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Time For You -" Lola Versus" Movie Tips

All of us can use a little "me time" every now and then... Right?! If you remember, I reviewed the movie, Lola Versus , a little bit ago.. To go along with the September 11 release of the movie, today I am sharing a list that was passed on to me for us all to have a little time for ourselves...  Lola’s Guide To Me Time Greta Gerwig sparkles in this offbeat romantic comedy about looking for answers - and finding yourself - in a complicated world. When 29-year-old Lola (Gerwig) is dumped by her fiancé Luke Joel Kinnaman) just three weeks before the wedding, she embarks on an emotional, year-long adventure of self-discovery filled with love, loss, hilarity and heartache. Guided (and often misguided) by the well-meaning advice of her close friends and eccentric parents, Lola's chaotic journey en route to the big 3-0 proves that a single tumultuous year can yield the lessons of a lifetime. We’re busy women these days.  Juggling, work, school, relationships,

Good Night, Pajanimals! Pajanimal Plush Line Headed Our Way!

If you ever watch Sprout at night, I am sure you are familiar with The Pajanimals.  These cute "kids" go on adventures each night before heading to bed and Broxton just loves this show. We normally watch the show, then he has me sing the Pajanimals song again... (You know, La-La-Lullabye... that one!)\ Well, come to find out...  TOMY (toy line) has worked out a deal with Jim Henson to extend selling to the US...  That means Pajanimal plush animals will be available for sale over here this October! We love all of them, so I was excited to have the chance to review one for you guys! We were sent CowBella and she is just so soft! I love that they are in nice, comfy pajamas... Just like you would expect them to feel from seeing them on television!  Soft = more cuddling, so that works great for me!  I know that Broxton will love snuggling up with CowBella while watching Pajanimals at night, so I can not wait for him to open this one up! The Pajanimal logo

Baby Your Baby With @GentleNaturals1 #giveaway

Having a baby is full of so many different emotions...  I know for us, it was a time of excitement...  but it was also a time of learning...  Marc was deployed and I was determined NOT to have anything (even teeny tiny) go wrong... So, I was researching and reading, trying to learn everything  I could to be the perfect mom!   With that, I was quite surprised when Broxton had this nasty red rash looking thing one day. I totally freaked out!   It was in the folds behind his knees, in the folds where his arm bent...  I had never seen anything like it, but I knew it just had to hurt...  You know what that meant... I called his pediatrician!   Come to find out, he has eczema.  Now, truth be told, I had heard of it... but really did not know what it meant.  Thanks to the Internet, I was able to research and learn.  Now, whenever I have the chance to try and learn about a new product for eczema, I will always say yes!   So, when I had the chance to review for Gentle

Pirate's Booty IS A Real Treasure!

In keeping with my Pirate Theme from yesterday, today I want to share with you a Yummy Treasure I have recently discovered!   How many of you are familiar with Pirate Booty Snacks ? These delicious snacks are actually BAKED and ALL NATURAL... made from puffed rice and corn!   I will admit, before I paid attention, I thought that it was just flavored popcorn...  Then, I actually read the description... and we are now reviewing them...  Not a chance!!!  This is so tasty... and so much better for you than plain ol' potato chips! We were sent a treasure box full of the Aged White Cheddar and Broxton was a bit confused!!!  Lol, he was trying to figure out what they were... as they taste awesome... but are super light and airy.. Meaning he had never tried them before... I am still trying to decide how much he likes them, as he has been sharing them with me... and normally he hordes the foods for himself...  I know that I like them and that I think they are much

Ahoy Mateys! It's A Pirate's Life Around Here

In  keeping with my Halloween post from yesterday, I wanted to go ahead and let you in on what Broxton just might be for Halloween.   I decided that this year he could be whatever he wanted and at first, he was thinking about being a superhero of some sort...  We went to check out the costumes that were new for 2012  as he is old enough to look and tell me what he wants.  No, there were some that I would not let him be if he chose, but for the most part, he could pick anything he wanted...  I was surprised when he looked and looked and decided that he wanted to be ......  Can you guess who he is?! I really like his Halloween choice!   Now, a little about my thoughts on this costume.   I love that it fit him so well. The pants are a bit long, but nothing that can't be fixed when we put it on right and hide the extra length under the boots. It just has a couple little Velcro connection points on the back, no snapping or anything. The "boots" are just slip cov

The Monster Mash - Halloween Kidz Bop

It is almost mid September, which means Halloween items will be lining the shelves soon.. (If not already in some stores!) I am not one that goes all crazy for Halloween.   Nothing against it, but back when I was working, I used to work it...  Then, once I was a mom... It went like this: First year, Broxton was 8 months old, we didn't do anything except give candy out...  Second year, we learned that our neighbors do not do ANYTHING at all for Halloween...  Third year, we went to another neighborhood and Broxton was able to enjoy his first true Halloween. This year, I want to get in the "spirit" of things, but we still will not do anything too much...  I would love to one day have a house and decorate and get more "into" it...  But until then...  When we drive to go to the neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating, this year... We will be more festive...  How is that? Because we will be listening to the latest Kidz Bop - Halloween!

