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Epsom Salt - Who Would've Thought? Not me!

My Nana had Epsom Salt in her pantry for as long as I can remember. Never really knew why... But now, I guess she was on to something! There are many different uses and I would like to share a couple with you. Hey, talk about an inexpensive gift idea! Speaking of that... On the Nate Berkus show, they were talking about how to leave a few items for your guests when they come for a weekend visit. This would be great! You can use Epsom Salt as a means to pamper yourself for a very small price versus other products. If packaged cute, this would be a great gift!!! ( You know, like those cute little apothecary jars or something?) The following was emailed to me, I just wanted to share: For Pampering: ~ Glowing skin exfoliating treatment: Mix 2 cups of Epsom Salt with 1/4 cup of petroleum jelly and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Use the mixture to gently scrub away dry skin patches. ~ Microdermabrasion Facial: Mix 1/2 TSP of Epsom Salt into cleansing cream for a deep-pore

Why Fight Black Friday? Enjoy CSN

If you have been on my blog before... You know how much I love CSN and the over 200 + stores they have. (If you have not been here before, WELCOME! Hope you stop by again!) CSN has everything for everyone on your list. I mean, think about it... EVERYONE. AT. ONE. WEBSITE. I am not joking. They have everything covered. Oh, and how awesome is this? To help you get through the holidays worry free, they are even putting little snowflakes on the items that will be guaranteed to be there before December 24 th ! Come on CSN , do you have it all covered? Sure you do!!!! What I am going to tell you about today is home bar furniture . As you know, Marc and I will one day have a house... Hopefully this time next year I will be decorating like mad for our first HOME! I would love to have a bar area. No, not for boozing it up... but for if you want to serve breakfast quick and fast... Or for people to sit and chat while others are cooking. (Yes, planning on learning to cook too!) Whew, have

Ecomom - 7 Days of Giving

Ecomom is an amazing company that I have been lucky to work with in the past. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you an AMAZING thing they are doing. Until November 29 th , they are going to randomly select FOUR orders per day... and give the person ordering it all of their order for FREE! What makes this even better is the FOUR orders that are selected each day... They are going to duplicate and give the second order to a great organization, Baby2Baby . Besides this cool promotion they are running... They are also offering amazing sale prices!!! Thanks Ecomom ! Just wanted to share... I get nothing in return for this, except a smile knowing that there are good people in the world!

Giveaways ending soon!!!!

Just a friendly reminder: Terro Ant Bait - ends tonight Petcakes - ends tonight Tillamook Cheese - ends this weekend Balloonatiks DVD - ends this weekend Also, for these 4 contests... Leave a message here and then on the post (after mandatory entry) leave HAPPY THANKSGIVING for an extra entry!!!! Do not forget that if you comment on any reviews (just click reviews up top) you will get extra entries on the non giveaway ones!!! Thanks and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Time to Clean the Aftermath! - Invisible Glass Review

How often do you clean your windows? I do not know a specific number... But I know I clean them so much more now... Broxton loves to look out the window and although his hand-prints are cute... Not so much on the glass. Okay, I admit... I do NOT clean the outside of the glass. I should, I know... But still. Moving along........... Let me tell you about Invisible Glass. In the Invisible Glass Line, they carry an aerosol spray can and the trigger bottle. I used both initially... One for each window to see. I could not see a difference between the two bottles, but I could see that the window was super clean. The cleaning cloth they include works wonderfully to keep the windows streak free! Invisible Glass also carries a headlight restoration product! (We will be using this soon!) Also, they have another product that I like. It is the Glass cleaner with Rain Repellent! Now, I never thought about this when cleaning a car... but on their site, it tells you.. Wash the windows, inside an

Clean Living, requires Splat Mat!!!!

Am I the only one that wonders why most apartments put carpet EVERYWHERE but the kitchen and bathroom? I would LOVE to have a NON carpeted eating area! Especially with a little one! We clean up the floor after every meal, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to sweep/mop it? The carpet can get stains and then you are always on your hands and knees cleaning with a cleaning solution!!! Not anymore at this house! Have you heard of the Splat Mat ? I think this is a must have if you have a little one. I mean, eating is hard enough to learn at that age... Well, eating NEATLY is! :) The Splat Mat is a big help! You can pick from three designs! Oh, they are not some cheesy looking plastic thing either! These Splat Mat's are 52" and they are ROUND! The one I was sent for review was the Brown Flourish. You can use it for art projects or for food... We have been using it for food. Art will come soon enough! I really like how big it is. I mean, it seems a lot bigger than other

Aloha Friday - # 62

Whew! Almost forgot about Aloha Friday with yesterday being Thanksgiving!!! Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. My question: Today is black Friday.......... Going out or staying in? If you went out... what good deals did you get? :) Me : STAYED IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!

