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Aloha Friday # 5

It's Friday ! The weekend is almost here... As we know by now, Fridays bring about relaxation. So, as Kailani over at ISLAND LIFE likes to say... ALOHA. It is Aloha Friday. Answer my question, post one of your own, swing by and visit Island Life... and then relax! Take it easy. ENJOY.... My question: How many kids do you have? How many more do you want? Me... I was lucky enough to marry and get 4 wonderful sons... Then we added to it with Broxton ... I would love a girl, although I just do not know if Marc can make one! LOL , I mean... 5 boys already?! But, we are going to try when he gets back from this deployment then, that is IT! :) Okay, answer mine, ask your own, go visit Kailani and RELAX!!

SuperMarket Sweeps

Do you remember that TV show? You know... They got the grocery cart and then they had a time limit... They had to go and get as much as they could... and the one with the HIGHEST total won? Remember? They would go to the meat aisle and stock up on the steaks or sometimes the detergent? They would get all the expensive items? and remember they had the over sized BONUS items? and it was timed... Like they had a minute to do ALL the grocery shopping? Well... Let me just tell you................. DO NOT EVER GO GROCERY SHOPPING WITH MY DAD! Seriously... I am just telling you now... He goes grocery shopping on Sundays... I made the mistake.. YEP! I asked him why he always went alone... So, Broxton and I loaded up to go on the adventure. Okay, SERIOUSLY........... NO ONE TOLD ME that Super Market Sweeps were holding auditions that day.... Are you ready? We get there... I get a buggy (yes, that is what I call a grocery cart... a BUGGY)

Not paying attention...

So, when I was younger, I paid attention to EVERYTHING! (in other words, NOSY!) I still hear the stories, always me asking questions. One time, we passed a street sign... PED Xing . What did I say? "Daddy, what is PED Xing ?" or at the gas station... We now carry 16 oz coke. "Daddy, what is oz?" Hmmm ..... For sale sign on a tree to sell the lot. "Daddy, why do they want to sell that one tree?" Now, I can not seem to remember to pay attention to anything.. LOL The other morning, I went to get my shower. Time to change the razor blade. I changed it, put the shave gel on my legs and I started shaving.. Ughhhhhhh This razor blade SUCKS! Didn't I JUST change it? What is the problem? It didn't shave not even ONE hair.. Then I realized... Yeah, I put the razor blade on backwards... Next time I will pay attention! Today, I couldn't decide between Banana and Cream or Blueberry and Cream Oatmeal. I d

U Printing Giveaway!

***** THIS CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED***** Thank you to all who entered. I know that everyone can use business cards for some reason or another... UPrinting is graciously giving one of you the chance to win 250 business cards FOR FREE! That is right, free! What would you use yours for? Would you use them for your blog? Or maybe you have another job on the side? I have not received mine yet, they are being ordered... I am getting mine to promote this blog! But, I am thinking about ordering more... You can use them for everything! I can tell you this. This is a great deal! Top it all off, it was VERY easy to design what I wanted. Once the card is done, they even give you a proof online to make sure it is what you want. Thank goodness for that, my first one had the text outside the cutting line! Ooops ! Check it out: They have great design templates or you can design your own! You have 3 different sizes to choose between. I like the f

EEBEE DVD - Giveaway

So, remember when I was talking about eebee the other day? Broxton's new friend? We were so lucky to receive eebee and 3 DVDs for review! I am glad we did, but now... We are going to "have" to order the books, possibly the snuggle time eebee and I am thinking that Broxton "has to have" the eebee hat! Check out their website to see what I mean! Well.. Let me just tell you! We have been having so much fun! Broxton's face lights up when I get eebee out to play! The DVDs are great! They average around 75 minutes. The great thing about the DVDs is that they use everyday items! Eebee is a great little guy! I think he is cute as anything too! His DVDs show that you and your little one can have a great time learning and exploring with typical household items. They show babies playing with paper, balls, cereal, even the laundry! While watching the DVDs with Broxton , I was reminded of all the fun games we can play while doing everyday items. Just t

Yo - Baby~ Review

Most people have heard of the Yo-Baby Yogurt... I am not really a huge yogurt fan, therefore I have not really paid any attention to it. Until now! I recently got to try the Yo-Baby Yogurt 3 in 1 for Broxton . The Yo-Baby 3 in 1 is this... They take yogurt and then add a fruit and veggie puree at the bottom! You just stir it up and enjoy. Now, your little one is getting a bit of fruit, veggie and good for you yogurt all in one bite! Talk about a great concept! Oh yeah, how about it is ORGANIC as well! Yep, sure is!!! They come in 3 different flavors. The flavors they offer are: Pear & Green Bean, Peach & Squash, Apple & Sweet Potato. Okay, so you know I tried them too! I can't really see how those combinations would work.. but they do! I thought that we would like the Apple and Sweet Potato the best, but surprisingly... Broxton and I both like the Pear and Green Bean the most! THEN the Apple and Sweet Potato, followed by the Peach and Squash! Check out their web

Winner ~ Anitra Holley CD

Thank you to all of you that commented on the CD! The winner of the Anitra Holley CD is Lindsay (comment # 5) CONGRATS! I did the TRUE NUMBER GENERATOR over at but of course, I am not really quite sure how to post the picture of it like other blogs do... I think I may have figured it out for the next giveaway though... Anyways, she has been contacted and the CD will go out in the mail tomorrow! Please check back this week! I have another giveaway coming up! You have to wait to see what it is!