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Aloha Friday

I was wondering if i was going to be able to post my Aloha Friday this week... Remember, MARC IS HOME from AFGHANISTAN... and the Internet in the hotel is super slow... But, here we go... My question this week: Do you wear flip flops all summer? My answer: I hate feet... always have... MAYBE because my mom passed along her REALLY UGLY toes to me... So, I have never been a flip flop person... But, for some reason, now that I am married, it doesn't bother me for people to see my ugly toes... so, although I do not wear them ALL THE TIME, I do wear them some! ALOHA! Don't forget to enter my contests... $50 Nelle and Lizzy Gift Certificate $40 Joy of Soap Gift Certificate 16 x 20 Custom Canvas Print

Wordless Wednesday

My honey is HOME! I am so very happy! Will post all about the very emotional time... Until then, this was taken while we were waiting for them to arrive... Mom came with us! (This was around 2 am) Happy Wednesday!

My heart is whole

This is going to be a short post... and more than likely, I will not be posting much this week... My honey is HOME!!! Yes, he is FINALLY home from Afghanistan! I can not wait to tell you all about the homecoming... All about how much Broxton is such a daddy's boy... About how much I cried, but now my heart is whole... Until then, if you see a member of our military... Active or retired... Please thank them... I know how much it will mean to them... I will be back soon.... Thanks for understanding !!!!