Stay in this Black Friday = Shop Online

Just wanted to share a few discount codes with you... Don't fight the crowds! Order from the comfort of your home!!! PaperSpring : 1 DAY ONLY: 30% site wide sale + free shipping on any order. Offer expires 11:59PM (PT) on 11/26 Growing Tree Toys: From Black Friday through Sunday, every 100 th order placed on our site will be FREE! 15% off discount Friday through Sunday. Just enter code MBBTVL Invites Now : 15 % off discount: enter code : 3BLOG15 Plaqueworks : ( Will be reviewing this soon!) 50 % off orders enter code : REDROSES Yantra Mat : 20 % off order enter code : RELAX BuddyTops : 25 % off your order until Dec. 1st enter code : jumpinbeans Yum Yum Dish : Follow them on twitter find the code for $5.00 off each set Valid through Dec. 5 th Softlips : FREE shipping on all orders thru 12/10/10 SquishyToes Biodegradable Mat: 20 % off by clicking the above link Kidorable : Free Freight via U

Hasbro - Oh me, Oh My!

Well, Hasbro has gone and done it again... Yet another must have game for the year! Have you heard of Cuponk ? I have not, until the boys were here... but I guess this is really pretty popular! It is targeted for ages 9 and older... and by older, I think this really has no limit on the age! What exactly is Cuponk ? Well, lol ... Get ready! It is a ping pong type ball. You have to get it into the CUP (provided) by doing all sorts of tricks! Best part....... The cup lights up! Now here is the kicker... You can use whatever you need to make your shot : tables, walls... other objects! Oh, and get this... they have some names that are sure to make boys laugh. You know; Runny Nose, Stool Sample and Head Trauma! Ugh! :) The game comes with the cup and ball... Also includes 30 "trick" cards. I can so see this being a fun game for everyone... Who can out do the other?! For $14.99, I think this is a great investment for the entire family!!!! Now, for the girls that are more into

Snapware makes storage a SNAP - Review and Giveaway

I have been looking for one of those Ornament Storage boxes. I had in mind just what I wanted, but I was not finding it anywhere. I looked here and there... but not it. Then, I found Snapware ! With the wide variety of so many items, I am sure you will find something that would be perfect for your storage needs. The ornament storage I was talking about? This Ornament Storage Box has two layers. It is made of a sturdy plastic that I can tell will hold up to years of use. Each level tray "snaps" onto the other. The tray comes with cardboard dividers in there... You can make the dividers smaller or bigger, depending upon ornament size... Or, you can make one level the bigger and the other smaller... Totally up to you! What I really like about this is that you can buy additional layers as needed! (You only need one top, so it makes it more convenient!) Think about it... $24.99 and everything is nice and neat and organized!!! The other item I was sent for review was the 2 Laye

Stay in your Comfy Flops this season!

Some people do not like the slipper feel of having their feet in shoes... A friend of mine will wear flip flops 24/7 if you let her... So, these made me think of her! Happy Feet has a line of "comfy flops" that are just too cute! They are comfortable like slippers, but in the convenience of s flip flop! As with the slippers they carry... The Comfy Flops have the feel that you are walking on a nice soft cushion! The shoes are made out of a fleecy soft material and are really super comfortable! The fact that they are comfy flops make them easy to slip on and go about the house.. (Talk about a great thing for after you get your shower...) Anyways, due to the material they are made out of... They still kept my feet warm! I love these things! I think that they are cute too! Don't you? So, while everyone else is running around like crazy on Black Friday trying to get a great gift... You can head on over to Happy Feet and order from the your house... Hey, you can even stay

W/W - Fried Green Tomatoes

Okay, so I know... I have lived in Atlanta for like, a million years now... and not far from here (like maybe an hour and a half) is Juliette, Georgia... where they filmed Fried Green Tomatoes. I have ALWAYS said I wanted to go there... but never have. One of my best friends, Himee , and I were going to go... but, she moved back to Kansas to hang out with Dorothy and the Tin Man... So, I can't go with her! Remember when Marc and I went to Savannah and renewed our vows? On the way home, we saw the billboard announcing the area... AND - Marc - pulled - off - the - exit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS MOVIE, PLEASE WATCH FIRST... Then read this post! I do not want to ruin it for you!!!! Now, the billboard said it was like 12 miles off the interstate, but it felt like 75 miles.... Just a long road with nothing to see but green... Then, there it was. I was about to wet myself! LoL , not really... but still, I was pretty excited! Of course, first stop was t

