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Who knew an insurance convention could be so crazy?

Ed Helms cracks me up!
I know, I know...His movies are not for everyone, but I have to admit... I laugh.
The movies are a bit raunchy and the humor is not for everyone... But for those that like that kind of stuff... He did it again! Cedar Rapids!
Add John C. Reilly to the mix and you know what you are getting!
I will say, the funny parts are in the previews...
That being said, you know they are coming.
The movie started off slow for me... I guess it is to be expected, being that it is about Insurance Salesmen at a conference. I don't personally know any insurance salesmen... and I have never been to a conference, so who am I to really judge? But...
This has Tim Lippe going to the conference to represent his company. (The guy that was supposed to go died.) Well, Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) goes and wow...
He is Mr. Straight and Narrow!
I do not think he has ever left his hometown before that trip. It is so funny watching him calling his "pre-fiance" to check in and have her calm him down.
The best…

Crunch Pak - Review

Who doesn't like a good snack? I know we all do!!! I love it when I have a quick and healthy alternative and Crunch Pak is helping to make that possible! There are several times when Broxton wants an apple. (Yes, I love that he loves fruit as much as he does!) But I am not always at a position to cut it up at that second. With Crunch Pak, he can just grab a bag, I can sit him in his chair and we are all in a happy place. Crunch Pak has teamed up with Disney to make a co-branded eye catching product! We were sent a couple products to review and of course, Broxton was so happy! The first was the apple packs. We all loved them, as they were crunchy and oh so yummy! Although it was packaged, I did not have to worry about it being slimy or anything! Just right!
Broxton was happy for the Foodles Product the most!! It was a snack in a Mickey shape!!! He was able to enjoy apples, cheese and pretzels! Of course, he loved the familiarity of the Mickey shape! Head on over to Crunch Pak to see the stores nea…

Dynasty Jerky - Review

Are you a fan of Jerky? My brother really enjoys grilling, cooking... All that good stuff. Well, last year, he made a WONDERFUL treat for us: Teriyaki Beef Jerky.
It was delicious, but the thing is, he hasn't made it since then! It stinks... I loved it, but nope... Not since then! Well, I found a company that I can buy from, so I no longer need him! (Although I would love it from time to time, what a nice gift...)
I saw that Dynasty Jerky makes all sorts of jerky and Teriyaki is one of them! We were able to review it and talk about delicious!!! Wow, It was so great! We literally INHALED it as soon as it arrived!
It was tough, like Jerky should be, but not tough that it was hard to eat. In fact, I would be more apt to say it was softer than other jerky that I have tried!!!
Dynasty Jerky has several different flavors to choose from. Top it off, they not only have BEEF jerky! They also carry: Elk, Venison and Buffalo.
Home of the yum…yum jerky. Here at Dynasty Jerky we believe in differe…

The Five Ways We Grieve - Book Review

Dealing with Death is never easy. Actually, it hits each and every single one of us differently. As it hits us all differently, that also means that we all grieve differently. Each person has their own time for healing and grieving. Susan A. Berger has tried to explain The Five Ways We Grieve in her book that is now available at Amazon. I have been trying to read it, but at this time... I just can not do it. I have the boys here and we are enjoying the summer. It is not the time for me to try and read this book, although I know that it seems like a great way to help deal.
I have skimmed over it and I think it is full of lots of great information, but I think it is also (in my case) a read for whenever I am faced WITH death, not before... Does that make sense?
Just looking through the book, there are several key points that I want to address. First of all, there are "The Four Pillars of Identity." It is with this that "shape the world-view that survivors adopt after their loss and co…

Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge - Week Eight - Motion

I was not sure what way I wanted to go with this...Did I want to try and capture motion, or just roll with it?
Hope you like what I decided to go with:

Have a Great Weekend!!!!

