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Aloha Friday - Did you ever

Aloha! I hope you had a great week! As for us... We are STILL unpacking! :) How much longer will it be?! Anywho... On to my ALOHA Friday Question: Did you ever watch the movie(s) ~ Savannah Smiles ~ Pippi Longstocking ~ Cry Baby ~ Bye Bye Birdie Those are some "oldies but goodies" in my opinion! If you have not seen them, go and check them out ASAP! Have a great weekend you all!!! Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

w w - boots are made for walking

My mom reminded me that I never posted the picture of Broxton in Marc's boots... This isn't the one I was referring to, I can not find it... BUT, this picture was taken right when Marc first returned home from Afghanistan... Once I find the other one, you know I will post it too! Have a HAPPY Wednesday everyone! Don't forget to enter my 16 x 20 Canvas Press giveaway ... (You might want to use a pic from one of your Wednesday posts!)

Triple Paste - Review

Okay, I have to admit... As a first time mom, I went based upon what my family and friends told me to use for Broxton . BUT, I am always looking at other products when I am in the stores... And OF COURSE I listen to what all my bloggy friends think about other products. I have seen Triple Paste Medicated Ointment in the diaper rash section, but I was not sure if I wanted to try it or not... I have used a certain brand whenever Broxton had a problem... and top it off, I won another brand and after I tried it, I was glad I had not purchased it... That is not the case here... I really enjoy the Triple Paste Medicated Ointment. Honestly, it took me a bit to post this review, because Broxton luckily has been diaper rash free! But, as always, a small little rash snuck up on us... and I had the Triple Paste ready to go! I think it worked great, just a few uses and it was all cleared up! I do have a pro and con on this product though. The Con is the fact that the top has to be screw

One EskimO - Review

Working with the One2One Network has allowed me the chance to hear a group I might not have had the pleasure of listening to. I was sent a c.d. of an English Band by the name of One EskimO . Marc and I put it in the car and prepared to see what they are all about. (One EskimO currently has a song, Kandi , that is the #1 adult alternative song.... ) Marc and I try to decide who to relate One EskimO to... There are a few songs that have the feel of Jason Mraz , but then they also have a bit of a feel that reminds me of Oasis. Overall, Marc and I were both impressed! The first couple of songs gave me a very relaxed sense of place... They were very mellow. But then they come on and change it up a bit! The c.d. is a great representation of all that One EskimO has to offer their fans (and I know that they will have a very large following!) I really liked the song Kandi and it just might be my favorite, but I also really enjoyed Simple Day as well! I think that this a great c.d.