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Remember Today 9/11 -- we will NEVER forget

I know that today is a day that many remember... Where were you? What were you doing? As for my story... I was in college. Woke up. Got ready... and was headed to school. My cell phone rang. It was my dad, asking if I had seen the news... No, what is going on? I never, ever in a million years expected to hear what was about to come out of his mouth. Do WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED IN NEW YORK?! I was in shock. I went to class... Hysterical, as was everyone else. One of my classmates had a pilot for a dad and she had no clue where he was. We sat there. We prayed. We did not have much to say... I mean, what do you say? Our teacher got word that they were shutting our school down. We were in what was considered part of the financial district... We could "possibly be a target" We left. I went home... Turned on the news. Friends came over. We sat. We watched. We waited. We prayed. Finally, I had to get out... We went to CVS for me to get a newspaper... I knew something had to have

Blogger Challenge Day 11

Day 11 — A photo of you taken recently

Grab Em Snacks- Review

What do you munch on when you are hungry? Veggies? Fruits? Chips? Cookies? I will admit, I munch on all of them. Not the healthiest options, minus fruits and veggies.. But still, you just have to have your fix sometimes... Luckily for us.. Broxton LOVES fruits and veggies!!!! Recently, I was able to sample a variety of flavors from Grab Em Snacks . Seeing that they were featured as a "snack of the day" on Rachael Ray made me want to try them even more... ( I LOVE RR!) First of all, let me tell you... Ha! Do not fall out of your seats, please... I have no clue about Plantains . I thought they were just bigger bananas! I know, I know... I am just being honest! They look like them though... Good thing I never bought some and tried to give one to Marc or Broxton ! (They are cooked before serving... unsuitable raw... ) You can read more about Plantains on the Grab Em Snacks site HERE. Well, let me just tell you about Grab Em Snacks .. Geetha , the founder, wanted a heal


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Out Live Your Life - Book Review

I have always seen Max Lucado books at the book store. I have even bought them as gifts before. Today, I can actually say that I am reading one! I have been reading Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado and I am not quite finished. Working with Book Sneeze, I have been fortunate to be in on the Out Live Your Life book campaign, so although my post is due today, I hate to say I am not finished. Almost though. I really like this book, as I feel as though it speaks to each and every one of us. This book is a challenge to all of us to "Out Live Your Life." Make a difference. Even if it is only to one person, that might be the one that needs it the most. One thing that Max Lucado said, has stuck with me... " God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called." If you ever feel intimidated by thinking you do not have what it takes... This book opens up the knowledge that not everything is about a monetary contribution. A small act of kindness goes quite a lon

Juice Beauty- Reflecting Gloss

I have mentioned before about how I never wear makeup. Okay, never say never, right? Lets change that to how very seldom I wear makeup. I do enjoy my chapstick /lip balm. Also, I do not know about most, but I feel like a small dab of color on your lips helps out to brighten your face. You know, add a little color? I do not really care for most "lipsticks" as they tend to dry my lips out... but there are a few glosses that I enjoy. I was sent the Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss to try and it has now been added to the "Yes, I can wear and enjoy this!" list! Now, remember that I have blogged about Juice Beauty in the past... The fact that they are a juice based product is great! This product has a very subtle flavor, but most importantly (to me) it has a great smell! Besides that... It is full of antioxidants , nutrients and vitamins to help your skin keep a youthful glow! :) The reflecting gloss comes in a sleek little tube that has a lid that screws on. No ne

30 - Day Blog Challenge Day 10

Day 10 — A photo of you taken over ten years ago

Aloha Friday - 51

Aloha everyone! It is that time of the week... ALOHA FRIDAY! Answer a simple question... Ask one of your own.. Then RELAX and ENJOY your weekend! My question this week: Do you use the toiletry items in your hotel room? If so, is there any hotel that the items sticks out as a great one? My answer: I love love LOVE the LOTION at the HAMPTON INN. Whenever I go... I am in heaven! (When my mom travels there for her job, she normally brings me a bottle back... It is great!) After our weekend in Savannah, I have to say that I really liked the shampoo and conditioner at the WESTIN in Savannah... It was Green Tea Aloe! My hair LOVED IT! :) Al0ha and have a great weekend!