I love Newman's Own Organics - Review

I enjoy Paul Newman's salad dressing... and I think it all started because of his charitable donations... and because he seemed like a great person. Well, Paul Newman's daughter, Nell, wanted to branch out from Newman's Own with an organic line... and branch out she did! Nell and her business partner, Peter started up Newman's Own Organics in 1993 as a division of her fathers company. In 2001 Newman's Own Organics became its own separate company! I hate to admit, but I had never heard of " Newman's Own Organics " until recently. Well, you know me... I wanted to see the big fuss! I love food, but "organic" just does not interest me ... in the least! Not to be mean... but I thought organic just meant healthy/good for you... but NASTY! LoL , not any more! I am a changed woman!!!! I was so very fortunate to be on the receiving end of a humongous box full of Newman's Own Organic products! I was a bit shocked that they sent so much..

Go to your Zen Place - Zen Baby DVD

If your house is anything at all like ours, there really is not much peace and quiet... Unless EVERYONE is sleeping. That does not happen for long times, so it is rare. I was sent the Zen Baby DVD for review and I really like how it makes us relax. Granted, Broxton gets excited seeing the flowers and the dogs and the babies... but it is slowly becoming more peaceful and less excitement! I am telling you, this boy is FULL of energy 24/7! The music is so very beautiful. I am not one that normally enjoys "music without words" but this is so sweet and innocent that you can not help to relax! Another thing I like about this? It comes with a CD as well! That way, if I ever get time for a relaxing bath... I can play this to totally pull me into a state of Zen. Is that even how you word it? I mean, I like the whole peace and quiet and all that good stuff... But my mind is always going and going (as is everyone else in the house.) I am not one for a "Zen place" or anythi

Great Stocking Stuffer Idea? Action Hero!!!

Most kids love Action Heroes... I grew up with a couple favorites and I know Broxton will pick up a couple along the way... Having older brothers might make that happen sooner rather than later! If you are looking for a great gift or two... Stocking Stuffer Idea? Secret Santa Kid Exchange? The options are endless... Marc is a fan of Star Wars (me, not so much... at all) So, we will see if Broxton gets that from his daddy. Star Wars The Clone Wars has a new line out... The character now comes with a Galactic Battle Game. Whatever that means! :) The boys can figure this out!!! No, really... This little guy comes with a FIRING BLASTER RIFLE... and then they also have a gaming base and die for more than just your average "playing." Now, they come with a game of their own! The Spider Man series also has added to the basics! Venom LAUNCHES a web missile ! HELLO With the Spider Man series, you have 12 collectible cards to help battle the fierce foes! The detail on these a

The 4 M's :Teenage Dream (Glee Cast Version)

Joining in with MUSIC MOVES ME MONDAY . Link up and dance the night away!! I am on a GLEE kick right now.. ENJOY!!!

Attu's Adventure - Review

I admit it, I did not pay attention like I should have in school. Well, I did at the time... But do I remember it now? Nope... Not at all. Lucky for me... Mingo Morvin has started these wonderful books about the National Parks. Mingo and his buddy, Attu go on adventures and share with us all about the Parks. The very first one is : Attu's Adventure in : Yellostone and Grand Teton National Parks. Now, Broxton is to young to get into this.. but I know he will when he is older. He LOVES looking at the pictures throughout the book, but I do not even try and read it to him. I did read it for me... and I learned alot ! :) See what I mean? This book is cute and I really like it! You know, I think it would be great to get this before you go on vacation... Kind of like a little background before you get there. In the first book, about Yellowstone and Grand Teton ... Mingo and Attu meet up with the Park Rangers to learn about Park safety before they go. Once they are there, t

Spa Naturals - Review & Giveaway

I have been saying that I really need to start taking care of my skin... Not that I am out in the sun all day or anything like that... But seriously, I think I need to. I have never been one to wash my face and do all that frilly girl stuff. You know, masks and scrubs and all that stuff. I mean, I have done it.. but not on a regular basis. Until now. I have been reviewing Spa Naturals skin care line and I have to tell you... I love the way my skin feels! I still do not know if there is a "routine" that I should get into... But I love the way I am doing it now! :) I sort of rotate what product I use what day... And no, I do not use them all everyday or every other day... I just use them when I want a little "spa" time just for me! Spa Naturals has a complete skin care line that carries: Facial Bar, Cleanser, Scrub, Mask and Moisturizer! You can buy them individually (at great prices too) or in a gift set ! The gift set comes packaged all nice and neat in a cut