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Aloha Friday - Hugs

It is Friday, so we know what that means! It's ALOHA FRIDAY! Read my question, answer it, then post one of y our own... After that, RELAX!!! It is Friday after all! So, I was thinking that today my question should be about hugs.. Here ya go: Do you like giving and receiving hugs? I love them, they make me smile! I love when Broxton gives me one, well, I say he gives me one... We are working on that, so I will take it however I can get it! You know what? I would LOVE a hug from my honey right now... I will be glad when this deployment is OVER! Now, its your turn! Answer mine, post yours and head on over to An Island Life.

Random Celebrity thoughts...

Okay, so this is REALLY random... Basically just want to throw it out there... I just logged on the computer to find out that Patrick Swayze has passed away. That saddens me... I loved, LOVED, LOVED him... In the Outsiders, Dirty Dancing, Ghost.... He will be missed. Then.... Kanye.......... Wow, I am SO OVER HIM!!!! I mean, come on now... I know everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and feelings..................... But seriously, to get up there and interupt Taylor Swift's speech?! Come on...... You could've tweeted your thoughts... or blogged about them, wrote a song about it... Even mention it in an interview. But to GET ON the stage and INTERUPT her? That was just wrong... So very wrong......... And then we move along to Johnny Depp... Here we go!!!!!!!!! Yes, there will be another Pirates of the Carribean! :) Jack is BACK! I guess that is all for now! Oh yeah, you want a SMILE in the morning? Watch ellen... LOVE her show! I don't