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Blogger Challenge Day 18

Day 18 — A time when you felt passionate and alive Every day! :) Really though... I guess I would say on my wedding day. It was as though I was seeing everything through a new set of eyes. What about you?

One Hand, Two Hands - Book Review

Broxton and I have been reading the children's book, One Hand, Two Hands by Max Lucado . I really enjoy reading this to him! It is adorable and of course, written for a child to understand. Like Mr. Lucado says, from the time we are born... Your child began to learn about hands... Think about it.. Hands are what feeds them, loves them, cleans and comforts them... and if you really watch a little one.. Remember when they first "see" their hand? Talk about hours and hours of just pure amazement! Do you remember? I think the best one is " Wipe tears. Give a gift. Write Grandma a letter. With hands and a hug, we make people feel better ." Sure, he talks about the clapping and snapping and all of that too... but he also talks about all the wonderful ways we use our hands in life. This is a great book to add to your little ones library. I also think that this would make a great baby shower gift. FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in thi

Few things to share - email time :)

I just wanted to share a few of my emails with you... I might try to do this every so often... Let me know if you like this idea or not... Seems as though Wendy's has a new line of Salads out! I know that I can not be perfect and always cooking a great 5 course dinner... :) You know better than that... But seriously, when you are in a rush... It doesn't have to always have to be burgers and what not... Try one of these good looking bad boys! That BLT Cobb and the Baja look like they are calling my name! Juice Beauty.. You know I blogged about them a few times now... Love it... Order $50 or more and get a free gift... What a nice way to say Thanks... I did not realize that it was baby safety month... But these are a few pointers to help you remember... Safety First! Thanks Giggle! !!! I was not paid for any of this. I just wanted to share my "finds" with all of you!!!! So, do you like or no?

Blogger Challenge Day 17

Day 17 — An art piece I love this... ALWAYS HAVE. ALWAYS WILL. Three Flags by Jasper Johns Image taken from Google.

Couple Winners

Just wanted to start you off to a great weekend... Wanted to announce two winners... Precious Moments Baby Blanket - Comment Number 3 JoAnn said... I follow on twitter Throx - Comment 45 susan said... 45 I follow via gfc suelee 1998 Side note... The fracture giveaway now has 5 winners... YES!!!!!!! Thanks to fracture for that... So, it has been extended to now end on October 4 th . And, I am a headblade affiliate ... Do not forget to enter to win!!!! (Will post a link soon, but if you purchase from my affiliate link , you get a 20% discount! I will post whenever I get that link figured out!) Now, congrats to the winners and everyone go and enter to win something of your own... Lots of great giveaways, just click the giveaway link! :)

Aloha Friday - 52

You guessed it! It is Friday... Answer my question... Post one of your own... Then make it a great weekend! RELAX!!!! My question : What is your easy " go to meal" when you need to fix dinner in a hurry? My answer: We normally just have one of those family frozen dinners if its in a tight time... Just make a few veggies to go with it... and there you go... If you have a simple easy to go to meal... I would love to know about it... As a NON-COOK... any help is always appreciated! :) Make it a great weekend everyone!

Blogger Challenge Day 16

Day 16 — A song that makes you cry Holes in the Floor of Heaven by Collin Raye. This was the song played at my Nana's funeral. She was MY BEST FRIEND. To this day... When I hear it... I cry. Bottom line. Lyrics from One day shy of eight years old, When grandma passed away. I was a broken hearted little boy, Blowing out that birthday cake. How I cried when the sky let go, With a cold lonesome rain. My mom smiled, said: "Don't be sad child. "Grandma's watching you today." "'Cos there's holes in the floor of Heaven, "And her tears are pouring down. "That's how you know she's watching, "Wishing she could be here now. "An' sometimes if you're lonely, "Just remember she can see. "There's holes in the floor of Heaven "And she's watching over you and me." Seasons come and seasons go, Nothing stays the same. I grew up, fell in love, Met a girl who took my name. Year

Award for friends! I feel special

I was just awarded this award from XMAS DOLLY . How super sweet of her... Wish I could return the award back to her, she deserves it... But... I guess I can't! :) The criteria for receiving this award are: The Cherry on top Award Rules are: Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be? I do not think I would change anything. I feel that I am where I am now because of everything that has happened in my life. Granted, I did some pretty stupid stuff growing up, but I think I turned out alright! :) PICK 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award. 1. A Nut In A Nutshell 2. Frugal Cr eativity 3. Blessings of a Stay at Home Mom 4. Whimsical Creations 5. Of Mice and RaMEN 6. JDaniel4s Mom Thanks for the award, Dolly ! Hope everyone stops by those I awarded... Have a great day!

