You know that show?

Okay, I have tons of stuff...
I am not going to lie about it, I like to "collect"things.
I am not a hoarder!
LOL, the commercial for the show "hoarders" came on and Marc gave me "that look."
I immediately asked what that look was for... I know that I have things, but I am NOTHING like that! Top it off, we are still unpacking from our move, so, yes... we have boxes everywhere...
I will admit that I have a hard time getting rid of things, but mostly it is because of a sentimental reason.
Also, I have tons of pictures...
Yes, TONS!!!
I have photo albums, scrapbooks, and the storage boxes FULL of even more pictures!
One of these days, I will get more organized, but I like it...
The mess? No, I don't like that ...
But the items I keep? Yes! Love it!

LOL, is there anything that you keep/collect?


  1. Pictures. Letters. All kinds of sentimental things!

  2. I love to collect great comments on my blog.

  3. Pictures!! i have a bookshelf filled with just photo albums!


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