Shaun the Sheep - DVD Review

DVD SYNOPSISGet ready for farm-fresh fun and laughter with Shaun the Sheep and his barnyard buddies, as they set the scene for more mayhem on the farm. Laugh out loud as Shaun tries to outfox a fox, Bitzer discovers his jazzy side, and the sheep try to sell everything on the farm to the highest bidder. Shaun and his friends deliver seven hilarious adventures full of animal antics that will make the whole family cock-a-doodle doo!Episodes include:Foxy Laddie: A fox arrives at the farm, disguising himself as a handsome ram to infiltrate the flock and eat Timmy! All the lady sheep are beguiled by this charming new arrival – especially Shirley. Shaun becomes suspicious when the fox’s cunning disguise begins to fail.Whistleblower:Bitzer loses his precious whistle and tests out the Farmer’s trumpet as a replacement.Before long, the power of the trumpet goes to his head and his fanfares and jazz-styled bugling drives the flock around the bend.Frantic Romantic: The Farmer is trying to impress…

Aloha Friday - Photo Choice

If you had to pick a favorite... Which photo would you pick?

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Let's Glow Crazy - Review

What do you do on days when it is raining outside?Do you have different activities for indoor days? What about night time fun?
I am so excited that we had the chance to review the Glow Crazy Distance Doodler!!!
When the package arrived, I was so excited that I was ready to put it up then!

I took Broxton to our room (we have the black out curtains because of Marc's job) and put a piece of the special cling paper on the bathroom door. Then, I put the batteries in the special pen and we went to town!
We drew shapes and squiggles. I wrote our names. Then, we started the outlines/silhouettes!
We did our hands. We did silhouettes of our heads... Broxton LOVED it and liked playing with it over and over again.
I am glad that I let him have at it first, when we were in our room. As soon as I brought it out for the boys to test, it was over. Well, first of all... They argued over who could do it first...
Then, who got to do it for how long...
It was fun and they enjoyed playing... It kept them occupied fo…

I have been thinking...

If you have been over to visit me before, you might know that I love to take pictures.I went to school for photography and at one point, I wanted to make greeting cards.
I gave up on that dream, as I had no contacts to make it happen. BUT NOW, I have another dream/vision.
I have been thinking and thinking and I really want to try and sell a couple of my photo's. Maybe not the next Ansel Adams, but I would love to at least try!
One of the things that holds me back... Rejection!

But, I was thinking... If I started an Etsy Shop, I could try. It would not be a life long commitment, but a trial period. Besides prints, I was thinking that I would LOVE to try and sell a couple of my prints as note cards. You know... The blank stationary cards that gives you the option to send a thinking of you message... (You know, that dying art of "snail mail.")
Well, with that being said... I wanted to find a good company to work with in printing them...
I will be hosting a review of CAFEPRESS and with th…

Tiny Soles - Review and Giveaway

When trying to find good shoes for Broxton, I want to know that the shoes we select will be ones that last him for a bit.Now, I know that he is a growing boy and that he will not have them for years and years, but I do want them to last more than a week or so!

We were lucky to have the chance to review a pair of shoes from Tiny Soles and I tell you what, it was quite a time trying to pick out one pair!
They have so many to choose from!!!
I really like how you can shop their site!
I started with shopping by age. I selected TODDLER from the drop down menu.
Then, I narrowed it down to boys. At this point, there were 304 shoes from me to choose from!!!
Of course, I clicked on VIEW ALL, as I love seeing everything at once. So much easier for me than going back and forth on different pages, I can just scroll up and down!
In the beginning, I was thinking that I wanted to go with a pair of tennis shoes. They had such a great selection and they all looked so cute and comfortable. But then I was looking at…

W/W - Just a few wins that made me smile!

It is Wednesday and this week I wanted to share two really cool prizes I won recently!!!!
(After not winning in like A MILLION YEARS, it was nice to actually win something... and for it to be these, not to shabby!)

The first was a beautiful gift basket from the Zylie Bear giveaway. We submitted a picture of Broxton and Marc right before he deployed for the contest on why we love our country more than Zylie... It was full of so much yummy goodness! Snacks, paper plate holders, cutting board, veggie kabob holder for grilling... Goodness, it was great! Just LOOK: The next was a giveaway I won at my bloggy friend Melissa's blog. It was a Patriotic Flower Arrangement from 1-800- FLOWERS. Isn't it beautiful? It added just the right festive cheer for our place. I am so glad that we won it, as I loved the red, white and blue!
Top it off, it came in a cute basket that we can keep to always remind us of this great win!!!! Hope you have a great week!