Vaseline Mens - Review

Marc works outside... I have mentioned that several times before... I have also mentioned that he shaves his head. Why am I telling you this again? I am trying to point out that yep, he has a lot of skin to keep moisturized! We were able to get a bottle of the NEW Vaseline Mens Lotion and Marc really likes it. He said that with it saying "cooling" on the bottle.. It stands up to its word. He also really likes that it moisturizes his skin without leaving an oily feeling. This is a lotion that Marc recommends... No lie, he said "It felt like it refreshed my skin." So, it must be pretty good! I am having a hard time trying to explain the scent.. It reminds me of a mens deodorant, or maybe the shower gel? I can not figure it out.. but I love it! Wearing this, you really do not need to wear cologne! Just thought I would share this with you... According to the Vaseline Men website: Men’s skin is thicker and oiler than women’s skin - that is why you need pr

Jarritos - Review

Do you ever notice what people around you are drinking? Some are with soda, some waters, some flavored teas... You never can tell, because there is such a big diverse amount of product out there these days. I was recently sent a sampler pack of Jarritos Jarritos is Mexico's "first national soft drink." Now, it is considered a cultural icon for Mexico and leads the US in Mexican soft drinks! Talk about making an impact over 60 years! They have even implemented a " Club Jarritos " where you can collect points (found in the tops of the bottles) for rewards! Please head over to their site to see everything that this product does as a "thank you" to its customers!!! With support like this, it is no wonder that the customers are so loyal! As for what we thought about the drinks... I felt as though several of them were carbonated koolaids . They had a good flavor and a wide variety. They have several flavors and I think it really is a wide selection.

30 - Day Blogger Challenge Day 9

Day 9 — A photo you took

UPrinting - Designer Cards Giveaway

I am working with UPrinting again in hosting a wonderful giveaway of 250 designer business cards just for one of you lucky readers to win! I have worked with UPrinting in the past and they are absolutely wonderful to work with!!!! Do you have cards? For your blog? Business? Mommy Cards? Gift Cards? There are so many uses for these! I have blog cards from them and I ALWAYS get complimented on them whenever someone looks at it! They do a fantastic job and these cards are of a great quality! Just look at all of the cool business cards that UPrinting offers! It is so easy to order from UPrinting ! You just go to their site. Look at the selection of great business cards. Select the one you want. Design and order... Next thing you know, they are at your house! Ready to use! They even take extra care in packaging your item so that it arrives with not one crease, wrinkle or fold on it! (Can you tell that I love the finished result I get whenever I work with UPrinting ?!) Don't

26 BIG Things Small Hands Do - review

I am always looking for books for Broxton . I am also always looking for ways to teach Broxton ... From his ABC's to his 123's. Colors and Shapes... and yes, Please and Thanks! I want my son to have manners... Sometimes with some of the kids (more along teenage line) today, you wonder what happened... Where the manners went... Well, I am SO LUCKY that I have been able to work with FREE SPIRIT PUBLISHING . I will be posting reviews on several of their books in the next couple of weeks. Have you ever heard of Free Spirit Publishing? I had not until recently... but this is one that I will always remember! They have more than just books for little children. Free Spirit Publishing is a publishing company that has been working with children in meeting all of their emotional and social needs... for 27 years! They have books for little ones teaching manners on up to teens and the stresses they face. The first book I want to share with you is: 26 BIG Things Small Hands Can Do byC

Headblade - Review and Giveaway

My dear sweet bloggy buddy, Lorie, told me about Headblade . Seems as though her hubby uses it and of course, after visiting their site, I though Marc should try it! I actually emailed and explained that I was a blogger and I would love to review their product. I told them about Marc being in the military and how I thought that this would be great for him to us! Now... Are you ready for the response I got?! Not only did he send the " Starter Kit " for Marc to review... (This included the Headblade Sport, HeadSlick Shave Cream, Triple Blades , and a hanging toiletry kit ) He also sent the same Starter Kit for one of my lucky readers to win!!!! Wait... It gets better... He also sent cards with a discount code, stickers with their logo, and TONS of samples of the lotions (glossy or matte,) as well as the shave gel for me to give out to the Guard Members at that marriage retreat we went to!!!! Talk about a company that SUPPORTS THE TROOPS!!!! So, let me tell you how th

30 - Day Blogger Challenge Day 8

Day 8 — A thank you letter to someone who's changed your life Wow~ Okay, I am not going to get toooo personal here... Dad- Thank you. For being MY DADDY. As the quote goes, " Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone SPECIAL to be a DADDY." That is you... For always being there for me... For loving me. For protecting me. For SPOILING me... For letting me grow into the woman I am now... Thanks for being the best Papa in the world... And yes, thanks for loving me, even though I fell in love with an LSU fan! :) Of course, thanks for loving Marc (even though he loves LSU ) he can not help it... Love always, Your sweet daughter!

