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Hello, My name is HOPE

Two of my grandmothers had breast cancer. Both survived it. Not all women do. There are many different ways that you can show support for Breast Cancer Research. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My hometown newspaper prints on pink paper October 1st. Two of the big buildings in Atlanta (known as the King and Queen) light up Pink for the month... You can participate in a breast cancer walk.... But how many of you know about Quill and their facebook campaign ? Everyone goes on facebook for all sorts of things... Will you take a minute to help out? Just head on over to the Quill campaign and make a "My name is ... " sticker... For every sticker shared, will donate $1 - up to $20,000 - to City of Hope, a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center dedicated to research, treatment and education. Please head on over and make one (or more) today!!!! Thanks Quill!!!! ***** I was not paid for posting this. I will be entered into

Growing Tree Toys - Wish List

I just had to share this with you... Are you ready? If you head over to Growing Tree Toys and create a wish list... (Or if you edit a current one) You are eligible to win "your wish list " (up to $1,000) How cool is this? Growing Tree Toys has so many great toys out there that I know Broxton would love... And you can believe that I made a wish list for him! One - to enter this contest but Two- so that my family might have some sort of idea what he wants! I found these peg board toys: He has played with these and really enjoys them! and we really, really, really want him to get an American classic, Radio Flyer Red Wagon: Of course, I thought that this desk was just too cute to not at least consider: Seriously though... Don't you want to win a wish list for your little one? I mean, who could not use the $1,000 towards the holidays? I know that would really help out around here for Christmas!!!! ***** I was not paid anything

Getting Crazy here!

So, I am trying so hard to eventually get my blog to be half as good as some of those that I follow... I have a new button... (Thanks Bloggy Blog Designz !) and I have just added the "Networked Blogs" widget... With that in mind... Please add my button to your blog!!! (Please and Thanks!) Also, will you join me on the Networked Blogs? :) Show the love! If you do........... Go ahead and leave me a message here saying you did.... and then, feel free to go to ANY CURRENT CONTEST that you have already entered and give yourself a little EXTRA ENTRY!!!! Thanks! Make it a great day!!!!!

A POM Wonderful Surprise

What a nice surprise when I had a box sent to me... A Surprise for Noelle was on the outside... and inside: POM Wonderful Cranberry! Of course, I did not want to share, but I felt that I had to... Marc thought there was a bit of an aftertaste to it... I did to with the first taste... but, I am not a fan of cranberry... So, I think that was it... BUT the next sip, WONDERFUL ! and the sip after that... Wonderful!!! You get the picture?! I know I mentioned before the new flavors that they have... but with me having the chance to drink it, I just had to share... YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people think that it is a bit to strong of a drink for them... Want a suggestion? Mix it with water or sprite... it takes a bit of the strength out, but still gives you that great flavor... (Added bonus, it makes it last longer!) I really enjoyed the Pom Cranberry. .. Now, I just need to go and buy the Pom Blueberry /Kiwi /Mango... I am dying to try those!!!!! By the way, you know you can cook w

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

If you know me at all, you know that I love to read Nicholas Sparks . Let me change that... I LOVE to read Nicholas Sparks. From the first time I opened up his book, The Notebook, I have been hooked! Each of his stories pull me in and leave me hanging on until the last page. I scan the aisles looking for his signature front of books... You know, the picture with the square on front... Name of book and his name... Did you ever notice that before? The only books not like that are: The Notebook (his first one) Wokini (have never found this one, ever) Three Weeks With My Brother (co-wrote with his brother) Anyways, back to the newest book ... I was so extremely super excited when I opened the mail and Safe Haven was waiting for me... It took everything I had in me not to lock myself in the bathroom just so I could start reading it! Finally, bed time... My time... Time to crack that book open! Whoa!!!!!!!!! This is NOTHING like ANYTHING that Nicholas Spa

