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@WorkmanPub has all of your #calendar needs to get the year started right! #Review

 As we all know, 2020 threw many things our way.  It was for sure a year to remember!!  I was so excited to get a calendar to document all the good that is bound to come our way.  I started looking for the perfect one, but nothing was grabbing my attention like I knew I wanted.  Then, I was introduced to Workman Publishing and the rest is history!   A good friend of mine is slightly obsessed with True Crime. She watches them all the time and listens to podcasts on her lunch break.  When I saw that Workman Publishing had " A Year of True Crime" page a day calendar, I knew that I wanted to get it just for her.   She was so excited and she and another co-worker looked through almost a whole month in the beginning, as they could not stop turning the pages!    Something that I love?   The fact that the the back of the page has a grid on it, so you can use it for scratch paper the next day.  I think she has enjoyed it and I love the way it works out perfectly to give you a day at a