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The Daily Portrait - Review & Giveaway

Thanks to MomSelect , Broxton has a very beautiful picture that hangs outside his room. I am not sure if you have ever heard of " Milson Road ," if you haven't... You really need to go and check them out NOW!!!! We were able to review what is called "The Daily Portrait." Talk about a beautiful gift to give to a loved one. Milson Road offers you the chance to celebrate several different milestones. You have the choice from: Anniversary Baby Birth Special Birthday Wedding Bar / Bat Mitzvah Graduation The great thing about your quality work is the fact that you get to create exactly what you want. All of the details. You even get to customize and choose the frame/mat for your work. We chose to celebrate Broxton's birth and even got to upload a picture of him when he was first born! They say that it will arrive in 3 weeks... I think that ours came a bit sooner than that. I will tell you this, it was wrapped in SO MUCH BUBBLE WRAP, there was no way it

Aloha Friday -

TGIF! Yes, It is Friday... Time to play a little ALOHA FRIDAY... and then RELAX! You know the drill! Play along, post your own and visit Kailani . My question this week: What is a color that you DO NOT wear? As for me? I am not a fan of red! Being a redhead, I do not think it is a good choice, although you will catch me wearing it on Fridays every now and then... Gotta support my troops! Happy Weekend you all! Don't forget to enter my contest to win a 16 x 20 CUSTOM CANVAS PRINT of your choice.

w w -

This seems like just yesterday! This picture is when MY grandparents met Broxton for the first time... I love this picture and I am so glad that my mom was able to catch this for me... I know that this is something to treasure... Broxton's first meeting with his great grandparents! Happy Wednesday you guys!