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Screen Play - Giveaway

Hey all! We are going to play a little hopscotch type giveaway here! ( I just totally made this one up... I did not know what else to call it!) Anyways... Remember when I posted a review on the book I read, Screen Play? Well, I want to pass this book along to one of my lucky readers! Yes, it has been read... But, no... I do NOT fold the corners, I use bookmarks... It is in great condition.... Like I said, I just wanted to pass it along to one of yall to enjoy. Once you are finished, pass it along or keep it... I just wanted to do this for fun.. Want to win? Go HERE and read the post where I reviewed it... leave a comment there telling me your favorite author... then come back to this post and tell me that you entered... Pretty simple.. If you want more entries: Follow me publicly - 2 entries Subscribe by email - 1 entry I will use to draw a winner... I will email and you have 48 hours to email me your info so I can mail the book to you! THIS IS FOR U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY..

Marc is Home!

(YES, THIS IS LATE............ BUT I WANTED TO SHARE....) Okay, this post is all about my honey being home. I have never been to a military homecoming before... Yes, I have seen them on TV , and of course, I cried when watching them.... but this time it was different.. So, Marc left Afghanistan and after who knows how many delays, they were FINALLY on US soil. We went to where they were going to have the homecoming ceremony... and then guess what? We WAITED again! They kept telling us that they were getting closer, and then closer.. at one point , they said that they were like 45 minutes away... 45 minutes later,they were 30 minutes away... Yes, it was a bit frustrating, but like I told the others there... I would rather know that they were in Georgia and wait and them arrive safely than for them to still be in Afghanistan. THEN IT HAPPENED... They said they were less than one mile from us! All of a sudden, there were these BIG trucks riding by and we all started g

CSN stores are AWESOME! (review)

Remember, back when I was posting more frequently, you know, before MARC CAME HOME?! I told you that I would be reviewing for CSN Stores. Let me tell you... They are awesome! CSN contacted me for a review and of course, I said yes! I have seen and heard of them on other blogs... and with them offering EVERYTHING you could imagine, I knew that I would love this opportunity. For those that did not read my first post, CSN Stores have over 200 + stores! Can you even imagine? Marc and I plan on getting a house one day and there are so many specialty stores through CSN that I know we will have a great time shopping online! They have kids bedding (for Broxton and his brothers!) They even have a store JUST for curio cabinets (did I tell you that I am a collector of shotglasses ?!) With the weather getting beautiful again, why not go and check out the BBQ grills that they have? I could go on and on for the 200 other stores, but I want to tell you about the childrens toys that w