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Help them learn to be independent - Baby Dipper Review & Giveaway

As we all know, as a parent of a young one, you just never seem to have enough hands!!!
Some of the feeding accessories for young ones really are not that helpful when you are trying to juggle all sorts of things at the same time. Broxton and I have been reviewing the Baby Dipper and I wish we would have had this when I was having to feed him all the time! Just what is the Baby Dipper? The Baby Dipper is a bowl that is perfect for when you have to feed them, but it is great for when they are feeding themselves! You can only move the spoon or fork around the bowl so many times for the remaining food before you give up on it, right?!
Not anymore!!!
The Baby Dipper is in the shape of a triangle! Yes, no more circling the bowl to get the rest! you can just scoop it into the corner and there you go! The bowl bottom even slants to one end, so that is the end it all goes to!
Great thinking!!!!
I like the way it looks. At first, I thought it was glass and I was a bit concerned... I for one did not…

Shampowder - Review

When I first had Broxton, I was exhausted...
I felt like every single second was needed to devote for him...
Sometimes I barely had time to get a shower, much less wash my hair!
Please, do not let me be the only one!

Truthfully, I do not wash my hair everyday...
I have not done that in a while now.
I do rinse everyday... but not the whole shampoo and condition!

Back in my days in the "bar biz" it was always go, go, go.
Not always due to work, but you know what I mean!

I wish I would have had Shampowder then!!!!
For the days when a quick touch up would be nice, you could use this!!!

Have you heard of Shampowder before?
Basically, they have 3 to choose from:
Dark for brunettes and redheadsLight for blondes Black for black hair...
I have to laugh at myself when I think about it... I was curious as to why you would need to know the hair color when ordering... Duh!!! Just like powder for your face, it has to blend!!!!
The Shampowder absorbs the oils in your hair... The powder blends in with …

Aloha Friday - # 59

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend.
My question : Do you travel out of town for the holidays?
My answer: I used to travel out of town.. but now, with the family... It is easier for us to stay here and have my family come here to visit.
Aloha Everyone!
Please do not forget, lots of contests going on!

And the Winner is...

Huguette E. said...

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"Are you good to go" - Review and Giveaway

If you really think about all the trash that results from grabbing to go food... We are all really making a HUGE impact on the landfills!
I am not even counting the containers/bags...
I am just talking about the to-go utensils.
Think about it... You are out of town for work. Maybe you do not want to go out to eat every meal, so you grab something and bring it back to your hotel room. There you go... To-Go Utensils. You grab something to take back to the office... To-Go Utensils... I am not going to go on and on, because we ALL know what I am talking about.
BUT, I do want to tell you a CUTE way to help eliminate your part of the problem. Have you heard of Green Ostrich? They have several great green gifts that are sure to be a hit with everyone on your list!
Quick side note...
I wanted to know why they picked an Ostrich...
Education right here : (from their site) Why did we pick an ostrich? The ostrich is one of the most Earth-friendly animals in the world. They compare favorably with cattle, poul…

Cheese, Please - Review and Giveaway WIBN

With the holidays approaching, I am sure parties have entered your mind... I love to party... but I am not good at getting the food together for the party! I have things in mind, but can not seem to get it worked out!
Now, I can at least have cheese to serve! (and it not only tastes great, it looks great too!)
I was able to review Alouette Cheese. Now, I have noticed it before at the store, but I have never bought it... I am glad I did!!!
I tried the Garlic and Herbs... YUMMY!!!! (They even give you a few serving suggestions... Like on a sandwich, or topped on a baked potato! Can not wait to try these!) Spinach and Artichoke is up next for me to try!!!

