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Talk of the town with Head Chef - Review (extra entry options)

I do not know about your house, but around here... All the boys love to get in the kitchen. With our place being so small... I hate to be this way, but no one is allowed in there while I cook. (Not that this happens too often, but still!) I mean, you can turn around and burn yourself with the way we all are! I am not sure where, but I saw the cutest decorated kitchen a bit ago. Honestly, I think it was when we were out looking for our new apartment... Anyways, they had these cute little cooking utensil characters ... AND I LOVED THEM!!!! Of course, I knew that I would eventually need safe cooking items, for when Broxton felt the need to help me cook... That time has now come! Thank goodness for Head Chefs ! He feels that whenever I am in the kitchen, he needs to help. He drags a chair over to where I am... Climbs up and immediately wants to help mama! I am telling you, he is a man on a mission! Well, he wanted to help... So, I gave him a couple of the utensils that we were sent

Aloha Friday - #61

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. My question : What is a good movie you recommend? Either "On Demand" or to rent... Thanks... I have no answer, so that is why I am asking you! Have a great weekend!!!!

Invites NOW - Review & Giveaway

I send plenty of Christmas cards out! I like to let people know that I am thinking of them, during the holidays as well as throughout the year! I send some with pictures, some with... Depends on the person and all that good stuff. I have a few friends that I know could care less about the picture, so those get the cards without them!!!! I recently discovered a card company that makes some of THE CUTEST cards!!! Invites NOW has a great selection of cards for everything! No, not only invitations! I hate to admit it, but I did not send out birth announcements for Broxton . I think we were just so busy... Moving and Marc being deployed... Trying to spend as much time with him as we could before he left... BUT, whenever we do have another baby... We WILL have birth announcements! I think that they are super cute and I love seeing them on our fridge of other babies! Invites NOW has party invitations ( Broxton's is not too far from now, already looking at these!) for all ages! Th

Day Out With Thomas

A couple weeks ago, Thomas the Train came to Georgia!!!! Of course, as soon as I saw he was coming, I new we would be going! Broxton LOVES Thomas, so I knew this would be a special treat! With Marc working for the railroad, I knew that trains would be a popular theme around here... My parents ended up coming to meet us for our Day Out... I did not tell Broxton where we were going, just that we were going to see my parents... We got there and as soon as he saw Thomas he was SO EXCITED!!! ( It made it worth the 3 hours it took to get there!) We got there and immediately went to get in line to ride Thomas. We ended up getting to sit in the "dining car." They were getting ready to go... and they told everyone to help "PUSH THOMAS! PUSH THOMAS!" to get him going. (He was tired from going all day.) This is how Broxton helped : Just look at the wonder in his body language, he is watching us "leave the Island of Sodor ." I thought it was neat that we w

Squishy Toes Mat - Review

Leave a comment about this product for an extra entry into any of the current giveaways!!! (Additional extra entries at the bottom of this post!) (Nope, these are not my toes, I would not torture you like that! Before you go being silly, they are not Marc's either! Ha ha! Just wanted you to see the mat!) I do not know about you... But I love a nice hot bath... or a nice hot shower. Depends on the time I have and if I want to wash my hair. Well, when I want a nice shower, I still want to relax. Don't you? Marc can shower for a million years if you let him... He loves to stand there and let the hot water hit his muscles. Anyways, enough about my husband showering! I was able to review the squishy toes mat and I have to tell you... LOVE IT! Okay, let me be serious for a minute. I got the mail and in it was the "squishy toes mat." At first, I thought it was a total joke! It looked like really nice thick paper. (Like the kind of stuff I would buy for my photography

Noxicare - Review and Giveaway

I was recently contacted to see if I would like to review Noxicare Natural Pain Relief . Marc was supposed to be doing a 48 mile hike.. Yes, 48 MILE HIKE... You read that right. So, of course, I WANTED to get it... Just to see if this might help make our house a little bit more manageable with him AFTER the 48 mile hike. Well, they ended up NOT doing the hike when Marc could do it... So, whew... that saved his feet and muscles from the pain... But now, what to do about this review? With Marc working on the railroad, he is outside... On the train and off... In work boots everyday. Needless to say, they can not be the most comfortable... They are for safety... Not comfort, at least that is how they seem! :) His knees bother him from time to time.. I would imagine so, I mean... All the deployments... all the hard work... all the physical activities he does... So, we tried it on his knees. This claims to be "odorless, non-greasy, fast acting, long acting." We wanted to know..