Mark-My-Time - Review

Wow, I sure do wish I would have had this when the boys were here over the summer! Do you have time limits for the amount of time your youngster has to read a day? Or do you want to see how much they read a week? The Mark-My-Time digital bookmark is your answer then!!! This is one of the coolest things! You get a bookmark in your choice of six colors: yellow, red, fuchsia, neon green, blue or purple... It is plastic and is the size of a normal bookmark... Then, at the top is a clock... I have the yellow one... I set the clock... (pretty easy to do, if I may say so myself!) and then you have 2 different modes. You can choose to set a limit... (As in, you need to read for 30 minutes) Or, you can set it to record each time they read so that you can see how much they read per week/day, whatever you want! This is the coolest thing! While the boys were here, we had them read some each day... Of course, we said like "read for 20 minutes" and during that 20 minutes, I he

Aloha Friday - # 55

Welcome everyone! It is Friday! Kick off your shoes, relax and get ready for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!! My question this week: Have you ever drank sun tea? My answer: I used to drink sun tea with my Nana all the time. Over the summer, the boys and I made it a few times... I did not have a pitcher to make it in, so we made them in big ol ' Mason Jars!!!! Nothing better in my opinion ! :) Have a great weekend!

New Button

Not sure if you noticed.... But a couple months back, I got a new blog makeover... Well, bloggy blog designz has contests from time to time... and I won!!!! So, I got a new button to match my blog! I would love it if you added it to your page!!! Thanks!

Winners - Yet again!

Just wanted to announce a few winners... Headblade - Lorie and Bill Shewbridge said... I follow you on Twitter. UPrinting - Mary said... Follow you publicly marymccannon 523 FractureMe - hollowsins said... I like you on facebook amanda h kim said... follow you on twitter - @DearheartDesign Mary said... i like fracture on fb marymccannon 523 Kim@Chubby Cheeks Thinks said... Like you on fb ! Wendy said... I would get printed the last family photo I had with my mom and dad all we have is a small snapshot and I'd like it bigger :) SmartKNIT Socks - Toni S. said... I follow your blog Sears - Haven said... I commented on your yantra mat review! #1 I will be emailing you soon.... If you are a winner and want to go ahead and email me your information, please feel free to do so! Emails to go out soon! Congrats to all and thanks for entering!

Meeting Friends Thursday

There are about 7 bazillion "blog hops" going on around here and I thought I might join up with a few to learn of a few new blogs... I would love to make new bloggy buddies, so if you are joining up just for the numbers, skip on by me... Not to be mean, but I want bloggy buddies that are going to comment back and actually be "bloggy buddies" not just a follower that never even looks at the page. With that in mind........... The ones I am joining with this week are: (These are a few cute blogs that I found and so far, I like!) >

I LOVE Milson Road - Giveaway

Guess what?! I am SO HAPPY to announce that I will be holding a giveaway for a custom " Daily Portrait " for one of you to win! I reviewed for Milson Road before and I was in love! This really is a great gift... For a birth, an anniversary, you name it! With the holidays getting closer and closer, I am trying my best to help YOU get wonderful gifts to give to those you love! I really wish that I could have one of these for our anniversary, but right now, money is needed in other places... We WILL one day have one though.. Mark my words! :) I love how it is packaged... It is safe and secure so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged in the shipping... Then, you open the box and there it is... That beautiful lavender gift band... Remove it... and your masterpiece is there... Ready to be hung. This really and truly is a wonderful gift to be treasured for years to come! The detail and quality that Milson Road delivers is outstanding... Marc and I will celebra

w w - my little monkey

I used to work at a sports bar... Worked there for almost 10 years, but that is for a whole different day... Anyways, one of the customers that used to come in was a guy named Stuart. He was from England and he was here for a work study program with his school. He worked at the local golf course and he would come in to eat... We bonded and he became like a little brother to me... I felt like I had to look after him (and his roomate) and I think I became their "American Mother." LOL!!!! We invited him to our wedding, but he was already back in England by that point... Of course I told him I was pregnant... and guess what? He sent a gift for Broxton!!! Yes, he sent him a couple outfits and this absolutely precious monkey!!!!! The outfits he has long outgrown, but we will always keep... I mean, hello... It is from England! From Uncle Stuart!!! The monkey... Well, isn't it just adorable!!!! We love it and we miss Uncle Stuart! Isn't it crazy how people can enter you

