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Need to Reflect? How About A Minute for Me?

If you feel like your life is a constant race from here to there and having to do this and oops... we need to be there...  You need to slow it down for a minute and take "  A Minute for Me."   I know it is easy to say, but not always easy to do... 
The good thing is that Megan McDonough has written a book to try and help you out.
I have had the chance to read the book, A Minute for Me : Learning to Savor Sixty Seconds and I tell you... It is a nice (and much needed) break!
This book comes in at 198 pages but each page doesn't drag on and on.  You get a short story and then the minute for me reflection.  In fact, the minute for me pages are just under half a page long.    Know what that means?  More time for YOU :)
Granted, some people go on vacations to rejuvenate, but in my life.. that is just not possible!   I can, however, take a few minutes for me.   Be it in the morning over a cup of tea or coffee or while on your lunch break.  You can take a minute or two to read what Me…

Staycation Anyone? National Parks Bluray #giveaway

We are totally one of the many families that will be having an awesome STAYCATION this year!
While others are planning trips to go places, we will be watching the different discs of places that would be neat to see... We were sent the National Parks Exploration Series on Bluray and Marc was impressed as soon as I opened the box.
With 4 boys (one who has his first job and doesn't want to ask time off when he can work and get plenty of hours this summer..) we will not be making any big trips this year.  But, that doesn't mean we can not explore from the air conditioned comfort of our living room!

The 4 discs include: 
Yosemite -- The Sierra Nevada's mountain range contains some of the most amazing wonders found on the planet.
Grand Canyon -- A thrilling exploration that uncovers the geology of the Colorado Plateau and the forces that have shaped this marvelous landscape. 

The Everglades -- Plants and animals combine in a sub-tropical tapestry of ecosystems that is unmatched any…

Worried Your Child Isn't Getting Enough DHA (Or You For that Matter) BrainStrong Review

When it comes to being a mom, I want to be the best I can for Broxton.  I want to know that I did everything I could to make him reach all the potential I know he has in him. I have heard that he needs Omega - 3  DHA (and good for me, it does like Salmon from time to time.)   I was recently contacted to see if I was interested in BrainStrong.  

Well, with a name like that, you know you peaked my curiosity!   So, I had to go check out their site.

FROM THEIR SITE:    BrainStrong is an entirely new category of supplement. It’s a full line of brain health products that recognizes the brain has different needs at every stage of life. That’s why BrainStrong provides four natural, essential daily supplements with optimized DHA nourishment for pregnant women, toddlers, kids and adults. And all BrainStrong products are powered by life'sDHA™. After all, no matter what your age, you want to live up to your potential.

BrainStrong has several different products... that are all based upon your age. 


Another AWESOME Pirate Book - The Pirates Next Door

If you have a fan of pirates... 
I have a book to recommend!!!!
Remember when I told you about Broxton deciding he wanted a Pirate Book and Marc thinking he just had to have it?  Well, lucky for us... We had the chance to review the newest book from Jonny Duddle.  The latest book is The Pirates Next Door and it is just as cute as the first one we read!!!!

In The Pirates Next Door, there is a pirate family moving to town!   What? They are the Jolley - Rogers and they have decided to come aboard and settle into a quiet little town while they work on fixing their boat.  Not to worry, the little girl next door decides to become friends with the little pirate boy!  Her parents are not big on their new neighbors... Not only do they have their big ol' Pirate ship right there in the way... They are a "disgrace" to the neighborhood.  That is just not the best for the neighborhood, as everyone in town makes up all these rumors about them!  
Although it is an adorable book, you ca…

Planes, Trains and Cars - Oh My! Barney DVD #giveaway

Not sure if I ever mentioned it or not, but Broxton is OBSESSED with anything transportation. We have trains, cars, planes, tractors, helicopters, boats and more. I can tell he is all boy and that is fine with me.  Not to mention that I love watching his mind in action! As soon as I opened the package and saw that we had a new Barney episode, I knew Broxton was going to be happy.. Not only was it Barney, but it was Barney: Planes, Trains and Cars. I love it because it is of things that Broxton enjoys, but also because it is educational!
One lucky reader is going to win a copy of their own!  

SYNOPSISBeep beep! Toot toot! Make way for Barney™ and friends as they embark on fantastic adventures to places near and far. Using planes, trains, cars, boats and their imaginations, Barney engineers fun with songs and stories about exciting places. He shares important safety tips with kids such as buckling seatbelts and more. Join Barney for some Tee-riffic transportation exploration!

List of #Giveaways Going On

Want to be a WINNER? Then you have to enter!!!! Would love to have you enter some of my giveaways... Here is a list of current ones going on:

Hoosiers Bluray
White Collar Season 3
Burn Notice Season 5
Journey 2 Combo Pack
Photo Trax
Bob The Builder DVD
Thomas and Friends DVD
Act of Valor DVD
Dulcolox Prize Pack
P&G Prize Pack  (ends tonight 5/31)
My Baby Compass Book of Choice 

Salonpas Helps to Ease Pain Where and When You Need It Most

Are you in pain at all?  If so.. Keep on reading! Have I got a couple of pain relief products to tell you about... 
I had a chance to review several products from Salonpas and Marc and I were rather impressed!   We were sent several of their pain relief patches and also a massage foam and a spray. I was eager to see how the patches would work, so Marc tried one out on his neck.
He said that it started off rather cool and then slowly over time it warmed up to a nice heat.   (The "cool" of it was the fact that it was a gel patch... so that was the actual feel of the gel on skin contact.)