Blogger Challenge Day 15

Day 15 — A person you admire Who is a person I admire? Ummm ... I really do not know about this one... So, I throw it out to YOU... Who do YOU ADMIRE?

My Military Dad - Book Review

As you know, Marc was deployed pretty much the entire first year of Broxton's life. It was hard on all of us... So many things that he missed. Working with Dorrance Publishing , I found a really great book for younger children dealing with a deployment. My Military Dad by Julie W. Easter. This is a very simple book for children dealing with a deployment. It is only 42 pages and several pages are drawings. My Military Dad talks about a daddy that is deploying... How they prepare for it. The son mentions things he will miss about his dad... as well as the fact of "Hug a child whose dad is fighting for you and me. Fly your American flags, because it it your home, too" It is sold as a book, but I think it would also make a great coloring book as well. All of the pictures are just black and white drawings... As I showed it to Marc, I had an idea... :) I think that this would be a great book for a daddy to give his little one before leaving for deployment. (I say at

W-W- Spunky Monkey

This is Spunky Monkey. We bought him while I was pregnant. He was there to Welcome Broxton into this world... and then he was to go with daddy and keep him company on his deployment. More pictures to follow in the upcoming weeks on Spunky's travels... This was February 2009.

Sears Crush Your Style Kit - GIVEAWAY

Oh My Goodness! Do I have a great giveaway for you?! Sears is hosting a Crush Your Style Event... Basically, it is "Back to School" time... and Sears wants YOUR FAMILY to be the ones making the statement! With so many cute tops/bottoms/dresses and accessories, it doesn't matter if you have a boy or a girl... They are sure to make their own look! Do it right, and it just might be the " crushable " fashion statement !!! Now, I know some schools have uniforms, but no worries... Sears even has the uniforms!!!!! All the bases are covered, so what are you waiting for? Now, you might not have a child that is school aged... But, what about nieces or nephews? Cousins? Grandkids ? A babysitter for your little one... The options are endless for who you could give this too... Also, think about it... $175 can buy plenty! Buy something now... save the rest for Christmas! Buy back to school and buy yourself a treat as well! There is seriously NO LIMIT to what you can do!

Blogger Challenge Day 14

Day 14 — A vacation you would like to take Oh, this is an easy one! I have said it several times! I would love to rent an RV and travel the USA for about 3 months seeing all the "top tourist sites." OR Maybe one day... Travel all over Europe! Like just go to every country for a week or more each! How fun! Hey, a girl can dream!!!!!

Peter Rabbit Organics- Review

I am always on the lookout for healthy snacks for Broxton . Not that he eats candy and chips all the time, but for the variety of healthy options that are available. Luckily for us, he has been trying to Peter Rabbit Organics fruit puree pouches. They sent us all three flavors to try: Strawberry and Banana Apple and Grape Mango, Banana and Orange He really likes them!!! They are more like a treat than a healthy snack ! :) Shh, do not tell him!!!! His favorite was the Strawberry and Banana! I had to get a taste before he did on these! As a side note, if you are looking for a great grab and go snack .... You know, a healthy option. A YUMMY treat... A great way to get a bit of fruit in you... NO SUGAR... Grab a few for you as well... Why should your little ones have all the deliciousness? :) These are available at several stores online... but they are also available at local stores as well, such as: Starbucks Whole Foods Buy Buy Baby and more, just check and see If you want to k

My Purple Toes - Book Review

Have you heard of this absolutely adorable childrens book? We have been reviewing it and Broxton is so cute when we read it!!!! Okay, let me tell you about the book first! My Purple Toes is by Blair Hahn. This book came to be when his daughter asked him to go for a pedicure.. As we all know, most guys would say NO... but not this daddy! He knew that was a great way to bond, so he took her (Surprise!) up on the offer! They went and had an enjoyable time... (READ THIS MEN, IT CAN BE ENJOYED BY YOU AS WELL!!!!!) Anyways... daughters nails were pink... and as we can see, his were purple!!! Okay, we can all see that this guy is very confident himself! (Take note!) According to the site, there are three main lessons that can be taught: 1. Be open and accepting to others 2. Have fun and enjoy life to the fullest 3. Embrace being unique and different. I also feel that is teaches you to be confident in yourself. Not cocky, confident... And we know that confidence helps with self - est

