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Emerald Nuts: Breakfast on the Go teams up with Labels for Education

I reviewed Emerald Nuts: Breakfast on the Go in the past... Remember, they were delicious!!!! I just received an email letting me know that they have now teamed up with Labels for Education. That was news that I just had to share!!!! Here is the email I received: With school in full swing it can be a struggle for families and students as they transition to the back-to-school routine. Getting up early, getting to class on time and going from school to activities can leave students in a time crunch. As discovered in a survey from Emerald Breakfast on the go! - hunger strikes many people in the mid afternoon around 3:30 p.m., right around the time students are going from class to sports practice or after-school lessons. Instead of grabbing something from the vending machine or stopping by a convenience store, kids can pack a convenient Breakfast on the go! pouch in a school bag to help those after school cravings. Parents don't need to worry about kids trying to prepare their a

Carving Pumpkins 101

Are you ready for Halloween? Broxton has been seeing Caillou talk about Halloween and now that is all he says.. "Trick or Treat" "Halloween" over and over.. Marc has always loved carving pumpkins and last year he and Broxton worked on one together. I guess this is a tradition that they will have each year. With such a creative tradition, we need the proper tools! Did you know that Pumpkin Masters has been at it for a bit and is celebrating 25 years?! To celebrate their 25 th Anniversary, Pumpkin Masters introduced a couple new items to their lineup and we were lucky enough to get to review them!!!! To start with, we opened up the All In One Carving Kit. This has the poker, the scooper, the cutter, crayon, stickers a light and patterns!!! They weren't lying when they said all in one!!!! Marc and Broxton started working on the pumpkin: Broxton helped daddy scoop it all out: While they worked on that, I started looking for a fun pattern for them to wor

#HolidayGiftGuide - @countrybobs Cookbook Review

There is no denying that we really enjoyed the Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce that we were able to review. You can read my Country Bobs Review if you would like. I have been trying to think of great gift idea's for my family and I thought a cookbook would be a great idea for my brother. I was so excited when the Country Bobs Cookbook arrived, as I knew this was going to be a great gift for him! It is filled with delicious sounding recipes... But, it is also filled with scripture. (If you remember, "Christ is our CEO" is their motto!) This cookbook has 4 sections: Appetizers, Soups and Snacks Grilling Main Dishes Desserts I am not even going to lie... After looking in this book, I am ready to grab a grill and make their poor man's fillet right this minute!!! It just sounds that good, to the point that I had to read it out loud to Marc!!! We will be trying this when we visit my parents!!! (My dad loves to grill!) From Meatloaf to Shrimp Scampi... This

Tree Of Life DVD #Giveaway

Enter To Win a Copy of This Exclusive Blu -ray Combo Pack Available October 11 Bring home acclaimed writer/director Terrence Malick ’s ( Badlands , Days of Heaven , The Thin Red Line, The New World ) thought provoking film experience THE TREE OF LIFE , available exclusively on Blu -ray Disc Combo Pack October 11 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Through stunning cinematography and raw emotional power Malick ’s hymn to life excavates answers to the most haunting and personal human questions through a kaleidoscope of the intimate and the cosmic, from the raw emotions of a family in a small Texas town to the wildest, infinite edges of space and time, from a boy’s loss of innocence to a man’s transforming encounters with awe, wonder and transcendence. Under Malick ’s careful direction THE TREE OF LIFE showcases complicated and haunting powerhouse performances by Academy-Award® nominee Brad Pitt ( Fight Club ), Academy Award® winner Sean Penn ( Milk, Mystic River ) an

10 Retailers that Support Breast Cancer Awareness

10 Retailers that Support Breast Cancer Awareness By Andrea Woroch If every month of the year was assigned a color, then pink would surely belong to October. Breast Cancer Awareness Month turns even the manliest organizations (think National Football League) into pink-laden landscapes, all in support of breast cancr research. One way consumers can show their support is by shopping for the cause. Many popular retailers and brands are currently offering products with some or all of the proceeds going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. For a more comprehensive list of participants, consult the organization's Corporate Partners page. 1. Yoplait As the National Series Presenting Sponsor of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Yoplait's signature pink lids are one of the most visible reminders of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With their Save Lids to Save Lives campaign, the yogurt manufacturer will donate 10 cents for each pink lid received. 2. Belk Belk is one of Susan G. Komen

#holidaygiftguide - Easy Freezer Meals Review

With the holidays, that normally means being busy. Busy going to parties, busy shopping, busy hosting people. Busy, Busy, Busy! Making great tasting meals isn't always on the top of the list... Not for any reason except for running out of time. At least time seems to get away from us quite often. That being said, I was excited for the opportunity to share a great book with you! The Complete Idiot's Guide has a solution for those nights! Whether it is due to shopping or due to games. No matter the case, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Easy Freezer Meals is one that you should have with all of your other cookbooks! Think about it.. Take one day and dedicate it to cooking several meals. Then, when you are rushed for time... Or sick... Or just really don't feel like cooking... You can grab a meal already made and dinner is done!!!! We haven't started making the different meals in here, but I am glad that we have this book. (Meals will come soon, just as soon as I g

"Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?!"

