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Do you remember, Who Shot J.R.? Review

I posted before about the release of the Fourteenth Season of Dallas being released to DVD... Well, I have news for you... As of April 12 th , you can also get the set of Dallas: The Movie Collection . Now, I had never seen any of these movies, so I was really excited to watch them. I really enjoyed watching " The Early Years," as it gave me the set up to the series. Yes, I did watch it as a child, but remember... It went off in 1991, I was only 12 at that time, so what all do I really remember?! I loved seeing how it all began, if you will... But the cast that we all know and love do not come into the movie scene until the second one.. That is where we watch "J.R. returns" and "The War of the Ewings ." My all time favorite on these two discs? The reunion. Yep, seeing them all now... Seeing them reminisce about their days at Southfork . Most of all, the looking back at the fan voted TOP 10 cliff hangers of Dallas! Do you know what they were? Nope, I am

Energizer Batteries Teams Up with the National Park Foundation

As a mom, we go through TONS of batteries with all of Broxton's toys... Not to mention the 50 million pictures I take... I am happy to know that Energizer has teamed up with the National Parks Foundation! What does this mean? Well, first of all... National Park Week: Okay, short notice on my part - Until Sunday, you can visit any National Park for free. You can also text BUNNY to 27722 to trigger a $1 donation from Energizer to the National Park Foundation. (Up to $50,000) Second thing... There are specially marked Energizer Products that have codes in them. Once you purchase three of those products, you can do one of two things. One - redeem it for $10 towards a National Park Trip or Two - have Energizer donate it directly towards the National Park Foundation. Third thing... RSVP to join a volunteer event by visiting " Now that's postivenergy " or on FACEBOOK . Now, with all that talk of Energizer Batteries, did you just realize you need some? LOL One Win

Episencial - Review

With Earth Day today, I just wanted to share a product that is not only great for your skin, but the packaging it comes in isn't all that bad either! (RECYCLED!) Just as most adults have a routine when caring for their skin... Episencial is the skin care line for little ones... Episencial is created for the developing skin and is all natural! Not only are the products you are putting on your baby safe, the packaging it comes in is also safe for the planet. Here is another reason to use them... The packaging is made with Solar Power! Episencial is based upon the 3 steps in making sure your baby stays soft and cuddly even after the pampering of bath time! Step One: Bathe Step Two: Nurture Step Three: Protect With the bathing, the offer both the Playful Foaming Wash, as well as the Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath. See, they have you covered for both morning and night bathers! :) While Nurturing your little one, they offer the Better Body Butter and the Soothing Eczema Cream. With th

Winnie The Pooh - Easter Coloring Pages

Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends are heading back to the theater... July 15 th , to be exact! With that date to look forward to, Disney has released a few Easter themed coloring pages to get your little ones excited! Happy Easter ALL!!!!!

Aloha Friday - Swimming?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday with Kailani . In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. My question: Do you know how to swim? Do your kids? My answer: I do and we played with Broxton in the pool last year. I am trying to figure out the best way to teach him... From us , or lessons? Just not sure yet, but I want him to love the pool as much as we do and I think he already does!!!

9 Tips for Saving on DIY Projects - Guest Post

Yet another email to share with you... I am all about saving money, as I think we all are... 9 Tips for Saving on DIY Projects By : Andrea Woroch . 1. Big Box Vs. Small Stores For the frugal consumer, shopping smart is always a logical first step. When you're shopping at the big-box home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes , there are always deals going down. The two heavyweight retailers are highly competitive and both stores offer price matching with an additional 10-percent discount on identical products advertised at a lower price at any competing store. Both stores also post weekly sales, discounts and rebates on their websites so you can be prepared before you hit the store. Not to mention, you can always find coupons for these home and garden giants. On the other hand, locally owned home-supply stores, like Ace Hardware , often provide email sign-ups that allow you to receive special deals on the same items you would find at the big-box stores. While you may not

