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Kids Parties - Yay or Nay? #WordlessWednesday

I get so frustrated that each year I have a party for Broxton/Savannah and send invitations out.  I would love to have everyone attend, but I know sometimes it just isn't their thing... What annoys me is that most parents don't even bother to RSVP.  I know it should not bother me, but it does.  I normally put my number on the invitation and put to call or text. I know I would much rather text people, so that option is there.   Most parents don't do parties anymore either and that makes me sad.  Honestly, I was getting worried maybe they just did not want to come to my kiddo's party, but then the few we have been invited to, we make it a point to go.  Normally when we get there, we are just one or two of the "friends" that come and there are many treat bags left over where you can tell more kids were invited.  I would just feel HORRIBLE if a child had a party and no friends came, that is why I make it a point to go if at all possible when we are invited.