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Living Room Makeover AND a #Giveaway?! Spot Shot

Could you use $5,000 for a Living Room Makeover? I know I sure as anything could! Since Spot Shot was the 2011 sponsor for the Daytime Emmy Awards, they want to share the sparkle and shine with you!!!

Until August 8th, you can visit the Spot Shot Website and enter their contest! They will have a weekly winner that will win a Prize package consisting of (1) Free Product Coupon for each of the Household Brands: Spot Shot, 2000 Flushes, Carpet Fresh and X-14 and an Austin Peck autograph sheet. Then, the Grand Prize Winner will win:$5,000 for a Living Room Makeover.
If I were to win, I would totally get a new couch! Ours has seen better days, but then again... Marc might rather I get his dream TV.
(He sits in the recliner, so the couch wouldn't really matter to him!)
Well, to help get you started... Spot Shot is offering a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart for one lucky reader!!!
(You know, to get you prepared with a clean carpet, using Spot Shot, if you win…

Finally, it tastes good and the kids love it! Sustenex Probiotics Review

A while back, Broxton had a fever and I was not sure what to do... I did not think that he needed to go to the doctor, but I was not really sure what to do, as he had never ran a high fever... They told me to make sure and give him probiotics. I hate to admit this, but I had no clue what that was. Yes, I googled to see, as I did not want to sound totally dumb, they said it like it was water or something else that everyone knows of...
Between you and I, he felt better the next day, the fever was gone... and I did not worry about getting any probiotics for him...
Luckily for us, we were sent a couple samples of the Sustenexprobiotics. We were sent the SustenexProbioticGummies and Broxton asks for his medicine every day!
They do taste just like gummy bears, so I am glad that we constantly say Medicine instead of "candy" as I do not want him to think he can have all sorts of candy daily!
We were also sent the Probiotic Soft Chews and I gave them to the boys to try. They all loved them an…

Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge - Week Seven - Critters

I was a bit worried about what I would take pictures of for the Photo Challenge of Critters...When we went to visit my parents, my mom wanted to take Broxton and I to see a bunch of baby frogs... We got there and saw a couple!
Not what she had seen the day before, but at least there were some...
Not sure what kind of frog this is, so if you know... Let us know, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

This is the little frog in a water bottle... Again in the water bottle. Again in the water bottle. The little frog beside my moms thumb! We put the frogs in a jar for Broxton to look at!!!!
That was enough Critter for me!!!!

T.M.I. Or Not? "Just Sayin...."

I am large chested woman. I get it from my mom...
She gets it from her mom...
Being big chested...
(Here is the TMI for you... ) Means we sweat!
If you are big chested at all, you know what I am talking about. You put your bra on... You go about your day, you come home and when you take your bra off... It is wet. Sweat under your breasts... Sweat between the breasts... Wow!
Come on, don't let me be the only one. For all you small chested people, see...
THERE IS A BENEFIT to this!!! :)

Anywho... For all of us big chested gals out there... Pambra's to the rescue!!!!
Not only is it great to catch the sweat and keep your bra dry, it also works wonderful if you have a bra that just "rubs you the wrong way."
Pambra's is a bra liner that is easy to put on... and easy to clean!
Just throw it in the wash!
As much as I would like for this to be me, it isn't... But, this is how it is to be worn.
I will tell you, when I put it on the first time, I had it pulled to high up. I was wonderi…

Where Would You Go? Aloha Friday

Happy Weekend Everyone! It is Friday!!!! That means - - - ALOHA FRIDAY.
Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.
My question:
Where should I go on vacation?
LoL, I am not really going on a vacation, but rather a "Noelle Version of a Staycation."
Want my secret?
I google different places, read about them and look at images...
It is cheaper and I can do it in my PJ's!!!!

Recently, I went and visited Pike Place Fish Market!
I love that site and yes, I watch the webcam too!
So, where should I go?
Any suggestions?

Calling All Cold EEZE Fans!!!!!!!!!

Just received this email and wanted to pass it along...
Calling all Cold-EEZE fans!We're working on a TV commercial, and would love to include stories or nice things our fans have to say. If you call toll-free (877) 280-6961 before July 15th, you can record a message for us. We'll listen to them all, and if we really love what you have to say, we might even invite you to be in our commercial.

***** I was not required to post this, just thought someone might want to give it a try!!! *****

Barney: 1-2-3 Learn

My little brother LOVED Barney! I remember the whole " I love you" song and everything, but I thought that Barney was just a thing from back when my brother was younger. You can only imagine what my facial expression looked like when I heard the Big Purple Dinosaur come on TV one morning! I brought Broxton in the living room and we watched the same type of program that I remembered my brother watching! So many shows today are so completely different from how they started out, or at least how I remembered them! Not the case with Barney!!!!
I was excited to know that not only were we getting the chance to review a new Barney DVD, it was the Barney: 1-2-3 Learn one!!! As soon as it came, we immediately put it in!!! I loved it!!! Yes, there are new characters and of course the children have changed, but some things remain! Teaching!!!!
Barney and friends not only taught how to know your different shapes, they made games out of it! They showed us how different musical instruments are differe…

Take Me Home Tonight - DVD Review

Okay, so I watch all sorts of TV.You name it and I might have seen it at some point. I also love watching movies, although I do not get to as much now as I did before Broxton. Top it off, I guess I am finally growing up, as the things that used to be hilarious sometimes are just not that funny now. My brother on the other hand...
When he visits my parents, he watches as many movies as he can... (They have that Blockbuster pass where you pay monthly and he totally gets their moneys worth when he is there.)
I was able to review the movie, Take Me Home Tonight. I think Anna Farris is funny, so when I saw her in it, I thought it would be pretty good. Topher Grace is in it and when I do watch That 70's show, he makes me laugh... So, I thought it would be worth watching.
Now, Anna Farris is in it, but she really is not like a major character, in my opinion. Topher Grace is by far the main character!!!!
I thought it was funny, and truth be told, I probably would have thought it was hila…



@MyBabyClothes - Review and #Giveaway

I do not know if I ever mentioned this or not, but my grandmother used to love to sew.I always thought that whenever I had a baby, I would have tons of little adorable outfits... My grandmother made the outfit that we brought Broxton home from the hospital in. Of course, when I opened that gift, I cried!