Old London works for me! - Review

Have you ever heard of Old London? Melba Toast? Ring a Bell yet? Well, I am not going to lie... I had never heard of them, until last year. My mom bought a box and I quickly decided that I was in love! I had to try all of the Melba Toast and I quickly decided that I loved the Sourdough and the Sesame the most. So delicious! It was also so nice to have in the pre -packaged packs! Whew, at least they could tell me when to stop enjoying! I was happy to see that I would have the chance to participate in the Mom Central Old London Blog Campaign. Now, I already knew I loved Old London, but I did not know what else they offered! Now I do! Also, Broxton had to help me review them... He enjoyed every bite just as much as I did! I think that the Bagel Chips might become a regular in our pantry! I enjoyed the Spicy Cheddar, but I really want to try the other flavors offered as well! (French Onion, Garlic & Herb and Sea Salt) We enjoy our Old London variety plain... But, I have also enjoye


Are you ready for a few winners?! Would love for you to be one!!! (If not, feel free to enter the current contests!!!!) Don't forget, if you won... Grab the button and place where everyone can see!!!!! Now, the winners... Congrats to all and thanks for entering!!!! Space Bag - Cathy W. Chicken Soup: Shaping the New You Jennifer Apple Blossom Chicken Soup : Grieving and Recovery jakiesmom Natalie Jacobs robynl update: jakiesmom won on another blog, so the new winner is: fdigsby Exergen Temporal Scanner Danelle Kaskey Kids Sports Figures Natalie Jacobs

8 Formulas To Live By- Guest Post

I am happy to be able to share a Guest Post with you Today. This is an article written by : Ana Weber The 8 Formulas to Live By By Ana Weber What are the 8 formulas to live by? Why are they effective and liked? Who can benefit from these formulas? This year is the 5 th birthday year I am celebrating the life of the 8 formulas for life... How fun? AND timing is perfect 2011. We are battling with a downturn economy, thousands of people are searching for jobs, looking for answers to pressing questions, lost emotionally and financially drained. Some lost hope, direction, and focus and faith in tomorrow and others cannot let go of yesterday battles or yesterday's better days they remember. And in the process some of us are challenged with extra weight, unexpected aging signs, low energy, and no patience for our kids, not enough time for accomplishing what we set to do in the first place and furthermore we express a lousy attitude at work and at home and everywhere we go in between

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Born Free TwistN' Pop Straw Cup - Review

I have mentioned before how hard it was for me to find sippy cups for Broxton. I looked and looked, here... there, everywhere. I do not even know all the brand names I tried, but I tried what felt like a million of them. We finally found ones that work... But now, he isn't needing sippy cups. Hello, MOM? I am a BIG BOY! I did not even think about the fact that he would need Big Boy cups when I was on my journey through bottles and sippy cups. I will say that I was pretty happy when Born Free sent me their TwistN' Pop Straw Cup . Oh, let me back up a minute... We all know I am a celeb junkie... I often wonder what they do with their little ones... So on and so forth, so when Born Free had a picture of Mel B. (Spice Girl) with her child and TwistN' Pop... out and about, not for a photo shoot! LoL, I wondered, out of all the bottles/cups and what not... What made Born Free be the one that they chose? I know the answer! It works and the kids love it! Ha! Back to the cup.

Monkey Brains Hair Collection - Review

If you have a house with Teens/ Tweens in it, chances are... They are all about style these days! We had the boys up here for spring break, so I was happy that we also had the chance to review the Monkey Brains Hair Collection during that time! Granted, it is MALE central here... But, they do like the spiky hair style from time to time! Well, the oldest and youngest do... The middle, not so much, he just likes to go... We were able to review the Crazy Sticky Hair Gel . ( MSRP of $3.99) Now, they are not joking with this one! It is crazy and it sure as anything is sticky. They also should have added something about it smelling wonderful in the name... I think that was what I liked the best! I know if I needed hair gel for anything, the smell of this would draw me to it! The other that we were able to review was the Grease Monkey Hair Pomade . ( MSRP of $3.99) It is definitely geared to the Teen/Tween since it is a bright purple! (As well as the packaging over all for all of the p