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Please help #findhaley Have you heard

I just heard about this last night... My heart just breaks for this man... Well, I would hate it for anyone... but now that I am a mom myself, it is like it hurts more... Please, take a minute and repost this on your blog... share on twitter or facebook... We ALL know how powerful social media is...  Let us all come together and help Ray find his daughter... PLEASE... 

Just checking in...

I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday break. Our Christmas was wonderful. We had the boys here, so Broxton got to play with his brothers... We visited family that the boys had not seen in a bit.. I hate that I took a bloggy break....  BUT, I do NOT hate that I took time off to enjoy these moments with my family. I will be around a bit, but not much, for the next few days...  I am working on trying to get organized. Family (and Santa) was really good to Broxton, so we need to try to find a bit of organization...  Not to mention, taking down and storing all the Christmas decorations...  Not to mention trying to get a bit of calm in the chaos we have had the past couple weeks!!! Be ready though!   New posts!  New photos! New reviews!  New giveaways!!!!! ALL COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, get out there and make a few memories...  2011 is ending and a great new year is about to start!!!!