Blogger Challenge Day 13

Day 13 — A guilty pleasure Wow! I have several of them.... :) I guess I would have to say playing the lottery! You can't win if you do not play! Or maybe ... My brother is going to college on HOPE , so I am helping him out! :) - review & giveaway *UPDATE*

Updated- Fracture is letting me have 5 winners!!!! Also, due to such great news, the giveaway has been extended until October 4th. The latest and greatest in displaying pictures has just been delivered to our house! Well, at least in my opinion. I chose to have the picture of us when Marc returned home printed for this review. It looks great! Have you heard of the picture printed on glass? Yes! They take your picture and print it on glass... You select the frame you want (it is printed on the glass as well) and then you wait for it to arrive. Not that it is a long time, but I mean, it isn't like it just pops out of your computer ready to go! How does this work? First... You select the print you want. and then... You edit it. Crop, greyscale , shadow... and then... You choose your border. ( You can go borderless , solid color or a pattern) (We went with a white border, next time I might go borderless and see how that looks too!) and then... You choose your size to order... (T

Yantra Mat- relaxation!!!! - Review

Are you tired? Have a headache? Just want to rest and relax? Then YOU need a Yantra Mat . We received the Yantra Mat and I was a bit intimidated by it... I mean, I opened it up... and there were tons of these little "spikes" sticking out! They are not soft and cushy, they are hard and get "to the point!" It says that you can place a thin sheet on it if it is to much in the beginning, but I was not so sure. So, I waited. Then, I had Marc try it out! :) He put the sheet on it, but neither one of us thought that would do any good... It seemed like the pressure was really weak then. So, he took the sheet off. and he laid on it. I told him to go 10 minutes. He did... and when he got up, I was full of questions.. How do you feel? Relaxed. I was almost asleep till you told me to get up. Do you hurt? No. What does it feel like? You try it. So, I did! I laid down... for 10 minutes... and I felt like I was going to die! I immediately sat up! I can not do this!

Music Moves Me Monday

I am linking up with XMAS DOLLY today... After an emotional weekend for everyone... I wanted to try and put a smile on your face! :) They played this at Disney when we were there.. Yes, I got out there with the boys and TRIED to dance! HA HA HA!!!!!!

Blogger Challenge Day 12

Day 12 — A song that you want played at your wedding (or was played) Marc and I danced to Me and You by Kenny Chesney : Ordinary no, really don't think so Not a love this true Common destiny We were meant to be Me and you Like a perfect scene from a movie screen We're a dream come true Suited perfectly for eternity Me and you Every day, I need you even more And the night time too There's no way I could ever let you go Even if I wanted to Every day I live Try my best to give All I have to you Thank the stars above That we share this love Me and you Every day, I need you even more And the night time too There's no way I could ever let you go Even if I wanted to Ordinary no, I really don't think so Just a precious few Ever make it last Get as lucky as Me and you Me and you Taken from:

I was recently contacted by My Heritage to see if I would check out and review their site. To be quite honest, I would love to learn about my family heritage, so I thought... Yes, I would love to check it out. HA! I did not know it was going to suck me in and I am now hooked! Have you heard of this site? Have you been sucked in like me? I have not left the celebrities and fun site yet... They have where you can see celebrity look alikes .. Including: Todays Best Weeks Best Best of all time It is so funny to me how spot on some of these people are... Of course, I wanted to try it out. The first thing I did was the Baby Look Alike Meter. Talk about fun! You upload a picture of yourself . Then you upload a picture of your spouse. Last, upload a picture of your baby. You move them to slots according to : Mommy, Daddy, Baby. Give it a minute to generate and then a meter pops up telling you who the baby more resembles. I was DYING to try this out. I think Broxton looks like a mixt

Crazy Dog T-Shirt- Review

I always notice the funny shirts people wear... Some I get, others... I guess I am actually growing up, because I have no idea why they think it is funny. I always see the cute websites in the back of magazines to look at all the funny shirts and I always think about my brother... Crazy Dog T-Shirts has a little of everything for everyone! UNTIL . I . REMEMBER . He no longer wears t-shirts.. Ha! Yes, he is a polo guy... No, he doesn't have to have polo t-shirts when he works out, but out and about... Polo Shirt it is... So, I gave up on all the funny shirts that I would have LOVED to have given him for Christmas. Now, remember, he is in college... at UGA ... Mascot = Bulldog .... But, since he would not wear them... and I KNEW Marc would... I headed on over to Crazy Dog T-Shirts and had a look at these: I finally decided... My ARMY MAN. .. Needed him an ARMY SHIRT : I love all the shirts they have... If I wore T-Shirts more often, I might have me a "Hey-D