Certain Dri & Rohto Eye - Review and Giveaway

I am doing a joint giveaway on this post... I think that this would be great for several reasons... (And to be quite honest, I liked the post title... Certain DRI and Rohto EYE... not to mention, one is to help stop the moisture to keep you dry... and the other is to stop the dryness and bring moisture!) Anyways... The first I want to tell you about is Certain Dri Deodorant . Let me tell you, I am not one for reading directions, I mean... I guess I am like a few others I know that just throw them away... But, I wanted to see what made Certain Dri better... So, I read the sheet that came with it. I am not sure about you, but I put my deodorant on in the morning... Well, glad I read the information included with this... You put it on at night! And get this... It does not wash off the next morning when you shower! Stop the presses, back up and read it again... You put it on at night... It does not wash off the next morning when you shower! What?! Also, it says if you have sweaty fe

Agro Labs - Review and Giveaway

As I have mentioned before, the weather change brings the season cold to me... So, I am always looking for whatever might help steer it clear from me. I have been able to review a couple bottles of the "liquid nutrition" from Agro Labs. I was sent both the bottle of Pomegranate (as we know I love Pomegranate!) and the bottle of Superberry Upgrade. Both of these are packed full of everything you need to feel great! But, I will tell you... Since it is packed so full of power, you need to remember that it has a very STRONG and powerful punch of flavor! Luckily, you only need to take a 1 ounce dose... I just wish that it included a little one ounce shot cup or something, I feel I can drink it faster that way than on a spoon... Not sure why... I actually doubled up the dose the first couple days... (*they say no more than 3 ounces a day, so I am fine!) I measured it and poured it into a cup for me to take! I also chased it with water, I am a wimp that way! It is strong, but

W/ W - Day Out With Thomas

I am posting more pics of Day Out With Thomas tomorrow... Just wanted to give a "teaser" for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday! Please stop by tomorrow to see our fun day! Thanks and Happy Wednesday!

Touch The Art - Book Review

***** Comments left on this review will gain you an extra entry into any of my current giveaways! Just put Extra - Sterling in your comment on the giveaway. ***** ----------------------------- As you know, I love reading with Broxton ! We look at the pictures, I read the story and we talk about what is on the pages. I do not know if you know or not... I went to an "art college." I have TONS of "art" books. They are packed up now, but I will share my love of art with Broxton . There is so much to see and do, learn and discover. That right there is why I was so excited to have the chance to review two of the "Touch the Art" books from Sterling Publishing. We were sent " Find King Henry's Treasure " to review first. This is a great book that shows several famous painting... Kings, Queens, Knights and Dragons! Whoa! What a great book! The Knight is out to get the dragon that stole the Kings jewels. Along his journey, he passes several o

Yum Yum- In moderation! Review

It is not a secret... I love to eat. But, I really hate the serving sizes... I mean, a little thing of ice cream is supposed to be like 74 servings? I do not think so! I could use help with that, so I am glad I now know of the Yum Yum Dish !!! When Tracy Adler realized she was snacking a little to much of a good thing, she set out to help her with portion control. She made these cute little 4 ounce bowls that were perfect for a snack... and get this... they can be microwaved and are dishwasher safe! I think they are adorable, not only with the fun colors, but because inside the bowl, it says "Yum, Yum time is.... Over." Cute!!! Now, if you are opposite of me and do not need any help with portion control, you can still use these for all sorts of fun things. Think... Party time? You can set out candies and nuts in them... You can put different dips in them. Having a cookout? Put your mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and pickles in them... The options are endless and with

MMMM - Michael Bublé - Everything (Video)

FINALLY Remembered to play along with Dolly and Crew with the 4 M's! It is freebie week... Go ahead and play along.. Visit Dolly to link up! IT IS FUN!!!! Love this song!

Winners announced!