I have been crying my eyes out! ER Season 15 Review

I used to watch E.R. ALL THE TIME!
I loved watching and seeing all the drama unfold!
I was in love with all of the characters!
Anthony Edwards! George Clooney! Eric La Salle! Noah Wyle!
Once I started college, I did not watch as much as I used to, but I would watch from time to time!
Then, I moved to Atlanta, once again... When I had the time, I would watch, but I was not always home. Between work, school and trying to be social, staying home to watch TV was not always on the top of my to do list!
Now, I know that when I heard that it was going to be the SERIES FINALE on TV, I tried to make it a point to watch it. Did I? Nope... Because of work!
I really wanted to... but I had to work that night and did not get the chance to see it end.
Through the years I have laughed and cried with ER, so I knew that this final season was not going to be one to disappoint. That alone was why I was SO EXCITED to have the chance to review it on DVD! I have not finished the season yet, but I tell you... With eac…

Thomas In Charge DVD Review

Broxton LOVES trains! He loves seeing train tracks, he loves seeing trains, he even loves hearing trains in the distance! Loving trains as much as he does, he absolutely LOVES Thomas!!!! You have no idea how much he LOVES Thomas the Train.
He watches Thomas when it is on.. He plays with his Thomas toys... He wears his Thomas clothes as much as possible. So, you know what that meant?
As soon as the new Thomas In Charge DVD came, Broxton was so excited! He happily squealed, "Thomas!" Of course that meant that we had to put it on as soon as we could!
On this particular DVD, there were 4 episodes: Thomas In Charge Henry's Good Deeds O The Dignity A Blooming Mess
I am not sure which one was our favorite!
I really liked Henry's Good Deeds.
With this, it shows that you do not need to try and do good deeds... If you just do what you should be doing at all times, good deeds happen!!!

We always enjoy watching, but I think that we both enjoyed A Blooming Mess.
Watching it, we got to see Emily and…

Trust the Gorton's Fisherman!!! #Giveaway !!!

Apartment living has both pro's and cons... I will not harp on either, as I want to get right to it and tell you a great thing!!!! (The reason I mention the con's is to point out the fact that we can not grill....) BUT, now, with Gorton's Products, you can bring the grilled flavor home!!!
I love Salmon... I would eat it all the time, if I could. I love it grilled and it is oh so yummy! That being said, let me tell you about the Let me start with my favorite!!!! The Grilled Salmon. I bought this and made myself a Salmon Sandwich. It was delicious! I had it with lettuce and tomato and wow! The flavor was amazing and after a bite or two, Broxton took it over and enjoyed it for himself! The great thing about it, it was "grilled salmon," but I did not have to worry about having a grill. I heated it up in the microwave! (You can use your microwave or your oven.) There were two pieces of Salmon in the package, so since Broxton inhaled the sandwich, I made a salmon salad with the other …

A Magical Smurf Adventure - Review

I was born in 1979, meaning I grew up as a child of the 80's!!!
Do you remember The Smurfs?I loved them!
Granted, I could not figure out why Smurfette was the only girl... Or why Papa Smurf was SO OLD and the rest were the same age. To this day, I still do not understand it, but it is something that I just gave up on trying to get!

I was so excited to see that The Smurfs were on a channel that we get, but normally it comes on when Broxton's other shows are on!
That being said, we do not watch it!
I was happy to know that I was going to get to review The Smurfs on DVD. I wasn't happy that it came when the brothers were here.. Why? Well, they wanted to watch it, thinking it was the movie... Once they saw the case and saw it was the cartoon, they went to their room. That in turn meant that Broxton could totally care less to see it.
We watched a couple episodes and it was as cute as I remembered... But, Broxton did not want to watch it, as he was too worried what the brothers were doing!!!…