Well, needless to say, my grandmother doesn't sew these days... But, that doesn't stop me from looking at all the adorable baby clothes out there!
I have mentioned before that Marc has all boys... I cross my fingers that if we ever have another baby, we have a girl. Either way, I would be thrilled beyond belief, but a little girl to dress in those adorable tutus and baby headbands would be so fun!
I know, I bet some of you never would have thought that from me!!!! You would be surprised what motherhood does to you!
I won't lie... If Uncle Ashton ever braves it to take Broxton out to play golf, we just might have to splurge and get him the cute little baby hat that looks perfect for a…

W/W - My Baby Clothes Outfit

I think he is adorable in his new outfit... (We got it for review from My Baby Clothes!) Of course, he would not be still long enough for me to try and get a decent picture!!!! Silly boy!!! Click HERE to enter my giveaway to win a $25 gift card from My Baby Clothes!!!!

Chicken Soup - Country Music - #giveaway

I love Country Music.I have as long as I can remember... You know, that reminds me... I need to look for a few pictures to scan and post!

I opened up the mail and was very excited to see that I was going to be reviewing the newest book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music. It is "The Inspirational Stories behind 101 of Your Favorite Country Songs."
Now, I am not going to sit here and list all 101 songs that they give the stories on, but I will tell you, they have a bit of each generation represented!!!
From "That's My Job" sang by Conway Twitty to "The House that Built Me" sang by Miranda Lambert! I loved sitting there and reading all the stories about each song...
I even had to share with Marc about "Almost Home" sang by Craig Morgan. I love that song, and I told Marc it always makes me sad though... I hear that song and in my mind, I pictured it being about a guy that was dying and was "Almost Home," WELL - according to the story, C…

Rio #Giveaway Coming Soon!!!!

I am sure that you have heard of the movie, Rio... It is about a Blue Macaw and a certain little adventure he has, while in Rio, Baby!!!!!!!!!! I will be hosting a giveaway soon, for this super cute movie... But, I wanted to get your excitement up and ready for the great musical adventure sure to get the entire family laughing!!!! Talk about a great movie for Movie Night!!!
First up, lets hunt for Blue and all of his crazy friends!!! You can click to enlarge and then print it on out... Make sure you print one for each of you!!!!

Second activity is sure to be a great time for everyone outside!!!! (or in, depending on your house rules!)
The story of Rio is about a Blue Macaw and his adventure in Rio, but the main story-line is the fact that he can not fly... Don't worry, I am not giving anything away by telling you this... But, I am telling you this so you know... The other activity is to make a glider to help allow Blu to fly!!!
Just click it and print it out!!!

Have fun and be sure to check…

Ankle Biters- #Giveaway and Review

When we first moved back up to the area we are in now, I heard of this really cool children's boutique that was near us.
From what I heard, they had a little bit of everything and tons of great children's toys.Well, luckily for all of us, I just had to go and check them out!

Now, they have an online store and all of the cute items and toys that were in there store are now available online!
That means that all of you can shop there!!!!
Top it off, one lucky winner is going to win an awesome toy from there!
(I will get to that in a minute....)

First, let me tell you about the store. The name: Ankle Biters. I just love that name, because it cracks me up!!!!

Ankle Biters allows you to shop for the perfect gift a couple different ways... If you know what you are looking for, you can go straight to the category.
Once you know your category, you can look a little further to narrow down your search. Say you want to get a book: You then decide if you want a picture book, baby and toddler books or a…

Make Travelling Easier! Travalo Review

When I travel, I like to take perfume with me... Don't you? I just hate taking it as I am always so worried that it will break.
If I carry it in my carry on bag, it is now too big... If I pack it in my suitcase, I am terrified that it will break in their... Thus, ruining my clothes... and of course, the whole bottle of perfume!
Now, there is luckily a solution! Have you heard of Travalo? You see, now you can take your perfume with you! You just take the nozzle off of your perfume bottle. Then you put your Travalo on the tube and pump your perfume in there.
The cool thing about it? There is a little window on the side that shows your perfume level in the Travalo! It says that it hold 65 pumps, but I have not counted it yet! :)
I do know that this is great for several different things... One, travel? Pack it up and you don't have to worry about it breaking! You can also throw it in your purse as to have a way to freshen up!
It comes in several great looking colors, so you can even fill it with co…

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son - Review

I think Martin Lawrence is funny. Marc isn't a fan, but he has his moments and he makes me laugh...
That being said, when he was at work one day, we watched Big Momma: Like Father, Like Son. I laughed...
Long story short: Martin plays the role of Malcolm Turner. He is an FBI agent with a son that I could smack across the head! Basically, Malcolm (and his son, that should NOT have been around) witnessed a murder. Due to that, they go undercover at an all girls school. Yeah, you read that right... They go undercover!
That is how we meet "Big Momma!" Big Momma takes on the position as a dorm mom type and her niece is Charmaine... This is just the beginning, as the fun is only just now getting started!
Not only does Malcolm/Big Momma have to deal with being an FBI agent trying to catch the bad guys, he also has to be "dorm mom" and deal with college school girl drama... ADD TO THAT, the janitor likes Big Momma and not only tries to put the move on her, the game of twister that…