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Bring the Beach Into Your Heart - Nature's Notebook Review

Marc loves the beach. Marc loves being hot. Noelle - not so much! I mean, I enjoy going out.... but, HELLO red head... I get fried so fast, that it makes the rest of the trip miserable. Leave it to me, I know! Being as though I will not be going to the beach for any extended amount of time... Natures Notebook has to be the BEST one of a kind gift I have seen!!!! Have you heard of Nature's Notebook ? Courtney Noelle brings you one of a kind BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING artwork that quickly enters your heart and makes a prominent display in your home! I was sent a beautiful picture with both of our names drawn in the sand with a heart between the two. The picture captures the moment like you just do not believe! The silver frame adds the special touch and it arrived at just the right time! Marc and I had celebrated our anniversary and a couple days later it was here! Marc was totally surprised and we immediately decided that this will be hung in our bedroom! The special finishing touc

Penny for your Thoughts - Penny Stones Review and Giveaway

When you go to a party, do you take a hostess gift? I hate to say it, but I have not been to many (if any) parties at someones house... Normally we just meet up at a public place... BUT, if I were to go to a party... I have found THE PERFECT hostess gift! Have you heard the Quote " A penny for your thoughts" before? Well, Penny Stones is the answer to that! I think that this would be a perfect gift for any hostess... As well as those who love a good old fashioned get together ! So, what exactly are Penny Stones? Well, let me tell you! Penny Stones are great conversation starters... or even great thought provokers. Penny Stones come in a very cute little clear bag with 21 "penny stones" and one penny inside. The "penny stones" are phrases/questions that get the mind going. They are made on recycled glass with the penny stones questions the glass. The great thing is that the penny stones are made in the USA (Ohio to be exact) by people with disabilit

Beanitos - Great snack for everyone Review

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Beanitos Bean Chips and surprisingly... They are really good! I will admit, I would never have thrown a bag into the grocery cart... Not anything against them, just never really thought about it... and I thought I was not a fan of black beans... You liked that, didn't you? I thought I was not a fan... Well, I think I meant re fried beans.. but anyways... I got them and of course, Broxton wanted to try... He dug into these things like I had never fed him before... Okay, maybe that was not a great idea... They are HIGH IN FIBER!!! :) Know what I mean? Anyways... We tried them all.. Not at one sitting, but over time. I think that I really liked the Black Bean Chipotle BBQ ones the best... Now, I could sit here and give you all the nutritional facts on them... but I figure you can just head on over to their site to read the Nutritional Information about whichever bag sounds best to you... I will tell you this though.. They are: Corn Free

Just a quick update -

Several contests ending soon... Two end tonight : KidSwitch Swanson's Chicken Also, do not forget... If you leave a comment saying EXTRA ENTRY on THIS POST ... You can leave EXTRA ENTRY on ANY CURRENT GIVEAWAY to gain a free extra entry. ( AFTER the main entry is done) Also, don't forget you can comment on any reviews for extra entries... Comment on any of these review posts... And please, leave a real comment, I would love to let these companies/products shine since I was able to review them... Thanks!!! Real Kids, Real Stories, Real Change - Book Review Whish Body - eebee books Elmo Helps Us Learn to Count DVD Shampowder Ditch The Joneses - Book Review HappyFeet Have a Laugh DVD's Belly Button Bliss - Book review Snack and Play Travel Tray - Thanks for stopping by!!!! More reviews and giveaways to come! Maybe a few extra entry options too! Who knows? :)

Team Ra-Ras Kicks Breast Cancer - Susan G. Komen for the Cure Philadelph...

My friend Lorie shared this on her blog ... She got the video from a friend of ours, Dolly in honor of her mother... Please watch the video... and share with others... For every time the video is viewed, United Healthcare will donate for the cure... Just because October is over, it doesn't mean the awareness should end! Thanks... And thanks to the women who did this awesome video!!!

Hubba Hubba - They are made of Rubba! Balloonatiks Review and Giveaway

Have you heard of the Balloonatiks? I have seen the Balloonatiks mentioned on several blogs and I have to tell you, I was a bit curious! We received the DVD and I went ahead and watched it... I was trying to wait for when the boys got here, but I wanted to go ahead and share this review with you... The Balloonatiks are 5 teenagers that are made of a rubbery (balloon) material. They are the crime fighters for the popular area of Hot Air City! In one of the short movies, they had to fight off a man with prickly pin tips everywhere. I was curious as to how that would work, but for a not yet two year old, he was not too concerned! He did laugh at the times they were laughing... I think that the sound of their voice and the bright colors of the characters are what caught his attention... He is not into super heroes yet... but I know that day is coming soon. I mean really, what kid doesn't love fun colors and awesome characters?! I know that the boys will enjoy it and I can not