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KiKi's Blankie

Broxton has a new favorite book! We received Kiki's Blankie by Janie Bynum for review and it is just too cute. Now, I am not sure why he really loves it so much... I wonder at times if it is because of the binding... The book is about Kiki (a monkey) and Kiki's blue polka dotted blankie. Well, the binding is blue and white polka dot with a texture that represents the blankie! He was so excited about that when he first noticed it... But then, you start to read the book and learn that Kiki goes NO WHERE without that blankie. The adventures they take... Kiki reminded me of Caillou, and we all know how much Broxton loves him! So, we read the book.  Then, we read it again... Once more, then... Broxton had to read it to me. We read it every day and he has to walk around and place it throughout the house too! You see, Kiki would do anything for that blankie...  Why?  because where Kiki goes, so does that blankie!  Even if it means having to fight an alligator to save it! Talk

Soft Clothing Review

Broxton is always wanting to be just like his daddy... From the time he wakes up, until the time he goes to sleep, he is always impersonating him. For example, Marc drives a motorcycle... So, Broxton has to ride his "bike" (tricycle) all through the house.. That means he also has to put ear plugs and his daddys bike helmet on. When he sees daddy doesn't have his shirt on... He immediately has to take his shirt off as well! He loves his daddy, no denying that! So, when I saw that Soft Clothing had adorable, organic boxers ... I wanted to try them for Broxton! I also liked that they did not have a tag... For some reason, some shirts with tags have started bothering him now, so I was hopeful that we would get tag-less for him to have one less thing to worry about! I new he would love them, as he would be even more like his daddy... Once they arrived, he was so excited to put them on... We washed and then he picked out the blue to wear. Let me tell you the great thi

Be Who You Are - Cassandra's Angel Book Review

I love books.  We all know that.  I love reading to Broxton.  He loves when I read to him...  We read all sorts of funny books, look at picture books, silly books...  But most of all, it is the time we share when reading...  The time of bonding, learning and growing. I really love when I find a book with a good moral for him. Yes, he is almost three, he isn't going to know everything, but he knows that I am always here for him, to help when I can. I started reading Cassandra's Angel to him and he seemed to really be focused on what I was reading.   The book starts with Cassandra's Mom calling to her to come clean her room...   I know that I have to tell Broxton to clean his up several times a day...  I see it as a mess, but he sees a world of excitement and discovery!   When reading this book, it was more than just a book for him, it was a book to help me out too!  The mom in the book tells Cassandra she is a mess... That really did nothing to h

Let's Start February Off with Winners!

Changing Color of Amos: Donna Purex Winner sjksing bohohippiemom Monster Truck Giveaway: wendy Royal Pains mummytotwoboys Emerald Nuts : Jenny Anwar Michelle Lawrence Aileen Robison Guylian Chocolates : Tara Pittman Kidfresh Coupon: Rachel K

Ringling Bros. Fully Charged Coming to Atlanta #RBBBAtl

Guess what?! Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are headed our way! I have been seeing advertising for it... This one is "Fully Charged" and it is supposed to be awesome. It is going to be in Atlanta, Georgia from Feb 15th-20th Then, headed to Duluth, Georgia from Feb 23rd-26th. Just read the description from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Site: Don’t miss  Fully Charged SM , the all-new surge of circus entertainment fromRingling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ® where megawatts of thrills explode off of the arena floor with breathtaking dare-devilry, superhuman stunts and never-before-seen performances that energize Children of All Ages!     The most electrifying edition ever ofRingling Bros. ® celebrates performance power that boosts circus-goers excitement. The amazing acts, which can only be seen at The Greatest Show On Earth ® , include  Tabayara , a dynamic animal trainer whose rare ability to communicate with animals allows him to ride rearin

1001 Things To Love About Military Life - @1001LoveMilLife Book Review

I am a very proud wife to my husband... Not just because he is a wonderful husband, daddy and friend... But also because of his love for his country. As we all know, Marc is in the Army National Guard. No, we do not live on a base or anything... But yes, he still does weekend drill... He still gets deployed.  He still trains... He is still a proud member of our military. It is funny, they acronyms and sayings and what not... I do not know it all. Nor do I plan to, but I try and educate myself when I need to. I saw that there was a book, 1001 Things To Love About Military Life and I knew it was something I wanted to read.  Luckily for me, I was able to get it for review... I tried to read it at home while Marc was gone, but I honestly wanted him there... Well, yes, I always want him here.. but I wanted him here to see what things related to him... I really enjoyed this book.  I also think that this is a great book for anyone that takes pride in their country. Somethings will ma

Want a weird movie night? IN TIME is available January 31st

Wow. Yeah, let me just start the post out that way... Wow..... So, I saw that Justin Timberlake was in a movie... Not really that big of a deal... (Nothing against him, just wasn't ever a big N*SYNC fan... ) But, once I saw the previews for this movie, I really wanted to see it... Have you seen the previews?  The best way to see if you have... You see Justin Timberlake and three women.  They all look about the same age...and you hear something about "this is my wife, this is my daughter and this is my mother."  (Don't quote me on that word for word, but it was something along those lines... As soon as I saw that, I just had to know what in the world was going on. So........... I get the movie, In Time, for review. Well... How do I put it? Odd... but, it for sure sucks you in! Basically, you live to be 25... and then time is sort of against you... Your "money" is "time." You get paid for your job in time... You pay for food/bus fare in tim

College Kids? Help Keep Them Safe....

