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Kushies Kritter MAJOR UPDATE

I do hope that you have been able to read my review on Max Monkey from Kushies Kritter . If not, I encourage you to do so HERE . Well, I have GREAT NEWS for you!!!!! The PILLOWS of Max, GiGi , Ella and Dobbi are all ON SALE for $3.00! The PILLOW for KuKu is also ON SALE for $4.50! That is right, when you go to check out... You will see a box to apply a code, at that point... Put KRITTERS You will get those pillows for 70 % off! What better time to get your holiday presents started early?! This sale ends on Thursday, October 29 th , so you need to head on over... NOW! Have fun and check out all the other great things they have! Have a great day...

I think I did it!

I have been trying really, really hard to update my page... If it looks the way I think it did... (At least on my end... Not sure about yours!) I like it! I now have a button! and I have a background! Once again, a big THANKS to Melissa for helping with the background! And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her 12 year old! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great one! Let me know what you think... and of course, ADD MY BUTTON! LOL =) We are taking B to the Melon Patch today... Hope we get some good pics!

Kushies Kritter - Review

B received a " kushies kritter " for review the other day. Let me just tell you, my mom and I were talking about how cute he is! B now has a new buddy named Max Monkey. One of the main things I love about Max is that he even comes with a mesh bag for when he needs to go for a spin cycle and get clean! I was actually telling my mom the other day that the one thing I did NOT like about baby toys were the fact that most say "hand wash." (I don't even hand wash MY CLOTHES that say that, where would I find the time to hand wash all of B's toys?!) I wish ALL toys came with their own bag and made at least ONE step easier! :) The kritter is adorable and snuggly! I was telling my mom how soft he was and she started in on how cute the colors were! It was like we were trying to sell the other on it! B didn't need any help! He grabbed him and of course, decided to chew on him a bit. I wanted to get a picture o

Aloha Friday # 6ish...

Guess what?! It is Friday... We know what that means... Time to answer my question, post your own, head over and visit Kailani AND THEN.... RELAX! As Kailani puts it... " In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response." Also, CONGRATS to Kailani and her new bundle of joy! My question of the week: Where are you from? I am a Georgia girl, through and through.. I have never lived anywhere besides Georgia.. And I bleed RED AND BLACK.. GO DAWGS!!!

Thankful Thursday 1

Okay, my friend Melissa over at Frugal Creativity had this post... and she got it from Truth 4 the Journey. I wanted to join in... Thankful Thursday. You list 5 things you are thankful for, add the button, link up.. 1. I am THANKFUL for my husband. He is a great man and a wonderful husband and daddy. The fact that he is also our hero doesn't hurt either! (He is currently in Afghanistan) 2. I am THANKFUL for my son. I never knew a love like this! Being a mommy is the greatest thing in the world! 3. I am THANKFUL for my family and friends! I know that although I do not see some as much as I would like, I can always count on them if I ever need anything! 4. I am THANKFUL for my bloggy friends, Melissa and Blueviolet . Melissa has been a GREAT help with setting up this blog. She has great posts and is very uplifting. Blueviolet has to be a comedian in hiding 0r something, do not know her real name, but her posts are HILARIOUS! 5. I am THANKFUL for

POM is at it again...

Kristen over at POM Wonderful sent me their Iced Coffee.. No, it does not taste like Pomegranate! It comes in 3 flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Cafe Au Lait I thought for sure that I would really like the chocolate the best... and I have to say, I was quite surprised that I liked the Cafe Au Lait the most! There was something about the Chocolate, it was not as chocolaty as I thought it should be? I am still trying to decide what it was about it that didn't reach my expectations. I will say this though, I really liked it and would sure enough drink it again. I just have not seen any around here to purchase... From their site Chock-full of caffeine, POMx Iced Coffee is one buzzy beverage. And with a daily dose of POMx – The Antioxidant Super Extract – it’s also one of the healthiest. In fact, when it comes to antioxidant power, nothing comes close to POMx. Learn more about POMx . While POMx Iced Coffee is brought to you by the pioneering people behind POM

Just a little rant...

So, I go to the gas station yesterday... I park and I am getting B out of the car. This other car HAULS... in the parking lot... Parks (Not in a parking spot, just makes one for himself) and follows me in. I go to the register and I am paying... How about he walks up to the register and then just leans on the counter.. TOTALLY IN MY SPACE! (Side note, I HATE people in my space... Give me an arms length if I do not know you... PLEASE!) Well, he is soclosetome ... I had to move my purse, IN FRONT OF ME to keep it from rubbing on him. I paid and left... he paid and before I had B fastened in the car, he was flooring it out of the parking lot.. I am not sure, but I really do not think that there was anything he needed THAT bad... But maybe so... Either way, it really worked my nerves! Other than that... :) Have a great day!

Yoplait Kids Yogurt - Review and Giveaway

Okay, the kids come home from school and immediately they want a snack... Instead of giving them a bag of chips or cookies, why not give them yogurt? I recently had the chance to review the Yoplait yogurt. I decided to go with the Yoplait TRIX... I mean, come on... Trix is for kids! Right? I selected the Watermelon Burst and Strawberry Punch combo. Let me just tell you, the colors when you open the pack go ahead and tell you this is a YUMMY treat! I had my 9 year old cousin, LK come over to try it... Not really sure if a "kid" would really enjoy the yogurt. I gave her both of them... She was really enjoying the Watermelon Burst flavor. She said that the Strawberry Punch just did not really do anything for her. ( I later found out that she isn't a big strawberry fan to begin with.) I really enjoyed the Strawberry Punch flavor, so if I were to get this flavor combo next time, we would not have to worry about who took the last one! :) Yopla

250 Business Cards from UPrinting - Winner

The lucky winner of the 250 business cards from UPRINTING .COM is : Peg42 peg42 said... 18 I'm a follower OCTOBER 18, 2009 9:55 AM Peg was selected by I have sent you an email! Don't forget to check out the other giveaways I am hosting right now! Thanks for stopping by! Postcard Giveaway 10/25

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. 10/25 I love to write and send "snail mail." You know, with Marc being deployed... I send him mail on a regular basis... Add to it, Broxton being so young and changing so much, I send tons of mail out and include a new picture of him! Well, UPRINTING is at it again! This time around, this wonderful company is showing us what they have to offer in the form of POSTCARDS! I am trying to figure out what I want to do with mine.. You know, there are just so many designs to choose from, or do I just want to design my own?! Here is what you will win: 100 Postcards for One Lucky Winner Size: 4x6; Paper: 14pt Cardstock Gloss; Printing: Full color both sides Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping in the US (Canadian residents pay shipping and taxes. Offer not available to residents outside of the US and Canada) How to enter: MANDATORY ENTRY: Leave me a comment telling me what you would do with your postcards. ( 1 entr