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Want to do me a favor?

As I mentioned in my ProFlowers post... It has been almost one year since I started blogging. I wanted to blog for a bit, but I really had NO idea where to start. I reached out for help with a blogger of a blog I followed. Melissa over at Frugal Creativity was awesome! She took the time to answer ALL of my questions and even helped give me a few pointers! She was the very first one to comment on my blog and I am so thankful for our friendship. I wanted to write this post closer to my " bloggy birthday" but I also want to help Melissa out... So, I am asking you a favor... She has entered a contest at the Chocomize blog and she would appreciate your vote. It is really easy to vote for her, I just did! If you have a minute, will you go and vote to show her the support that she has shown me?! Just click on the Chocomize blog link and then vote on "Almond All the Way." Sounds delicious, doesn't it?! Thanks guys!

Aloha Friday - # 43ish

Aloha my friends!!! It is Friday, sit back, relax and take it easy... Stop on by and visit Kailani though! My question this week: Do you have a land line or cell phone? or both? We have both... We were going to go with just cell phones... and we never use the house phone... But, with our cable service, it was easier and cheaper to get the bundle... Have a great weekend everyone! Do not forget to enter my contests if you would like: Omnibalm Skin Care Products Munchie Mug My Lip Stuff Lip Balm

Finally! Something that works! - Tommee Tippee Review

If you have seen us out, chances are you have noticed the struggles we have had with finding a cup that works for Broxton . Every single cup we try has some sort of problem! (Mainly the spillage!) Luckily for me, it seems as though that problem is finally over! I am so happy that Tommee Tippee has FINALLY came over to the U.S.A . The Mom Bloggers Club has a Tommee Tippee Summer Tour going on right now, so we were able to review a few of the Tommee Tippee product line! We were sent a Stage 4 Truly Spill-proof Water Bottle, as well as the Easi -Mat and Weaning Bowls with the lid and spoon. This is all part of the " Explora " line... We have been using them for almost every meal now! The easi -mat is seriously AWESOME!!! Let me just tell you about it... It is this little mat that pretty much sticks to the high chair. There is a suction on top that you put the bowl on. Now, Broxton's bowl of food is not going anywhere!!!! To release the bowl, you just pull thi

ProFlowers- Review

Did you realize that next month I will be 31? Also, next month is my one year bloggy birthday!!!! With that in mind... I recently had the chance to review a birthday basket from ProFlowers . They have so many wonderful items to choose from and believe me... I looked and looked and looked for what I thought would be best for us! Having the boys here, I did not want to go with all the wonderfully delicious candy! I started to look at all the fruit baskets they had to offer. I finally decided that the Classic Fruit Basket would be perfect!!! The boys immediately wanted to eat it as soon as it arrived! Marc grabbed a red apple and he chomped in to it! Of course, that meant that Broxton had to help daddy eat it! The boys knew at that point it was fair game! Everyone had a piece of fruit... This basket has a bit of everything! Red apples? Check! Green apples? Check! Oranges? Check! Grapefruit? Check! Pears? Check! I did manage to steal a taste of the fruit the first go round! They

Just how happy is your little one?!

Remember when I posted about Triple Paste ? Well, Erika sent me a heads up about a pretty cool contest that Triple Paste is sponsoring... I just thought I would share it with you! IncrediBundles is hosting a HAPPY BABY contest! Simply submit a video of your happy baby (ages birth to 3 years old!) and you are entered to win! What do you win? Grand Prize is a year supply of diapers and Triple Paste!!!! Three runners up will each receive a 3 months supply of each!!! Can't beat that!!! Head on over to the IncrediBundles Happy Baby Contest Site and Enter today!

w/w - sentimental

When I was ONE... My grandad went and bought me a tricycle. Obviously, I did not need it forever! So, my mom gave it to her friend to let her daughter (and later on, her son) use it... How sweet is this? She kept it and has now given it to Broxton !!!! Yes, I will be 31 next month.... This sucker is OLD!!!! While you are here... Enter my contests: Munchie Mug My Lip Stuff Lip Balm Omnibalm Products

Omnibalm- Review and Giveaway

Remember when I posted asking for your tips in dealing with sunburn? Well, I found out that 20 years ago, a pharmacist was looking for a cure to help with his sunburn! After much research, he found out that Tea Tree Oil had the answer to his problem! Luckily for me, I was able to review what he developed... Omnibalm Chad with Omnibalm sent me samples of both the Omnibalm Skin Relief Cream As well as the Omnibalm Daily Foot Therapy Marc and I have both been able to use these products! While the boys were here, we went to the pool pretty much everyday... and even then, sometimes it was twice a day. I got pretty burnt in the beginning! I think even the boys felt bad for me! But once I got the Skin Relief Cream, I was able to apply that after my shower and I could immediately feel a bit of relief. It was as though the lotion quickly absorbed into my fried skin and started to rehydrate. The lotion is pretty thick and creamy and once you start to apply it, you think oh no,

Organix-South - Review

I am not sure if any of you have heard of the Neem Tree before, but I have been hearing it mentioned lately and of course, I had to check it out. Seems as though the Neem Tree is able to use all of its parts to make up different N eem products. If you would like more information on the Neem Tree, please look at what all I found on Wikipedia . With all the talk of Neem , you will then hear of Organix -South . They are based out of Florida and they are tops in the manufacturing of Neem Products for the world! Betty with Organix -South sent me a few items to review. The shampoo and conditioner she sent was a nice surprise! I was a bit curious as to how the shampoo would work, seeing as though it came out rather runny , almost like water. I had to scoop it back into the bottle! I was expecting the lotion texture that most shampoo's tend to be! After I worked it into my hair, it had a very nice lather. Not the thick and foamy lather that you get from soaps, but a nice subt

Pillsbury Brownies Prize Pack - Winner

Using the winner of the Pillsbury Prize Pack is... Comment number 71 nightowl said... #1 Email subscriber. I am emailing you now. You have 48 hours to respond, or I will draw another winner. Thank you to all who entered!

Rhoost - Winners

Just wanted to try and catch up on all my winners! Thanks to Rhoost , I will be having 2 winners on this one! selected comment number 12 Penelope said... Ooh, I could use those! Black or brown, because I have tables in black and one in brown too, and all have sharpish edges. AND ALSO COMMENT NUMBER 6 Lydia's Pennies said... Twitter follower @ LydiasPennies I am emailing you now. You will have 48 hours to respond, or a new winner will be drawn. Thanks to all who entered! V9PZ596CEGPS

ReUsies - Winner

We have a winner in the ReUsies contest !!! picked comment number 67 JMN said... Following you on Twitter I am emailing you now and you have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is picked! Thank you to all who entered!

Daily Portrait - Winner

So sorry that I have taken so long to announce winners... As I mentioned, it has just been busy spending time with the boys before they went back to their moms... It was fun and yes, we miss them! First announcement is the winner of The Daily Portrait picked comment number 36 Ashley said... I would do our anniversary! Coming up on 5 years in a few months! :) I am emailing you now!!!!! Remember, you have 48 hours to respond, or a new winner will be drawn. Thanks to all of you who entered!