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Good Deeds and Rewards? Love Kidorable!

I have blogged about Kidorable before... This company is just really more than a store that sells things, at least that is my opinion on them. Currently, they have another amazing promotion going on. Just what are they up to now? Until April 4 th , Kidorable will donate 10 % of their purchase to Children's Cancer Research Fund. How great is that?! Also, as we all know... April Showers Bring May Flowers... With that being said... Spend $20 or more and Kidorable will throw in a FREE UMBRELLA! Just go on over to kidorable and look around. Fill that cart up... Add the umbrella of your choice to your cart. Then, use coupon code CCRFUMB 2 at checkout. Does it get much better than this?! Thanks Kidorable !!!! ***** I was not compensated for this post. I just think that this is an amazing thing that they are doing, so of course... I wanted to share!*****

Baby Einstein Discovery Kit - Review

We have all of the Baby Einstein DVDs. We received a few as gifts, then we bought the others. I was very happy to hear that they have now released the Discovery Kit. Have you heard about this? The Baby Einstein name that we all know and love has gone one step further... Instead of buying just the DVD, you can buy an "all in one gift!" The Discovery Kit includes: Baby Einstein DVD Baby Einstein CD Baby Einstein Book (OR Discovery Cards) Wouldn't you love to give this as a gift... Or even receive this as a gift for your little one? I really like that they expand from just watching the DVD. Broxton has really enjoyed watching the World Of Rhythm that we were sent for review. Instead of throwing in a movie for the road trips, we watch this... Then break and discuss what all is around us... The CD adds for a different change of entertainment and we know Broxton loves his books! This has been a win - win for us!!!! This will for sure be on my list for future baby gi

Aloha Friday - Music

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. My question this week: What song is in your head right now? My answer: Right now, I keep hearing Justin Beiber singing Baby... Well, maybe not Justin Beiber ... No clue about this, but it was on the other day and Broxton started going "Baby, ohhhhh .. Baby" It was TOO CUTE! Have a great weekend!!!!

I am guest posting!! YAY

Hey all... Things have been a bit hectic, so sorry for not being around... I am sure to be playing major catch up soon... So, don't worry... BUT - I did want to tell you that I am a guest poster over at my dear friend Melissa's blog, Frugal Creativity! Please, head on over, show some love... Thanks and a HUGE THANKS to Melissa for allowing this opportunity!

W/W - Uncle Ashton

My brother came to visit his little side kick... After a long day and then driving to visit, he was pretty tired... Once he decided to go lay down, Broxton said he was going to go nite nite with Uncle Ashton! Needless to say, Uncle Ashton was serious and Broxton wanted to play!

Won't You Join Me for Breakfast in the Park? Atlanta

So, what are you doing on Sunday March 27 th ? Do you have any plans? Well, if you are in or near Atlanta, I hope you will come on out for Mrs. Butterworth's Free Family Breakfast Ball! What is it? The name sort of gives it away... Free Breakfast! :) I like calling it Pancakes in the Park... It is: Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup announcing the new arrival of their "limited edition spring bottles!" Who: Any and all who love pancakes and waffles... AS WELL AS, Yummy Mrs. Butterworths Syrup What: Free Family Breakfast Where: Piedmont Park 400 Park Drive Northeast, Magnolia Hall Lawn Atlanta, GA When: Sunday, March 27 th at 9:30 a.m. until noon Why: To celebrate the new spring themed bottles Stay up to date by following Mrs. Butterworth on FACEBOOK and TWITTER FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expresse

Prayers for My Family, Please

Just wanted to let you know that I might be gone for a few days... My uncle has been sick and passed away this morning. To be quite honest, I am not sure how much posting I am going to feel up to for the next few days. I want to ask if you pray, please add my family to your prayers.. Prayer is such a powerful thing. With my uncle, he had been sick.. In the end, he was suffering and basically the family just suffered with him, watching him that way. I did not go and see him. Some might not agree with that, but I asked my dad (his brother) and my dad said he thought it would be best for me not to go... I am a very emotional person and I am not good at holding them when needed... My uncle had been holding on... To what, I am not sure... But everyone had started "trying" to deal. Last night, I asked a few friends to pray for God's Will Be Done... And yes, I even asked on twitter for prayers during this time. Then, he was at peace this morning. The good thing? No more pain

Georgia Aquarium - Part Two

Yesterday I posted about Broxton and I going to the Georgia Aquarium the other day. Most times, I am the one taking the pictures, or I am holding the camera trying to do the one armed self portrait... Luckily, I was able to get Himee to take a picture to show that it was Mommy that took Broxton to the Aquarium for the day... Of course, he was to busy looking everywhere but at the camera... Still, it is proof! Not sure what this creature was, but I thought they were so funny looking that I just HAD to get a picture of it. Do you know what it is? Now this guy... OH.MY.GOODNESS. I have never seen anything like it... And until I go to the Aquarium again, I doubt I will see it again. I forgot what it is called, but it looked like it had piercings on it. They had a tank full of these guys and Broxton and I watched for a bit just to see them hanging out... I was trying to get a good picture.. And then HE. LOOKED. AT. ME! Look at that face... It is like he is asking what I am looking at..

Are you a winner?

Was totally going to try and talk about all the "winning" going on, but I think I am just going to skip that... You ready to see if you are a winner?! Here we go: Udderly Smooth - Tamara B. Sea Pak - bukaeyes Farm Rich - fdigsby Varsity Naturals - debbie - boy amber01 sw - girl TeeWit - amber01 sw Go ahead and leave a congrats to this round of WINNERS! Also, head on over to enter all my current giveaways!!!!!

Georgia Aquarium - Part One

Broxton and I met a friend of mine at the Georgia Aquarium the other day. I was looking forward to seeing his excitement at all the fish... and I was also really hoping to get a couple great photo's to share with you. (Yep, that did not work out so much...) I am posting a couple pictures today... and more tomorrow. Hope you come back both days to check them out! Once we got there, Broxton could have stayed for hours and hours just watching the fish go by. He loved it and was really in awe seeing them all. We eventually had to move so that other people could enjoy and Broxton just could not figure out why we could not stay there ALL DAY LONG. Plans to get an amazing picture of the Jelly Fish was a total BUST... But, I did try, so I wanted to show you. You always see them floating around, but I have never seen one that was all tangled up. (Guess I wasn't the only one, as I heard a couple other people talking about it as well) Then, I LOVED the colors in this one, so I tried.