My brother is off at school... You see, I went to a small liberal arts college (at the time I was there, enrollment was 300 kids for 2 years...) My brother on the other hand... He has known as long as I can remember that he wanted to go to UGA... That means, his classes are like 100+ . Anyways, saying that... It makes me worry about him at times... I received an email for Campus Safety and I am going to make sure he sees this post.. Now, if he actually follows through or not... I am not sure, but at least I will have tried. So.... If you have any College Aged Kids... or know of any, please share this... Truthfully, you do not even have to have a "college kid" to use these safety tips! To help students, faculty, and parents stay safe this semester, Marcia Peot, full time police officer and Chief Safety Officer at  StreetSafe , offers the following campus safety reminders: Let friends or roommates know where you are going, who you are with and when to expect y

Have a Tween or Teen? Light their Style!

Every time you turn around, there is something new, different and pretty dang cool. I know that as a kid growing up in Georgia, we went to Stone Mountain.  They had the laser show at night... and you would see people walking around selling the glow in the dark necklace/bracelets... You could buy a couple and twist them, or wave them in the air... Well, now you can have all sorts of glow in the dark LED fashion, without having to go to a show to get them. Just head on over to Radar Marketing and see what all products they carry. We were lucky to review a couple different items and I tell you, the boys were pretty excited over the light up shoe laces. I gave them to one of the boys... He IMMEDIATELY had to get his shoes and put them in right at that moment... No need to worry that it was daylight out... he was just that excited.  So, we laced them up... and of course that meant showing them to his brothers... Uh Oh... Probably needed more! Well, they decided to share... so, that

A First Time- The Phantom of the Opera Live Performance

I am just so very excited for this release! My mom and I saw Phantom when we were in NYC. To think I can watch a live recording... at home... whenever... Awesome!!!! --------- Th e Longest-Running Broadway Musical of All Time Celebrates 25 years of Romance with a Spectacular Live Production on One of the World’s Most Legendary Stages THE  PHANTOM  OF THE OPERA AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience Available on Blu-ray ™ , DVD and On Demand from Universal Studios Home Entertainment on  February 7, 2012 Broadway’s longest-running production of all time celebrates a triumphant quarter century on stage with  The  Phantom  of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall,  coming to  Blu-ray TM  – with perfect hi-def picture and perfect hi-def sound-  DVD, On Demand and Digital Download  on February 7, 2012 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.   On October 2, 2011, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and producer Cameron Mackintosh marked the 25 th  annivers

TORA! TORA! TORA! is on my must see list... It is now on Blu-Ray!

Re-live the story of one of America’s darkest moments through superb visuals and a double sided narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The classic film  TORA! TORA! TORA!  comes to Blu-ray from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on December 6th. The winner of the 1970 Academy Award® for Best Special Effects  TORA! TORA! TORA!  was nominated for four more Oscars® including Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Sound. Experience  TORA! TORA! TORA!  through the superb visual quality of Blu-ray for the first time.   Starring Martin Balsam   (All The President’s Men),  James Whitmore ( The Shawshank Redemption ), Jason Robards   (All The President’s Men ) and Joseph Cotton ( The Third Man, Citizen Kane )   TORA! TORA! TORA!  showcases the attack on Pearl Harbor in dazzling detail.    The  TORA! TORA! TORA!  Blu-ray book includes the extended “Japanese Cut” containing 10 minutes of previously unreleased footage and rare photo

In a World of their own, the kids have Kidlandia

I know as parents we want nothing but the best for our kids… Yes, they have to learn things and we are their first teachers… Although, at times, they are in a world of their own, lol… I guess that was where Kidlandia came up with their name!  That being said, I was so glad to have the chance to work with Kidlandia in hosting new review for you.  In the past, I had the chance to review one of their place mats … It was too big for Broxton’t high chair, so we did not use it that much… But, now that he is pretty much at the table (unless he knows it’s messy and requests his high chair,) we can use it… It is super sturdy, so I know it will be around for quite some time. Broxton doesn’t eat 24/7, so he doesn’t get to use the place mat all that much.  So, instead of ordering another place mat, we decided to go a different route, but with the same theme… We ordered the Map of the USA Fine Art Print for him!  I was so excited, as I really want him to know a littl

To Kill A Mockingbird on Blu-Ray #giveaway

I developed my love of reading from my mom and my Nana. That much, I know is true... I can remember growing up my mom had a HUGE library... As in the wall was nothing but bookshelves and they were full!  You name it, she had it... She still does love to read, but she now reads most on her e-reader! If you ask her to name her favorite book, she will quickly tell you: Gone With the Wind... and To Kill a Mockingbird. Sad thing, I have never read, nor watched either one! To Kill a Mockingbird has just been scheduled for release in Blu-Ray format for January 31st. I called to let my mom know that I would be getting one for review and she was pretty excited to know that it was being re-released for the 50th Anniversary.  As happy as she was about the release, I know she was disappointed that something she LOVES so much, I have never paid attention to... So, next time we go home... Mom and I are having movie night and I will watch for the first time with her! Ready to win a copy