W/W # 8 - Sunflower

I love sunflowers...
Not sure who knows that, but I do!
They are just so happy!
I ALWAYS take pictures of sunflowers when I can...

Wordful/Wordless Wednesday...
Check it out:
5minutesformom and sevenclowncircus


  1. I like sunflowers, too! They really are cheerful, aren't they?

  2. That sunny yellow is happiness!

  3. Such a great photo... I remember you posting a picture of a gorgeous flower a couple of weeks ago, you do a great job taking these shots!!

    Wanted to let you know you have an award on my blog:

  4. Beautiful pic! I feel so sunny now.

    Sorry I'm so late on this. It's been one of those busy weeks. Have a wonderful weekend!



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