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Have you heard about this? #PrayforAlbany

This might be a big rambling post, but I do hope that it brings attention to Albany, Georgia. You probably know I am from South Georgia, born and raised.  I moved to Atlanta to go to college and now call up here home.  That doesn't mean I am not proud of where I am from and this post will hopefully explain that pride to you. Let me tell you this, the "bad part" of Albany. Albany is not the best city. It was even reported to be one of the poorest cities in the nation a few years ago . I can't lie, many people that live in Albany can't wait to get out and say they will never return. Some leave and some never look back, some leave, only to return and others will never leave. I go back to visit family. There are things to do, so it isn't "that bad" as people make it out to be. Cheehaw Park,  Flint River Aquarium,  WWE  and the Harlem Globetrotters have even came before, They have filmed movies down there like Fire Proof and Courageous  and e

What's Been Going On?

Hey everyone!  Hope that the New Year is treating you great. I am sorry that I have not been around much lately, but it has been a bit crazy and hectic here for a while. Things are getting back to normal, so be ready!   Just wanted to give a little update on to what has been going on around here. (You know, to show how crazy it has been!) The last few months of 2016 didn't have us at 100% health wise. Savannah had a rough go at it.  She was sick for a while and we determined she had Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease.  After seeing the doctor, we finally got over that one.  Then, with the crazy weather in Georgia (that is a whole new post waiting to be written) we had her eczema flare up ridiculously bad. I was putting lotions, creams, oils on her and it just kept on.  I'm talking about up during the night screaming, clawing her skin and everything. Not fun as a mama to see your baby girl suffering and you can't make it better. We ended up taking her back to the doctor, since it