Okay, so maybe that isn't the right title I should have gone with... Giving all the attention with it right now, but still.. When I think of Football, I think of that! Hey, I did work in a sports bar for 10 years... Moving on... Are you a lover of NFL or are you more of an NCAA fan? I personally love College Ball. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I was born and raised in Bulldog Nation! I don't think I need to elaborate... but, just in case.. Dad went to UGA , brother is at UGA ... Broxton is being steered in that direction already! Ha ha!!! Anyways! Game day for us means snacking... No matter what time the game is, I just do not think you can watch football and not snack! Can you? Maybe you can, but I can't. Being that football season is just starting... Okay, so not just starting, but not over either! Come on, you know what I mean! Now is the time to think about a bit healthier snacking options! Here are a few for you to consider: Craisins

Travel the World in your living room - We Did

Obviously, we can not jet set around the world... Money doesn't allow for it, nor does Marc's schedule. Not to mention 3 of the boys are in school. Plus, even if we had the chance to travel, that doesn't mean that we would learn about a day in the life of someone from a different area. That being said, we really want to know more about other cultures and how they live. I was so happy that we were able to review two DVD's that were released last month! The first we chose to watch was Families Of Germany . I was really excited about this and they did not disappoint! First of all, it was neat that we got to see "their world" through the eyes of a child! Each video shows two different families. One from a rural area and the other from an urban area. We learned that with all kids, they have English as one of their courses. I think that the thing I loved most about the German video was learning about their "conversation bikes!" That would be so neat to

#holidaygiftguide - @GelThotics - For the One that Has it ALL

When trying to come up with a great gift idea, I try to think outside the box. I want it to be something that they will use, not just something to open that was under the tree and then get shoved to the back of the closet. I have mentioned before that Marc has to wear boots like all the time. For work - work boots. For drill - combat boots. See a familiar thing here? I was looking online for great gift idea's for men when I thought about Marc and his boots. So, I reached out and contacted Kendall GelThotics to see if we might be able to host a review and let you know about them as well. As you can see, they said yes!!!! What are Kendall GelThotics ? They are SILICONE GEL shoe inserts . Being silicone, they will never breakdown. Also, it says that they will not retain moisture or odor!!! That is just too many great things for me!!!! FROM THEIR SITE: GelThotics ® S upportXGel Inserts combine optimal therapeutic support and shock absorption with performance enhancement to re

My Top 10 Tips for Holiday Planning

With the Holidays sneaking up on us faster and faster... I guess it is time to start planning! So, let me know ... How do you do it? Do you write lists and mark things off or do you just wing it all the way through? I used to just sort of go with the flow... but these days, lists seem to be a best friend of mine!!! That being said, my Top 10 tips to holiday planning are as follows: (Please feel free to add to my list, as I know I will forget some things!) Number 10 - Go ahead and start getting idea's for gifts. That includes writing my list of who all I need to buy for. Budget out how much we will spend on gifts and then start watching sales advertisements and comparing prices between stores. I make sure to write this down in pencil, as gift ideas change and you may need to add names to the list. Number 9 - Enjoy spending time with my family. As the hustle and bustle of the holidays are supposed to be for enjoying your family, sometimes things get so rushed, you h

#holidaygiftguide - Master Lock #giveaway

Today we are giving away a Master Lock Storage Security Safe Space. This is just the neatest thing to me! I have been playing with it since it came in. I was worried that the little dial would be hard to deal with, since it has a cover over it.. Not so! The dial is easy to use... The safe is easy to open and close. I love that there is plenty of padding in there so that you aren't just sitting it in a big old box. Not to mention, it seems to be weather proof. Meaning, water and sand!!! Now, I am not saying to go dunk it in water to find out, but if it starts raining, you are good to go! I think that this is a great idea for those with kids in college or getting ready to go to college. They can just throw their items in there and lock it up when need be. Or for those that love to travel. I don't always trust the hotel to be secure.. With this, you can just lock it up in there and be comforted knowing it was secure. I am sure you are wondering why they can't just pick it u

Keep Your Family Safe with Master Lock

Master Lock Offers Advice for Keeping the Active Family Safe Security Fundamentals for Families on the Go MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwire - Aug 31, 2011) - Studies show that 4 out of every 5 students participate in some extracurricular activity outside of their required classload.* As fall approaches, family schedules inevitably fill up with these after-school practices, work obligations, parent teacher conferences and more. Before heading out, take a step back to discuss your family's security routines and the measures everyone should take to keep their homes and each other safe throughout the year. "Fall brings an abundance of schedule changes and families working to adapt to new routines," said Rebecca Smith, vice president, marketing for Master Lock. "As calendars become full of different activities, Master Lock can help families with a variety of security measures to ensure they can safely maintain a busy lifestyle." Master Lock offers these five key guidelines