have 3 great ones right now.... Exergen Temporal Scanner - ends 04/14 Kaskey Kids Sports Figures - ends 4/18 Big Belly Banks - ends 5/5

Ragu has Veggies?! Shhhhhhh - Review

When we have the boys here, it is sometimes pretty hard to get them to eat their vegetables. Now, sometimes they are all over it and they even ask for a salad before. (So glad, as I love salad!) Other times, they just want meat/bread. Well, I am all about vegetables, so that is a must have. I also read that food left in pans is considered left overs, while food on plates is trash. With that in mind, we normally eat on the smaller, salad plates. If they want more, they can have it... But that way, we are not throwing food away. Also, that way, I make them eat their veggies! No way do you get more unless you eat them. Bottom line :) Wow, tough lady! Yeah right... Veggies are good to eat... and good for you. Imagine the fact if they saw that when I am making them spaghetti, each 1/2 cup of Ragu Traditional Sauce has 2 daily servings of their vegetable needs! I know them, they will then want spaghetti all the time. But think about it, that means plenty of happy faces. I also like how fa

Habibi - Review

Looking for a great Mothers Day Gift? HABIBI BODY is THE ANSWER!!! PAMPER HER WITH LOVE!!!! I have no way to describe this smell. That is not normally how I start a post, but this is not an ordinary post. I have been reviewing a couple products from the Habibi Body Care Line. This smell is literally amazing! From the Habibi Body Site: Habibi is the creation of indulgent body care... fusing pure organic ingredients with natural fragrance to create a collection of bath and body products. I first tried the perfume oil . I packed to go home for my Uncles funeral and it was easy to just throw in the suitcase. I put it on in the morning before we left... Normally perfume fades on me... Especially if I am hot/sweating! Not only did the perume oil smell great, it actually lasted. ALL day long. (and fyi , I am a very emotional person anyways and I get all hot when I cry) The baby bottom balm ... Well, I have not used it as a diaper balm or anything like that... I actually have been u

I am a Guest!!!

When I first started blogging, I did not have very many blogs that I regularly followed. I think there were 3 main ones that I fell in love with... and I still love them to this day. One of the main ones was JDaniel 4s Mom . She has a sweet and often times silly little boy, you guessed it... JDANIEL ! :) Over the course of time, I have learned much from her... Her posts are great, from all of her regular posts to the ones that tell us about their adventures. Now, I think we can both agree... Distance Doesn't matter with our bloggy friends. It just STINKS the Broxton couldn't have JDaniel for a play date buddy! Oh the posts and pictures we would have then!!! Please, head on over to JDaniel 4's mom and read my guest post... It is part of her Pause Life for a Moment Series . I am honored to be a guest blogger over there, but most of all... I am honored to be her friend!!!

From Disneyland to the Big Screen - An exclusive look at Pirates of the ...

Marc and the boys LOVE the different Pirates of the Caribbean. Just wanted to share that they now have the fourth one about to come out... More Johnny Depp for everyone!

My Parents

So, this past weekend, we went to visit my parents... Broxton LOVES seeing them and of course, this weekend was no different! (Except we were super busy!) Remember, we went and watched them film a Disney Movie ... Then, when we finally got home, my mom had a prize for Broxton . (I totally blame her and my dad for spoiling him... I had NOTHING to do with it!) Anyways, she bought those little pill looking things... You drop them in the water and the outside dissolves, leaving a sponge like toy? Yeah.. Not so much. We tried... and either they were dysfunctional OR we were impatient. Either way, we took them and pulled the pill part out, then dropped them back in to let the sponge part open up. Yeah, Broxton wanted to eat them. No, we would not let him! :) Here is Broxton playing with Maw-Maw. Like I said... SUPER BUSY. Then, my dad came home from work. Tax time... He's ALWAYS working! Well, we loaded up and went to the Arena Football game. Broxton had a blast and of course, my