Twice Blessed Consignment

Are you one that does consignment? I will be honest... I never did...  Until Broxton.   Now, as fast as he goes through clothes...  I love going to a consignment sale and getting cute clothes at a HUGE discount... The church we go to is having their Fall - Winter Consignment Sale. Here is the schedule:   Thursday, September 13th – 5:00pm till 9:00pm Friday, September 14th – 9:30am till 6:00pm Saturday, September 15th – 9:00am till 1:00pm *** Many items 1/2 off *** *** For safety reasons, no strollers please *** McEachern United Methodist Church. 4075 Macland Rd Powder Springs, GA  *** I was not asked to post this, I just wanted to share since I know I will be there shopping!  ***

AZ Books Has Crossed the Pond - Great Selection

AZ Books LLC has entered the market in the USA!   Whooo Hoooo Okay, I know you might not be familiar with AZ Books, but that needs to be followed with a YET.. As in, you are not familiar with them YET...  But, if you know kids under the age of 10, I bet you will be learning about them soon. Image Credit : AZ Books I had the chance to review one of their books and we were sent the AZ Books, Amazing Space, Encyclopedia with Flaps !  I actually took this on a road trip, as it gave Broxton something to look at.  Each flap is somewhat "hidden" on the page... So, besides just looking at the pictures, he was able to look for the hidden flaps...   We flipped through and looked at several pages talking about what all we learned...  This book was pretty fun because we were able to learn about so much... It starts with us learning about the sky and the stars...  We even got to look in a space ship and see the cargo area and what they would pack for a trip...

They Said What? Preschool Gems

We know that kids can say the craziest things...  Broxton has said numerous things that I always wish I had written down, but then I forget about them...  I need to make a habit of trying to be better at that!!!! Luckily, for those of with kids... or even those of us that just love kids, Leslie McCollum wrote things down... and out of the mouth of babes, we have Preschool Gems. Preschool Gems is a book that is 109 pages of sayings...  From " "Tell us a story from your brain."  to "I remember when I didn't know you" you will smile reading them.  Now, I will be honest, some just didn't do anything for me...  I think more would have been funny had there been a back ground story to it...  But, that is just my opinion on that one...  I did enjoy it...  So, out of the mouth of babes... if we could only have days like this: " I fell because I high-fived so hard!" Preschool gems has tons of one liners sure to pu

Teeny Mates Review @LilTeammates Does It Again!

Broxton loves all sorts of toys and figures... We have army men, football men, firemen, and of course, wrestlers and super heroes... In the past, we reviewed Lil' Teammates and now we are getting the chance to review the Teeny Mates !  I have to admit, these are the cutest little quarterbacks I have ever seen! They are so teeny, I purposely took a picture of them with the average "wooden blocks" that almost everyone has seen at some point in their life...   These Teeny Mates are so small, but that makes them that much cuter in my opinion! Broxton was so excited when he opened them up!  He was so surprised at their size, but he has placed them up against the "big boys" and they have held their own!   NFL  TEENYMATES  FAST FACTS: 1" tall, officially licensed NFL figures for kids and collectors alike, ages 4 and up. Entering the immensely popular mini-collectible market as the only official NFL figures available. Amazing detail for such

Happy Grandparents Day!!!!

I have a wonderful family and I know I am super blessed...  I hope you and your family have a wonderful grandparents day! (It almost slipped past me, but since Sprout is talking about it ALL day with a Caillou marathon... You know we have it on!!!!)   Here are a few family photo's of Broxton and his grandparents!!!! Broxton, his brothers and Grandma Ball and Grandpa Ed.  Broxton with Marcs dad. Broxton with my dad's mom... So, his Great Grandmother. Broxton with my mom's dad... So, his Great Grandaddy. Broxton and my mom's mom.. So, another Great Grandmother. Broxton and my mom...  One of my favorite photo's.... Broxton and my dad at a UGA game...  I love the happiness on both of their faces... Hope you and your family have a wonderful day!