Kid Hip - DVD - Giveaway

Remember when I hosted a giveaway for the Kid Hip Personalized Kids CD ? Well... Guess what?! One of you lucky readers is getting ready to win : A KID HIP PERSONALIZED DVD !!!!! Just in time for the holidays!!!! Now, the Personalized DVD only has 216 names to choose from... So you need to make sure you look to see if they carry the name you want... Check it out though: The DVD includes 9 songs... and they will say your child's name 50 times! Wow! Mom, look... They are singing MY NAME!!!! Head on over to see if the name you want is available!!!! Ready to win, aren't you? Mandatory Entry - (Please leave email if not visible in your profile) Tell me this... Will this be a present during the holidays? Or will you go ahead and give it to the winner now? Extra Entries - (Please leave separate comment for each entry) Follow my blog, publicly - 2 entries Subscribe by email, must be active - 1 entry Follow Jumpin Beans on twitter - 2 entries Like Jumpin Beans on faceb

Email Share again # 2


PowerMat - Review and Giveaway

Please let me go ahead and just say... I think/KNOW that the PowerMat will be one of the HOTTEST items this year! Have you heard of this? I mean, seriously! This is Awesome and I am using that since I can not think of any other way to explain it... (Are there really words that would explain something this cool?!) Okay, let me just cut to the heart of it... The PowerMat is just that... A MAT full of POWER! It is a little bit longer than an average book... Thinner than a cell phone. It looks like a skateboard (in my opinion.) and it charges 3 different technological gadgets at once! Do you know what that means? You NO LONGER need 3 cords, no more messy tangles... Just one cord to plug the mat in and you are done!!!! I was sent the PowerMat for review and I am so very impressed! The PowerMat can charge 3 different items... Marc and I have blackberries... (They can now BOTH charge on here AT THE SAME TIME!) We also have several IPods ... The docking station for the IPod can cha

The Rattles - Review and Giveaway

I teased you about The Rattles before, here ... Well, we have the CD now and Broxton LOVES it! I put a CD player in his room and now he runs in and points to it... I turn it on... and he starts DANCING!!!!!!!!!! The CD includes the songs: Rattle On Lucky Sam's Banana Stand Shipwreck in the Sky Wavy Lane Goodbye Yesterday 1-2-3 Count on Me R-A-T-T-L-E-S Monday Morning Drive Apple of My Eye All of the songs gave a catchy beat and are fun to dance to. Our favorite? Lucky Sam's Banana Stand!!!!!!!!! Want to win? (Please leave your email in the comment if not visible) Just tell me who it would be for. Extra Entries- Follow my blog, publicly - 1 entry Subscribe by email - 1 entry Follow on twitter - 2 entries Follow the Rattles on twitter - 2 entries Like my facebook page - 2 entries Like the Rattles on facebook - 2 entries Comment on any NON giveaway review- 2 entries Enter any current giveaway - 1 entry each Contest open to US residents. Contest will end October 20 at

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Before Marc deployed, he kept having to go for training... Well, one of the times he was able to be home, we got the boys for the weekend and had family time! (We were at my parents house and my brother was home... ) Now, are you ready? They decided that they wanted to have a hot dog eating contest. I am not sure how the thought ever came about... but, it was going to be fun. There is this place back home that sells hot dogs (it doesn't really look that great, but my brother swears that they are great hot dogs ... I am not a fan of hot dogs , but I will occasionally eat them) So, we were going to go and get a ton of dogs... Well, my mom had us call her when the contest was to start, she wanted to come home and see this... We went to get them and we ended up getting like 50 dogs... ( Hot dog with chili, coleslaw and onions at that!) We got home, had the boys take their shirts off ... ( I was NOT about to try and clean that up!) My brother was ready as well.... They had 1