But, I think my favorite was the Sundried Tomatoes and Garlic Spreadable Cheese Log. The tomatoes were still moist! I was expecting it to be like dried flakes.. but not the case! I am not going to lie... If we have people over during the holidays, this will be served!
I will plate it all nice and pretty... Add different types of crackers and EN…

Kick Off the Holidays ORGANIZED - Carolina Pad Review & Giveaway - WIBN

The Carolina Pad Holiday Memory Organizer is something that I have really been hoping to review! Talk about the excitement as I opened the box! It was as though Carolina Pad sent me an early Christmas present!!!!
I really wanted to see how it was, so I would know if I wanted to order them as gifts for a few people on my list. Hopefully, you can tell by my excitement...
It FAR exceeded my expectations! So, just what is a Holiday Memory Organizer?
It just happens to be THE item I need!!!
It is a binder/storage solution for people like me.
Do you keep your Christmas cards?
I do, but not the way I want to ... I have them in boxes!
Not really an easy way to pull them out and look at them! I mostly get to sit and reminisce looking at them when we move...
But with the Holiday Organizer, I can put it with my photo albums and can enjoy whenever!!!

Okay, let me tell you about the Holiday Organizer!
It is a cute and festive Binder:
See? Inside the Holiday Organizer, you will find:Tabbed Dividers that are …

Swanson's Makes It Easier - Review & Giveaway

As most of you know...I DO NOT cook. It isn't that I do not want to... It is that I do not know most of the spices, so that makes it hard to do!
I have a few of my easy go to recipes and guess who happens to help ME out?

Yep! You guessed it!
I have used Swanson's Chicken for several different things... Chicken and Rice. Chicken Salad. Chicken Tetrazzini.
Chicken Pot Pie.
Once the boys get here... I am going to need help in making good food... and lots of it!
They are growing boys, you know!

I was sent a couple recipes that I will be trying once they get here. Most people love Chicken Alfredo, I know they do... So this will be a for sure try!
Also, while we cheer for the Georgia Bulldogs and the LSU Tigers, we can try out the Buffalo Chicken Dip. Sounds to tempting to make just for Marc and I... I will have to substitute Ranch for the Blue Cheese though! :)
Did you know that you can actually go to their site and they have other recipes to help you with dinner? AS WELL AS TAILGATING SN…

Wouldn't It Be Nice? - Under Your Tree Gift Guide

No, you can NOT have THIS under your tree... I would miss him to much!!!
But, you can win several great things, to keep or share!!!!
I can not think of what I want to call this, so ANY suggestions are appreciated!!!Yes, I know it is a Holiday Gift Guide... But I want a fun name! I will be holding several great giveaways and plenty of reviews over the next two weeks.I hope you enter them all! :) I mean, gifts are great... but aren't they even better when they are FREE?! You know you want to enter them... So, stop on by tomorrow and start entering away!!!!!

Leave a message here stating EXTRA ENTRY and then you can use it for any (or all) the giveaways I host during the WIBN Giveaway!!!!

W/W - Pumpkin Patch

Yeah, so while all of you were posting your Pumpkin Patch Pictures... We were trying to get a good one... :)
So now, FINALLY we can show you the attempt was at least made!
We went to a Pumpkin Patch in Newnan, Georgia... We actually joined up with another group, because we wanted to go on a weekday... It was fun, but I do feel as though it was for older children... (Yes, Marc and I enjoyed it!)
They had "story telling", taught us about pottery, taught us about spinning wool, and a petting zoo!
Broxton LOVED the petting zoo, he wanted to pet them all.. Of course he had to say "HEY!" to every single one of them!

After TRYING to get a good one of him with the Pumpkins... We gave up... But hey, we went and had fun... That is all that really matters, right?!
Happy Wednesday!!!!

