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Lamb's Easter Surprise - Great for Easter Basket

I want to share a couple ideas that the Easter Bunny says he is bringing Broxton...
I have told you about a great DVD he is bringing...  Now, it is time to share a great book!  

Lamb's Easter Surprise is a colorful book about a soft lamb that makes the best surprise party ever!!! Little one's will love turning the pages watching all the barnyard animals as they prepare for an Easter Surprise sure to put a smile on the face of every reader!  You can actually feel the softness on the lamb as you turn each page! (It is able to be felt on the cover, so I was surprised that it was on each page as well!)  Broxton really enjoys the books that have different textures, so I know he is going to enjoy this one!  As you turn each page, you see the barn animals planning a special surprise.  From gathering and painting the eggs to decorating the place and table! Wake up and enjoy the start of morning reading such a cute book! What a cute book and the little girl that the party is for is in …

Operation: Get Ducky - Just In Time for Easter

Time to start thinking Easter Baskets! Does the Easter Bunny bring a basket full of candy to your house?
Last year, he brought Broxton a little bit of candy and several toys...
This year, he is bringing him something different... At least that is what he told me! First of all...  I heard he was going to be bringing Broxton a new DVD to watch! 
Have you seen Penguins of Madagascar?

Synopsis: Those wacky Penguins are back for eight exciting egg-ventures featuring their newest pal, Ducky and a few bunny friends.  After Marlene discovers a lost egg, the Penguins volunteer to egg-sit until they can find its mother.  When the egg hatches the Penguins put Ducky into Penguin training, but King Julien is jealous and wants to raise the duckling to be his second in command.

We have never seen it, that I know of... So, it will be cute seeing their newest DVD: Operation: Get Ducky! I think that this would be a great Easter Basket Idea, so I am glad that Mr. Easter Bunny thought of making this a gif…

All Creatures Great and Small - Easter Basket Idea's

If you are looking for a simple, yet really sweet, book for your library... You should look at All Creatures Great and Small. We sing Jesus Loves Me and other songs, but for Broxton, he does better reading and seeing. I am so happy that we got this book for review and the Easter Bunny says that he want this to go in Broxton's Easter basket this year.  
All Creatures Great and Small is a board book that is really colorful that tells us about... All creatures! It starts with " All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all."  It shows a little girl in a forest with animals of all kinds, shape and size.  The wonder of exploration in a child's eye is not missed in this book, as each page has her in a different scene, with all of God's Creatures.  I enjoyed flipping through the book and I know that Broxton is going to love it.  This book doesn't just tell us that the animals are from God&#…

Aloha Friday - Summer Plans

Time for Friday!  Whoooo Hoooo...  I am linking up with Kailani again this week for Aloha Friday.
Take it easy, ask a question... and relax!!! So, my question to you:

Do you have any Summer Plans this year?
We don't have any yet, but hope to get to go somewhere...  My aunt owns a condo at Panama City Beach, so it would be nice to take the boys there...

Sibu Beauty Seed Oil Review

I bit ago, I had the chance to review products from Sibu Beauty.  I was really impressed with them, so when I had the chance to review their Seed Oil, I knew I wanted to ...   If you remember, Broxton has eczema.  Some days are better than others... and I just can not seem to win for losing.  The doctor has prescribed lotions for him and we use those too.. I have to admit, maybe we don't do it as well as we should... You see, when we notice him starting to turn a bit red, or if he starts to itch, we put something on him.  Normally we try to put something on him at night before he goes to bed, no matter if there is a flare up or not... 
The problem is that he isn't always so cooperative.  I know, you are saying "You are the parent, you can make him be still" but you see, I have never had eczema., so I do not know what he is feeling.  I can only go by the results of seeing.   So... that being said, I wanted to try the Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil .  I figured that if I was …

Doc McStuffins - THIS FRIDAY, March 23 on Disney Junior

Remember me telling you about the newest show on Disney Junior?  Doc McStuffins...  (It starts March 23rd)   Well, we were sent a cute box full of goodies for the promotion of this show and of course, that meant a sneak peek DVD of an episode..    To be honest, Marc and I thought that this was going to be very much geared to little girls.  I know, I guess we jumped the gun, since it was a little girl as a main character.. Well, we were so wrong!  Broxton wasn't feeling well, so we snuggled up on the couch and put the Doc McStuffins DVD on.  It was just adorable.  Basically, the little girl is Doc McStuffins... She can talk to her stuffed animals and they can talk to her as well. 
 The episode we watched was called Knight Time (I think) in it, we met a few of Doc's toys/patients... They were playing pretend and needed a Knight, so she went and borrowed one, but he was all off kilter... So, Doc to the rescue! She checked him out and realized that he needed a bath, as he had a ba…

W/W - Just Like Daddy

Broxton wants to be so much like his daddy that it is not funny.
The other day I walked out to this:

My Pal Plush Toys - #giveaway and review

When I saw the My Pal site, I loved all I read about it. Not only are the dolls and plush toys adorable, I love the woman behind it! Loretta is not only a really good person, she has a really awesome company!
Loretta is the owner of  "a family-owned company whose mission is to produce high quality dolls and plush toys with theme booklets for children to learn from and enjoy.  Our focus is on raising children's social consciousness about caring for their peers and environment.  We educate the public about the need for more services for teens and adults with developmental differences, and we provide work experiences and training to these individuals. Please read more below about the  My Sibling/My Pal Work Experience Program™. Many of our products are made in the USA."
The My Pal/ My Sibling store has dolls that are adorable, but I am here to tell you about the Plush Toys.  We were looking to get something for Broxton for his birthday and we found just the thing!   The Birt…