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What is Going On? Paper Coterie Makes Me Happy

Sorry I have not been around lately... I am trying to get all of this situated for Broxton to start school. We have had meet and greet with the teacher, we have had parent orientation night... We have bought school supplies and all of that good stuff. I am so excited, yes, I will be an emotional wreck the day he starts, but I am so excited for him! In the meantime, I wanted to tell you something... I am now an affiliate for Paper Coterie! I am in love with this place! We have several items from them and I have always been impressed. I gave one of my best friends a growth chart from there... I was able to put a picture of her son on it with his name on there...  They all loved it! I have also ordered a couple journals from them. (In one of them, I have tried to write down things about Broxton... but truth be told, by the time I think about writing them down, I am laying in the bed trying to go to sleep, so that never works out... but at least I have

Stop The Texts. Stop The Wrecks

Knowing that I love Glee, I had to share this with you... For those that do not watch Glee, still worth the read... Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA (August 22, 2012) –   Today, the  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the State Attorneys General and Consumer Protection Agencies and the Ad Counciljoined with Twentieth Century Fox Television and Twentieth Century Fox HomeEntertainment to unveil new public service advertisements (PSAs) featuring scenes from season three of Fox’s award-winning television series “Glee” to  educate young adult drivers  (16-24)  of the dangers of texting while driving. Earlier this year, the Golden Globe winning series made headlines when a pivotal cliffhanger episode ended with a shocking and catastrophic crash due to texting and driving. Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) was driving to her friends’ (Rachel and Finn, played by Lea Michele and Cory Monteith) wedding when a she received a text. She took her eyes off the roa

Sprout Ratings Climb, That Means More Shows!

I know I posted this before, but I just wanted to remind everyone of the new shows headed to Sprout Monday, August 27th.  Broxton will be starting school that Tuesday, so I am excited we can celebrate the day before with a couple new shows!   I am really looking forward to seeing the new shows and there are a couple current shows with new episodes! Also, don't forget that the Pajanimals are headed to stores as Plush Characters!  What better way to get your little one excited for bed time besides cuddling up with their favorite character and singing "lullabye"? Olive the Ostrich                 Olive is an ostrich with a big imagination, huge heart and a gigantic appetite for adventure! She lives in the outback with her family, but Olive is different…while her family is running, pecking and laying eggs, Olive can be found imagining herself going on exciting adventures when she buries her head, down, deep down into the sand. Written in a story book style, Olive

Healthy Foods from A to Z

I will admit, I was a bit interested to see what would be inside the book, Healthy Foods from A to Z and I tell you what, I was not disappointed! This book is full of color and I have enjoyed looking at it! This book does more than grabs the attention of the reader... It shows everyone what "healthy foods" are out there.. but there is so much more... It is a bilingual book!  I really liked that part, as we can look at it and not only discuss the food in the picture, but we can also work on our ABC's... and learn another language too! That was also the one thing that bothered me... I loved learning, but then I think for younger children, it could be confusing... You see, on one side of the picture, you have the English words (with Spanish Below) Then, on the opposite side, you have the Spanish words (with English below) Let's grab the letter N, for Noelle N - Noodles (fideos) Nuts (nueces) Nectarine (nectarina) Naranja (Orange)

Bye Bye Stress @chickensoupsoul #Giveaway

I do not know about you, but I know plenty of people that could use a little LESS STRESS.. . I was happy to get the Chicken Soup for the Soul, Say Goodbye to Stress, as I know I can benefit from it, as can several friends and family members! This book has 8 Chapters:  Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy Triumph Over Tragedy Killer Jobs - Stress and the Workplace Home Is Where the Heat Is Preventing Monetary Meltdown Emotions and Thoughts Mind Your Stress Se-stress Your Lifestyle This book is like all the other Chicken Soup books we know and love, as it is filled with stories written by every day people like us, but it differs as well. No more quotes to start the chapter off... No silly cartoons... But, it is full of great information! I did enjoy that the Triumph Over Tragedy has a Stress Inventory Check list included to see just where you are as far as stress levels.  Also, hey have a blocked off area with information for "signs of workplace stress."

Want A Better Body? @chickensoupsoul #Giveaway

Looking for a better body?  Chicken Soup for the Soul has a new book, Say Hello to a Better Body; Weight Loss and Fitness for Women Over 50.  Now, I am not over 50, but honestly, any words that might help, I will read!  I am sure I can not be the only one!  Now, this is a bit different than other Chicken Soup books.. No cartoons or quotes, even the size of the book has changed, but it is full of Inspirational Stories and Medical Advice There are 5 Chapters :  A Turning Point Taking Stock Moving Forward Food For Thought The Long Run Right from the start, this had my attention: Don't Follow Rules, Change Habits I needed to hear that one! It even gives you a simple "go to for measuring ... Such as 1 thumb = 1 teaspoon of peanut butter...  Just little thing to help while you are on the go! I have enjoyed flipping through this! From the Chicken Soup Site:  Weight Loss and Fitness for Women Over 50 Inspiring Chicken Soup for the Soul stories and ac