Giveaway Updates - LOTS ending SOON

Letters to Ethan - Book Review

Tom McQueen did what many of us look back and wish we had...
He wrote a series of letters to his grandson, Ethan.
Tom McQueen is a therapist... but most importantly, he is a grandfather. The book, Letters to Ethan, is a series of letters that Mr. McQueen wrote as a means to share his life's lessons with his grandson. Although he wrote these letters, they ring true with each and every single one of us.
The thing I really enjoyed about the book was that you can tell it is from the heart. Also, I really, really, REALLY love the quotes before each letter. (If you can not tell, I am a lover of quotes!)
Here is one I really liked : " When an old person dies, it's like a library burning." - Alex Haley
Several of the letters contain stories or poems that Mr. McQueen heard at some point in his life. Actually, some were stories that I have received as emails! :) But above all, Mr. McQueen is teaching Ethan ( and all of us that read it) how to be as good of a person that God intende…

Lots of Candy? You need to REACH for your toothbrush!

Let's get a little personal here!
(No, I am NOT coming over and going in your medicine cabinet when I go to the bathroom... )But I do want to know... What kind of toothbrush do you use?
I have used REACH toothbrushes for quite some time now... I just really enjoy how clean my teeth get when using them. I am not sure if you noticed, but REACH is getting on the "fancy" side... Instead of the basic different colors of toothbrushes, they now come with designs on them!

I already had the cute designed one, but when they "reached" out to see if I wanted to review, of course I said YES!!!!
I mean, you can never have enough toothbrushes!
I have one that I leave in my toiletries bag... then another for each bathroom here... You never know when you will feel the need to clean your teeth!

The one I have is designed with flowers on it... I also have a zebra striped one, a yellow striped one and a plaid one!
I am telling you, the designs are so cute and are perfect for each member of…

KidSwitch to the Rescue!!! Review & Giveaway

This is from the Day 9 on the Hurry Up the Holidays List! But, I wanted to move it back up... Sorry for the confusion!
Hope you had a great Halloween.
( I will fill you in on ours soon!)

Broxton is getting to be a big boy!
Every day, I realize that my sweet baby is in fact a toddler and I need to go ahead and realize that I can not slow him down!! He is such a helper, always there to make the task go by, a bit slower, yes... but the bonding is irreplaceable!
The only problem we have had is that he can not reach to turn his bedroom light on and off. He plays all over our apartment and every single time he wants to go to his room, I have to go help him turn the light on.

I knew that I had seen a light extender or something like that on another blog, but when it came time to search for it, I could NOT figure out what it was... No lie. It was late and my brain was in sleep mode, but I searched : help a kid turn a light on make a light switch longer for a child
I could not think of wh…

Music Moves Me - Lucky

So, here's the steps to this party. First step: Run over to You Tube, and lock & load! Upcoming themes are to you LOWER RIGHT.
Second Step: Grab our "Monday's Music Moves Me" Button (to your right, under mine) Third step: SIGN THE LINKY - Follow your conductors, and grab their buttons too when you visit them and show them some love by leaving a comment..
Final step: Boogie Out by clicking on Fellow Rockin' bloggers on our Linky or bring some back with to join us! Drag them back kicking and screaming who cares, just bring them back!!! SO THAT'S IT!

A friend of mine told me about this song... and honestly, it helped get me through Marc's deployment... It was even my ringtone!!!!

Baby Bible Christmas Storybook Review

Day 12 (and final day... 12 days of Christmas, you know?!) of the Hurry Up the Holidays List.
Oh My Goodness!
What a great book to end the Hurry Up the Holidays List with!
We received the Baby Bible Christmas Storybook for review and I love the way it helps with interaction with the little one!
Normally with Broxton, we point at the pictures in the book and the colors to... but this one goes further than that...
(What a great help for moms like me!)

I will share part of the first one with you: Mary's Secret : The angel told Mary a special secret. (Put your fingers to your lips: Shhhh) The baby will be God's Son, Jesus. (Pretend to rock a baby)
See what I mean?
The top line tells the story and the next line helps you to interact with your child while sharing such a great story!!!!

The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook is actually part of a series, I did not know that... but this is the newest release.
I really like how this book is small, perfect for a little one's hands!
Yet not those litt…