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Rhoost - Review & Giveaway

Is your place baby proofed? When it was time to baby proof our place... I tried to make sure I did it right! No, I did not hire someone to do it for me, but I did go out and buy everything I thought I would need. Working with MomSelect , I had the opportunity to review the cutting edge new safety products! They sent me a set of Edge Safety Corners . I love the fact that they come in nice sleek colors, you can choose from plum, brown or black. You do not have to be stuck with the plain white or cream color! The Edge Table Corner Protectors are of a nice thick and sturdy plastic. I would think that this is pretty safe for a little one that is just learning to walk/starting to pull up... and it has to be great for when there is a bit of running in the house. Unfortunately for us, our table is really thick, like a foot or so deep, so they did not fit our tables... The tables at my mom's house are rounded edged, so.......... One of you lucky readers will get to win the set I was sent

Solo Cup Photo Contest

I do not know about you, but Solo cups are pretty much a given for whenever we have a cookout or anything like that... As long as I can remember, Solo cups have been there! I know back a million years ago in college.. We had Solo cups... Yes, I played my fair share of flip cup! :) It is funny though, because I can only remember them as red cups! (Were there other colors back then?!) Since the days of yesteryear are so long ago.. Much has changed! Now, there are plenty of colors to choose from. AND GET THIS... They make them with a squared base! Okay, I have to add that they also make the cups with peel off labels so you can make your mark on your own cup and not have to wonder where you put your cup!!!! But, back to the square base... Solo is holding their photo contest... Want to enter? Just head on over to SoloCups4Ever and enter. Solo is looking for the BEST photo featuring their solo products... Enter and you could win the grand prize of $5,000 If you are not lucky enough

Aloha Friday - Camera

Okay, I am pretty excited to see what everyone uses... It is Friday, so lets go ahead... Answer my question... Ask your own. Then go and visit Kailani! My question this week: What type of camera do you use? I have a nikon point and shoot digital.. I would love another one, like one of the fancier ones! :) But, not right now... Unless you want to donate yours to me! :) Happy Friday! Do not forget to enter my giveaways: DAILY PORTRAIT or REUSIES

Reusies - Review and Giveaway

I am so excited to tell you about such a wonderful product that I have been using! With Marc working such crazy hours, we never know what is going on with food for him. I normally pack him a meal and he eats at work when he gets time. With him taking his meal to work, we were going through 10 of the throw away sandwich bags a week. Now, that adds up! Talk about leaving our mark in the landfills! I then started to do a bit of research to see what was out there that could help us eliminate the amount of unnecessary trash. Enter, REUSIES !!!! This is awesome! They are sandwich bags that are reusable! Luckily, Becky sent me a black & Grey Print (didn't want people talking about Marc taking something girly to work!) We can fit both of his sandwiches in one bag. We also have a reusable snack bag... But Marc doesn't get this! We use it to put Broxton's snacks in it. I really can not tell you how wonderful it is. AND, I like the fact that it makes me feel pretty good

CSN is at it again!

I blogged before about CSN and the tons of online stores they have. (200 plus if you did not know!) Well, did you know that they have a store that carries every single type of wall sconce you could imagine? I have mentioned to a few of my friends before that I wanted some form of a light to go over the changing table... You know, so when it is time for bed (or when he wakes up with a wet diaper) I can turn on a soft light versus the bright one that is in his room! I have been looking at all the different lights that CSN has to offer. I do not mean that they have just one or two options either! I narrowed down my search to a certain price range and with the feature of just one light bulb... Let me tell you... That alone left me with almost 900 to look at!!! Can you believe it? This isn't a trip to the corner store we are talking about! This is a place to sit in your pajama's and look at tons of wall sconces ... All narrowed down to what you are looking for! I am still lookin

WW -sleeping brothers

The big brothers! Notice how they sleep alike? Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

The Real Chow Baby

We went to dinner Saturday night instead of trying to fight the crowd Sunday for Fathers Day. We decided that we wanted to try something different... and so we did! A friend of the family owns a place called Mongo Grille in Columbus, Georgia. Let me just tell you, if you are in or near Columbus, GEORGIA....... You really NEED to go and check it out! But, more people are near Atlanta, and so I wanted to share with you "The Real Chow Baby ." Have you heard of it? Well, it is "American Stir Fry." Basically, you get there and when you get to your table, your server will give you a small wooden paddle. Your server writes your table number on the top.... and then using the pencils at the table, you write your name on it. Then....... You head on over and get in line. You get a black bowl and LOAD it up... You can choose from rice or noodles. When I say rice or noodles, I do not mean you just have 2 choices! You can get brown or white rice, you can get lomein , penne