Marc said that yes, it did indeed provide relief and he was rather impressed...

I decided to give one to my mom and get her opinion on it...  My mom had knee surgery a bit ago and she wakes up all throughout the night in pain, ever since the surgery...  I gave her one of the pain relief patches and she immediately said she would give it a try. The next morning, my mom told me that was the first time she…

Real Life Cinderella Stories and a Hooisers #Giveaway

Ready to win a copy of Hoosiers on Blu-ray?
Real-Life Cinderella Stories
An All New Blu-ray Perfectly Timed For Father's Day Coming On June 5, 2012
Hoosiers is based on the real-life story in the 1954 Milan High School basketball team that miraculously won the 1954 Indiana state championship. In that spirit, we will explore five of our favorite real-life Cinderella stories, including that of the “Miracle on Ice” and the 2004 Boston Red Sox.
Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) is a volatile basketball coach with a dark past who arrives in a small, rural Indiana town to attempt to lead the high school team to victory. This group of underdogs needs all the help they can get, and no one would have ever suspected that it would come from the unlikely duo of Dale and his newly hired assistant coach, the town's recovering alcoholic, Shooter (Dennis Hopper). Under Dale and Shooter's guidance, the Hickory team surprises their town - and themselves - by not only becoming an unstoppable team duri…

Another Hero Has Gone Home - RIP Lance Corporal Steve Sutton

Memorial Day is a day to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice... To some, it is the symbol that the pool is open and lets have a BBQ and party like rock stars..  To others, it is a day to remember those that we lost... For Marc, it is a day to remember his brothers that did not come home from war...  and for my brother and his friends...  this Memorial Day has forever been changed...
This past Saturday, my brother and his friends were notified that one of his best friends, Lance Corporal Steve Sutton, was killed in combat while patrolling an area of Afghanistan.  He was a 24 year old Marine that had just deployed this past January. My heart aches for his wife and step-daughter... 
My heart aches for my brother and their other friends and family.
But at the same time, I get angry...  Maybe I shouldn't... but I do. Angry that after 9-11 we were all very well of the losses.. but slowly over time, we very rarely hear of them now.  They are still happening, but just not in …

White Collar Season 3 DVD #Giveaway

One lucky winner is going to win Season 3 DVD of White Collar.
Now, I have not seen this before, but my parents... and my brother, all like the show.  I just realized that is has Hilarie Burton (LOVE HER!!!! She was Peyton on One Tree Hill) as well as Tiffani Thiessen (loved her as Kelly on Saved By the Bell!)  With the two of them on there, I am eager to see what this show is all about...
If you are a fan, you would enjoy this bit of Who Would You Be Trivia...

The costumers, set decorators and art designers of White Collar have worked hard to create a chic but realistic Manhattan setting to tune into each week. As a group, the cast of WC is breathtaking yet each member of the team possesses their own, unique style. Consult with this list and find out who your White Collar fashion guru is:

NEAL CAFFREY Dashing with an obvious streak of trouble, brilliant, romantic, street smart with an affinity for vintage items like fine wine, classic art and …

Burn Notice Season 5 DVD - #Giveaway

Okay, I have never seen this... and I am adding a list of other crime fighting fun shows...  Shhh... The only one I have seen is the Mentalist.... LOVE it... but, my mom loves Monk and I have  heard wonderful things about House and Bones...
Looks like I might be missing out on all sorts of fun!
Time to start checking out a new show!!!!! To add to the excitement:    One lucky winner will be winning Season Five on DVD of Burn Notice.  



Burned government agent Michael Westen is a tough guy who just happens to have a soft spot for yogurt – especially blueberry. And he is not the first investigator to have a strange-but-endearing habit. Take a look at some of Michael’s brethren who also have strange affections or habits that make them unique characters.


Tony Shalhoub won three Emmy® Awards for his portrayal of private investigator Adrian Monk, who suffers from a seemingly incurable case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Only with the ass…

Headed to a Mysterious Island? Journey 2 DVD #Giveaway

I told you I was going to be back offering a giveaway of the newest movie starring Dwayne Johnson...  Journey 2: The Mysterious Island -------------------- Synopsis:  The follow-up to the 2008 hit! The new journey begins when young adventurer Sean (Josh Hutcherson) receives a coded distress signal from a mysterious island where no island should exist—a place of strange life forms, mountains of gold, deadly volcanoes, and more than one astonishing secret. Unable to stop him from going, Sean’s new stepfather (Dwayne Johnson) joins the quest. Together with a helicopter pilot (Luis Guzman) and his beautiful, strong-willed daughter (Vanessa Hudgens), they set out to find the island, rescue its lone inhabitant and escape before seismic shockwaves force the island under the sea and bury its treasures forever.

Before we get to the giveaway.. 
A bit of fun:   If Marc and I were headed to a Mysterious Island... 
 Here is our top 10 MUST Have Items....
(in no certain order)
 Compass  Knife  Camera  PLENTY o…