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Angelina Ballerina: Dance Around the World #Giveaway

*** GIVEAWAY CLOSED - WINNER : THE FAM***   I will admit that we don't watch that much Angelina Ballerina here, but when we do, Broxton does enjoy watching as they dance around and play music! I do know that the girls in his class LOVE Angelina, or at least they acted like they did as we talked about some of the Angelina DVD's!  I am actually excited to see this one, as it is more than just dancing (as with all of them) but this one is about TRAVEL!  With Dance Around the World, we get to learn about the different countries and their dances, so I can "travel" through their show!    SYNOPSIS Angelina and her friends explore dances from near and far as they boogie, bop, skip and hop around the world in these exciting adventures. In step with a lively Irish Jig, the festive Chinese Dragon Dance, the smooth Cheddar cheese Slide with a French flair and more, the mouselings teach each other – and themselves – about the power of dance….and friendship. Step to

Barney : Let's Go To The Moon #Giveaway

*** GIVEAWAY CLOSED: WINNER - JAKIESMOM ***   Broxton still seems to like Barney and I am totally fine with that loveable purple dinosaur!  In the latest DVD, Barney: Let's Go To The Moon, we get to enjoy a space adventure!!! (That is something Broxton enjoys, as every thing around here seems to fly around from time to time on an imaginary rocket!!!!)   SYNOPSIS Star Light, Star Bright, let’s go on a space adventure tonight! Barney encourages Riff to always reach for the stars, even when his homemade spaceship doesn’t reach Mars; Baby Bop learns about Mr. Moon’s important job lighting the night for the world and BJ sees he’s special just the way he is – astronaut or not. Barney and his friends discover that the sky is not the limit when you use your imagination!   Episodes include: ·         “Dream Big” ·         “The Misbegotten Moon” ·         “The Amazing Captain Pickles” Now, a lucky reader is going to get to win a copy of this DVD to add to your lib

Crazy Winter Weather

How is the weather your way? This was taken December 9th... We have had such weird weather here... It is finally cold, but the weatherman says to leave the jackets behind that this weekend, we will be in the 70's. Happy Wednesday!!!!

Nickelodeon Encourages Learning With Latest DVD's : Let's Learn

We were sent a couple of the latest DVD's from Nickelodeon. They are both "Let's Learn" with one being 123 and the other being ABC. I was excited, as Broxton has not really watched these characters too much and I love that they are educational.  As soon as the package arrived, he was excited to see the Umizoomi's on the cover.  (We have seen them a few times and he is always so intrigued whenever he watches.) The fact that they use the different characters from Nickelodeon's popular shows to teach and include it all on one DVD is great to me.  He has loved watching the DVD's and I have loved hearing him interact with them.  Hearing and watching with him makes me see just how smart he is!      LET’S LEARN: 123s Kids can count on Nick Jr. friends to make learning math as easy as 1, 2, 3 in these five play dates! Count comets with Team Umizoomi, journey through school with Dora, figure out Blue’s favorite number, plus more! Team Umizoomi:

Mommy and Me - Week One

Krystyn over at Really, Are You Serious has a weekly Mommy and Me link up. Since Broxton and I actually got a picture of the two of us on Christmas Eve, I thought I would link up and share it with you all. Let me know if you will be linking up as well, I would love to come over and visit!!!! Hope you have a great week!!!!!

Be Back Soon....

Hope that you all have had a great holiday break. We have had so much fun and I admit, I am looking forward to school starting back... I know that there are some parents out there that are wanting a longer break, but there has to be some out there like me who are ready for a bit of a schedule and structure. Which parent are you? We were able to get the boys up here for their Christmas break. Well, two of them. Broxton loved having them here and our house was full of excitement and energy. The highlight for me? Marc was actually off of work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! We spent the day with him on Christmas Eve and were able to go to the Christmas Eve "family" service at our church. Then, Christmas Day we spent the day hanging out and enjoying being together. This weekend was full of driving. We took the boys back down South where we exchanged gifts with my side of the family. We returned back up here and have been just "resting" before Broxt