Aloha Friday - 45 i think

I have totally lost count on what Aloha Friday Number I am on..
Oh well..
Head on over to Island Life and link on up!
You know how it goes...

ALOHA my friends!
Enjoy your weekend..

My question:
What did you do for your last birthday?

My last one was the BIG 30...
Marc was gone, just had a few family members over for a cookout...
This year will be great because Marc is here...
Not sure what we will be doing...

By the way...
August is my BIRTH MONTH!
LoL, remember when you used to celebrate like forever around your birthday? Well, I know that we used to celebrate mine for a week...
August marks my 31 years of being here... and my first year of blogging!
Woooooooooo Whooooooooo

Have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday in August and Happy Blog Anniversary too! To be honest with you, I can't remember what I did on my last birthday! It was in October so it's been awhile! Have a great Friday!

  2. We went to dinner and my husband brought me roses.

  3. I don't generally do a whole lot anymore on my birthdays. Celebrating at home with the family, that's about it. No biggie, lol

  4. We went out to dinner last year.

    Hope August is a wonderful month for you this year. =D

  5. LOL What's the saying...great minds think Won't tell what number we celebrated but went out to eat with hubby, our 2 sons and their gfs, then stopped for an after dinner drink. Love double dating with our kids lol.

  6. You know, I can't remember what I did for my last birthday. That's scary!
    Have a great Friday!

  7. Happy Birthday! Just a relaxing day... We spent the day as a family and that is pretty special.

  8. dinner out I think...I really can not remember, my age is getting up there and I have a tendency to think I am a teen again. I think my next one will be a sweet sixteen one and I will start counting again. Hey wouldn't that be fun....Everyone will think I have gone off my Rocker.. I wounder if they will come to it,LOL. we could play all the games when I really was a teen!Twister being one....

  9. I went out to lunch with my mom. I really can't remember what else we did.

  10. My last birthday was the bomb. My hubs took me for dinner to a Greek restaurant with belly dancing and in the morning my best friend and my sister took me away for Girl's Weekend.

  11. August is my birth month too! Only this year ill be the big 3-0! I was newly preggo with Dot & had awful nausea last year for my bday! I don't think I did anything. Happy Birthday & Blogiversary!

  12. It was about 2 weeks ago. We didn't do much except eat ice cream cake.

  13. I was in Washington, DC for my birthday. We went to the Newseum during the day and to a restaurant called Mamma Lucia for dinner. It was fun :)

  14. My birthday is the day before our anniversary, so for my last birthday/anniversary I spent a very romantic day with my husband without kids!

  15. I just turned 30 in July. My Dad took me shopping and I went out to dinner with my family. Some of my girlfriends also took me out for dinner. On my actual birthday, I had school. Sean and I are going to Sarasota sans baby the middle of August to celebrate our BDs. His was June 23rd. So, yah, we celebrate for a long time! LOL

  16. Wow is it sad that I can't even remember? I'm sure there was cake and that we had a good time but I don't remember any of the specifics.

  17. Happy early birthday. Mine is in March. I don't think we did much. My mother may have made me a cake and I got a few presents from my Husband & Mother.

  18. My birthday was 3 days ago and I did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  19. My son took me out to Olive Garden!!!

  20. Bill took me out to dinner to Ruth Chris's Steakhouse and my son Alexander and his girlfriend Rachel were visiting so they went with us. We celebrated all week long by going to all the touristy things around town and even citrus picking.


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