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Parents Palooza - WoW - Just WoW!!!!!

Okay, so I blogged about Parents Palooza and even gave away tickets for lucky readers to go... Then, I reminded you that it was this weekend... In case you are IN or NEAR Atlanta tomorrow... (Feb 27th) I am telling you again... You have got to make a point to go! We had so much fun! Of course, I did not know where to go ... (for the meet the bloggers ) So, we went early.. I was the blogger for 11 am, so yep... First time for everything, I got there around 10:15 ish ... We found where we were supposed to be and then it was just pure torture for Broxton .. He wanted to go play and I would not let him... YET! At 11:45 ish , we headed out to explore! So much to see and do, where do we start?! We kind of skimmed over everything while we waited on our friends to come... Once they were here, it was over! Comcast was there doing ID kits for your kids... Thanks Nancy Grace! They took their picture and fingerprint... You get a copy, but it is stored in case heaven forbid, something happens

Parents Palooza is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

Don't forget... Parents Palooza Tomorrow, February 26 th I will be there... At the MEET THE BLOGGERS area... 11 am I would love to meet you and chit chat! Please, stop on by! Thanks to KidSwitch , someone will win a KidSwitch for their house! See my review HERE . Also, I will have coupon codes for Little Looster ... (Review to follow) Hope to see you there!

SeaPak is HOME in our Freezer - Review & Giveaway

I make no secret of the fact that I can not cook... So, you know I will try anything and everything to make easy meals. With Marc being from New Orleans and loving their food... (I have to agree, it is SO GOOD!) Anyways, I was able to review a couple items from SeaPak , I was so excited! For several reasons... One, they are based out of St. Simmons, Georgia... Talk about being at home! They have been around for over 60 years, so we can all agree they are doing somethings right! Now, they don't make your typical fish-sticks and what not.. They make YUMMY FOOD! The first thing that we reviewed was their Popcorn Shrimp. I bought it with the intent of making it for all three of us... Just did not know what sides to go with it... BOOM. It hit me... Marc, New Orleans... Mardi Gras around the corner... SHRIMP PO'BOYS !!!!!!!!!!! Yes, so yummy! Very impressed with how it looked... So, I had to take a picture for us! I did not really know what I was doing... So I just tried my b

Looking for Yummy, Organic Baby Food? Petite Select Review

You are what you eat... You hear that all the time. More and more people are opting to making their baby food, as a way to know exactly what all is going in there... Well, it is no secret that I am not a cook. I am not about to torture Broxton with my cooking... (He eats what I make him now, I am talking more about when he was a baby.) We tried all different kinds of baby food, some worked, others... Not so much! Imagine my delight when I was offered the chance to try Petite Select Organic Baby Food . Petite Select was started by a mom, searching for a way to feed her babies with all the nutrients needed... while making it tasty! The thing that sets this apart from other baby food? Well, besides the fact it is organic and kosher... It is FROZEN! Yep, you read that right... Flash Frozen, locking in that freshness! We were sent three of their products... The Mango Jambo was great and Broxton really enjoyed it. You can not go wrong with giving Broxton fruit. Fruit to him equals lo

Udderly SMOOth - Really SMOOthes things out! Review and Giveaway

-----CLOSED----- When I was in High School, a friend of mine told me about Udderly Smooth Udder Cream. She told me that it was something new and that it was specifically for the cows udder, but she loved it and it worked... Hook. Line. Sinker. I fell for it. True enough, it was wonderful, but it was not brand new... Have you "spotted" Udderly Smooth Products before? I have to admit, the packaging grabs your attention... Sure thing, white with black spots... Udderly Smooth... Udder Cream! Udderly Smooth was invented over 30 years ago. You guessed it, for DAIRY cows... (Hence the black and white) A pharmacist invented it, in the good old USA! Through the years, I admit I grab whatever lotion is the first I see... So, normally that is what is on the end aisle displays. I was so lucky to be able to review the newer products from their line... and yep, I missed it! We now have a bottle of the Udder Cream on the top of our fridge... Might sound weird, but that way... Aft

Paging Picasso - Kidorable Contest

Does your little one love to color? Does he or she think that they should be hanging their artwork at The Met (in New York) versus The Whirlpool (in your kitchen) If that is the case in your household... You just might be in luck!!!! We all know Kidorable ... Well, guess what? They are having a Kidorable Art Contest ! Just let Picasso or Van Gogh have at it... Color/Paint/Whatever medium they like ... In the Kidorable Theme that they love most. Look here if you need a refresher course. Then, take a picture of their masterpiece... Send a . jpg of it to : You have until March 7 th . Then.. The voting begins! For a week after all submissions have been entered, you can go to the Kidorable Facebook Page to vote for your favorite artist... The most "likes" wins the loot! Winner will be announced on March 14 th . Just what could you win?! The ENTIRE Kidorable Collection of the favorite theme you submitted!!!! Wow! Great contest with awesome prize

Express Yourself - Expressionery Review

I know that I have told you about Expressionery before... Remember the super cute plate that I was able to review? Well, they are at it again! I recently received a couple really cute Memo Pads ! Now, these are just everyday Memo Pads, these are cute enough to jot down a short reminder note... Or you can slip it into a lunch for a loved one... Maybe you need to write a note to a teacher? So many reasons to use this... The Memo Pads come in pads with 100 sheets per pad... Also, there are 4 designs on each pad.. Stylish people with cute little doggies! Maybe you don't need a note pad, although I think everyone does... But you can always buy these for someone else! (Think, Easter is not that far away!) Tell me... Aren't they cute?! Stay up with Expressionery on Facebook ... (They do cool giveaways from time to time!) FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the s