Eco Mom - Review and Giveaway

I have seen ECOMOM on several blogs, so I had to head on over to their site to see what all they offered! If you are looking for Eco-friendly Baby Products - EcoMom is it!!!! Just look at the "categories" they cover: Mom and Baby Organic Food Feeding and Nursing Bath and Body Health and Wellness Toys and Books Healthy Home Eco Chic Clothing Green Gifts Jody was nice enough to send over a few of the organic snacks for Broxton to try out... He usually is not a big fan, but I am determined to find healthy snack options... :) We were sent the red plum organic mashups for review. I know Broxton , so I would not let him hold the pouch... My luck, it would have been squirted all over the place! He really seemed to enjoy it at first, but I think he is going to be a texture person like me... After a bit, he wanted something more... (Yes, I tried them... and they are very good! Okay, I did not just "try" them, I finished off what he did not eat!) I personally like

Wordless Wednesday -

Have I ever told you just how much I love my hubby?! I love him so much... Even when I want to be silly... and he doesn't... He will.. FOR ME!!!

Aroma Home - Review

When I get hot... I get hot!!!! It usually takes a while for me to cool down, so I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a solution! (Yes, I know... Air Conditioning!) Anyways, with Marc working such a weird schedule... no telling what time or temperature he will be working in... So, we are always trying to find ways to help him sleep when he has the time. We were able to review the Cooling Eye Pillow from Aroma Home . I asked to review this for a couple reasons: One - it was an eye pillow, so it would block the light out if he was trying to nap during the day. Two- it was a COOLING pillow, so if he was coming in from being in the heat all day, it should help to cool him down. Three- I wanted to see just how good it smelled! :) I was very impressed... But, I have to tell you I was a bit of a dummy too! I was not thinking about it being a "pillow" instead of a "mask" so when I opened it, I was trying to figure out where the strap was that would go around my head! Ha h

30 - Day Blogger Challenge Day 7

Day 7 — 5 things you could not possibly live without Why? LoL ... Why me?! Okay, it says THINGS... So that excludes PEOPLE... ( I would have cheated and said 1 - family 2- friends) Anyways... Five... 5 1. Happiness 2. Camera 3. Internet 4. Fluids (Water, tea, soda... I do not care... just something to drink) 5. Food... yes, I have to eat! ha ha!

ThinkSMART - review

We have been reviewing the thinkSMART W ii family game and we love it! Where was this game when we had the boys here over the summer? I can tell you where it wasn't... It was not here.. but I sure wish it would have been. Marc and I played it and I was even able to get my mom to try it out while she was here visiting! I really enjoy this game because it gets you to thinking... I have read everywhere that over the summer, children tend to let their brains go "soft" if you will, meaning that since they are not in school, the stimulation to keep learning tends to go out the window. While we had the boys here, we had them reading, but this would have been great too!!! Let me tell you a little about this fun game! With the Wii thinkSMART game, you first "sign in." At this point, you make a person for yourself... Then you "enter" the building and pick which activity you would like to do... They are: Language Memory Mathematics Spatial Reasoning L

30 - Day Blogger Challenge Day 6

Day 6 — A moment you wish you could relive I am not really sure that there is a moment I wish I could relive. Maybe when Marc was finally home? The weight of the world felt like it was lifted when Broxton and I were in his arms... Or maybe when Broxton was born and I really and truly knew what the love of being a mommy felt like... Or maybe the last night I had with my Nana... No, I have no regrets, I said "I love you " a million times, but just to have been able to be there... and hug her just a little bit longer... That would be nice...

Couple Contest Changes

I was TOTALLY NOT THINKING when I set the date for a couple of my contests........ With that in mind, I have changed the date on three of them... So, go ahead and enter... Tell your friends to enter... Share with everyone you know!!! Thanks! Kimmy Shop Sling Tote - now ends 9/7 Kid Hip Personalized Cd- now ends 9/7 Bridgewater Candles - now ends 9/7

Chloraseptic - Review

I tend to get sore throats quite often... I have had my adenoids removed... as well as my tonsils... BUT, I still get sore throats. I normally get sick when the weather changes... Cold to hot = sick Hot to cold = sick again With that in mind, I ALWAYS keep lozenges around the house... Until last week... I did NOT know that Chloraseptic made lozenges ! Did you know that?! Well, lucky for me... I was sent some for review. Now, when would I need one? Sure enough.... Last night, as we were getting ready for bed... My throat started in... At first, it was just that itch... then the scratch... then, full out hurt... I popped a lozenge... Ha! I thought I was getting "green apple" I did not read, I just saw that it was green... It was actually GREEN TEA with real honey in the center! Surprisingly, the taste was fine... I liked it and it cooled my throat and brought relief. (It even opened up my sinuses!) This particular box says: - Relieves throat pain - Cools nasal passages